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  • Ohh thank you 66tricky, it does sound very dodgy, thank you so much for researching them, you have been really helpful Smile Back to the drawing board then, If anyone knows where I can get a reasonaly priced CS2 please let me know Sad x

  • Thanks everyone for your advice, taken onboard Smile I found a website selling CS2 for 135 as below has anyone had any dealings with them? I am a bit nervous now about spending on the web!

    Many many thanks

  • Brilliant thank you Cameracat x
    I will be very careful in future Smile
  • Last year I unknowingly bought a pirate copy of CS2 from Amazon (private seller) all was working well until I thought I would upgrade to CS5.
    Loaded the new CS5 disc entered the serial number and hey presto not recognised. Spoke to a coupe of very nice chaps on the Adobe help line and they couldn't verify the serial number of my CS2 either! I am now stuck as to what to do as I can't afford a full version of CS5 and Amazon won't take back my opened CS5 software!

    My question is (as money is tight after being made redundant recently) if I buy a legitimate second hand version of CS2 will I be able to use that to upgrade to CS5? or what other options do I have?
    Thanks everyone, a lesson learnt, if it's too good to be true (the price of the CS2) then it probably is!
    Jules Sad
  • Hi All
    Does anyone know of a good/cheap wholesaler where I can buy 10 copies of Photoshop Elelments 7 please?
    I have approached Amazon but they can't offer me a discount for bulk ordering.

    Many thanks Julie
  • Hi Overread

    Yes I think you are right about version 7, easier for them to find. I will be teaching a group of holiday makers for a weekend so nothing too serious. I am not a qualified teacher so don't think i would qualify for student/teacher discounts.. oh what a dilemma LOL!
    If I did decide on the multi use licenses do you know where I would go to get one please?
    Many thanks J
  • Hi
    I have been asked to teach photoshop/digital imaging to ten students. At present they don't have any image editing software on their computers. I was thinking about teaching basic photshop elements 5 (cheap for students to buy themselves) but am confused about the licensing agreements. Could I buy a version and put it on all 10 computers or would I have to buy ten copies? Any help or advice would be really appreciated.

    Many thanks Julie
  • Hi All

    Has anyone tried this supplier of photoshop cs2? It just seems too cheap!
    Many thanks Julie
  • Hi Lewannick Gal here Smile
  • is a gamp a relative sudonym of 'get a mind pillock?'
  • gamp gimp pant? lol
  • sorry what is GIMP?
  • Many thanks MikeA. Out of curiosity what is a RIP? and Do I need one LOl Smile
  • I love my Epson 3800 printer but it really annoyed me today can anyone help please. I was trying to print a 12x18" picture on Hahnemuhle fine art pearl set to 17" x 22" on the epson. It didn't want to know, all i had was a portion of the picture, 3 goes later and I gave up put in some epson semigloss A2 and hey presto printed the right size. The paper was a little bit curly but I didn't think this would matter as it accepted it ok, eventually. Would the curl make the printer print the wrong size?
    Many thaks Julie... very frustrated!!
  • Thank you everyone for all your help and advice what stars you are x
  • Hi All

    I have been asked to sign one of my photographs. It will be printed on semigloss paper please can anyone recommend a pen that I could use that would be archival and wouldn't rub off. I need it to look professional.
    Many thanks Julie
  • Just thought I would pass this on as I have been looking for boxes for ages and finally found some.
    Very reasonable prices and comes recommened by a photographer friend of mine:

    Best wishes Julie
  • Hi All

    If this is an ongoing question please forgive me.
    I am going to France in September and need to insure my equipment.
    I am a semi professional photographer, equipment worth around 1700.
    Do you have any suggestions as to insurers, trusted and tried please?

    Many thanks Jools
  • I have an Epson 2100 and am very happy with it except for the bronzing effect. If I were to upgrade what A3 printer would you recommend please?
    I have heard the Epson 2400 is very good, any advice very welcome. Thanks Folks x
  • Also if you go to select all> edit stoke you can add all sorts of borders inside the picture. Choose your colour and layer type and the possibilities are endless.

    Julie Smile
  • Wonderful people you are! Thank you for all your advice, i will give autostitch a go Smile
  • Hi Guys/Gals

    Sorry if this is an old question but can anyone reccommend a programme to stitch photos together. I am using windows xp and photoshop 7.
    Many thanks in advance Julie .
  • Thats brilliant, thank you Bill so much Smile
  • Many thanks Bill, that is really useful. One more question, sorry, where do I get matte proofing paper? I have not heard of this before. Is it like blotting paper? Thank you so much you have helped me out of a real headache Smile
  • Hi All
    Has anyone experienced any problems framing epson semigloss prints under glass, particularly outgassing?

    I ask because I have just experienced some strange fogging to the glass after a couple of days of framing.

    Many thanks J.
  • Many thanks Keith will have a look. Cheers Smile
  • Hi all. I have a dilemma. I have just bought a canon 30d and need a macro lens to do flower photography. Can anyone recommend/ suggest a good lens for ablout 300.00 please. I prefer canon brand.Smile
  • Many thanks will try Foto-fix. Smile
  • Hi Everyone
    Please could anyone tell me where I can get my canon 28-135 USM IS lens repaired? It will not focus manually or electronically.
    I live in Cornwall and hear Canon charge a huge 150.00 flat fee--
    Many thanks Julie