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  • Watching.

    Oldest seargent in uniform? {click}
    • 25 Sep 2008 7:18AM
  • Alexis

    Bet that was the fastest ever turn out for the local mountain rescue team....{click}
    • 13 Sep 2008 5:16PM
  • Lady Stair's Close

    "...every year I visit it with bins, rubbish and graffiti" Maybe you should stop bringing the stuff with you? Stunning image [click]
    • 7 Sep 2008 9:27PM
  • Willing sexual victims

    And wearing invisible high heels {{click}}
    • 31 Aug 2008 7:56AM
  • Ein Deutscher Soldat

    Walking into the memorial chapel at Edinburgh Castle and seeing the pages and pages of names of the war dead was too much of an emotional "hit" for me and, I suspect, the scene you depict may well generate similar strong feelings for many people, irrespective of the names on the markers. Very powerful.

    (My late father in law was at Arnhem, captured at Oosterbek and then interred at various German POW camps. To the end he rarely spoke of the experience and then, only in tidbits. The film, "A Bridge Too Far", brought forth some fairly explosive expletives before he stamped out hafway through - seems it was "nothing like the real thing")
    • 29 Aug 2008 2:28PM
  • Wales Millennium Building

    Anything which makes Cardiff Bay ( the docks ) appear more attractive deserves a resounding ((CLICK)) !!
    • 24 Jul 2008 2:26PM
  • swallow

    That's only one swallow so it's obviously not summer yet....
    • 24 Jul 2008 9:04AM
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