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Activity : Photo Comments


Hi, thanks for visiting my gallery, any comments or advice would be much appreciated. Hope you like what you see!
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  • love by ruurd

    beautifully composed with striking colours and great detail...
    • 13 Nov 2017 4:50PM
  • WOW!! by annefromleo

    Lovely portrait...
    • 13 Nov 2017 4:47PM
  • Storm over Luskentyre by KathrynJ

    The blue / grey tones and sense of unsettled seas and brooding skies is very apparent in this moody it!
    • 11 Nov 2017 6:47PM
  • Iceland Wave.... by edrhodes

    beautiful light and composition...
    • 8 Apr 2017 10:22AM
  • St Mary's Take 3 by flowerpower59

    Beautiful..reminds me of a flaking snails shell...
    • 4 Jul 2016 2:48PM
  • Stormy skies by jocas

    Beautifully atmospheric...
    • 4 Jul 2016 2:46PM
  • Grundtvig's Church Looking up by StevenBest

    Wonderful symmetry and light...

    • 4 Jul 2016 2:45PM
  • Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) by Cynog

    • 19 Jun 2016 9:33PM
  • Tempest by PMWilliams

    Beautiful lighting...
    • 27 May 2016 7:54PM
  • Abstract Seascape by Justine67

    Hi all,

    Thanks very much for your comments and suggestions. I like both your modifications Willie...were these achieved in Photoshop? And how did you get those birds?? Both very effective I think - thank you for taking the time to modify the image. I don't have photoshop and am pretty inept when it comes to post processing skills. I have only just acquired Lightroom but don't really have the technical know how or the patience for serious post production and would rather be outside behind the lens than inside in front of a computer!

    Moira, I'm not sure what 'Free Transform' stretching is but the only thing I've done to this is to make some very slight adjustments to contrast, clarity, hightlights and shadows in Lr...but very minimal and I also cropped the bottom bit of the shot a little bit.

    Thanks again for your critiques - much appreciated.

    • 15 May 2016 2:29PM
  • Farmers fun by PMWilliams

    I love marmite and I love this!
    • 12 May 2016 8:41PM
  • Sunset over the loch by HelenMarie

    Stunning blend of layers, lines colours and silhouettes...
    • 12 May 2016 8:38PM
  • Steady does it by michelle30

    Great macro shot...
    • 12 May 2016 8:36PM
  • The imitable lapwing by movingmountain

    Great composition and focus...
    • 12 May 2016 8:35PM
  • Golden Eye (6) by PhilT2

    Love the detail and expression you have managed to capture in this shot. Also like how you have filled the frame...superb!
    • 10 May 2016 8:33PM
  • Staying and going by mrswoolybill

    Great motion blur and I really like the way you have focused in on the silver birch in the foreground as this really adds to the sentiment behind the image you set out to capture.
    • 4 May 2016 9:00PM
  • A storyboard of windows by Justine67

    Hi Dudler,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to view my image and give me your feedback. The photo was actually taken hand held - amongst a jostle of selfie sticks, rollerbladers and Saturday strollers...I probably should have used a tripod as I'm sure it would have been sharper. Anyway, any further comments / advice would be much appreciated as although I tend to shoot fully manual, I struggle with the physics that is photography preferring to find my way intuitively. Thanks again, Justine
    • 3 May 2016 10:44PM
  • Tulip Drops by dark_lord

    Beautiful array of colours and detail...
    • 3 May 2016 9:51PM
  • The Ascent by SWMahy

    wonderfully minimalist...really like this...
    • 3 May 2016 9:48PM
  • Star Of Bethlehem by vivdy

    • 28 Apr 2016 8:37AM
  • Just a Bluey......... (7) by PhilT2

    Beautiful how the colours in the background echo those of the bird's plumage...
    • 15 Apr 2016 8:58PM
  • BEE FLY by Hoverflylover

    Stunning detail and colours...
    • 15 Apr 2016 8:02PM
  • Still Standing by sherlob

    Beautiful serene shot, great light and composition..
    • 15 Apr 2016 8:00PM
  • Black Labrador by slavetomads

    You've captured such a wonderful stance & expression...gorgeous lab...
    • 15 Apr 2016 7:58PM
  • Boatman in The Ganges by prabhusinha

    Beautiful..... love the light, silhouettes and reflections...
    • 14 Apr 2016 8:38PM
  • Magpie--Pica pica. by bobpaige1

    wonderful composition - beautiful shot...
    • 11 Apr 2016 8:40AM
  • hindu pilgrim at Brihadishwara Temple by sawsengee

    wonderful portrait...
    • 11 Apr 2016 8:37AM
  • Ode to Melancholy by Diggeo

    Draws the eye beautifully...a mesmerising image with a real sense of calm...
    • 26 Mar 2016 8:10AM
  • Gandalf The Grey by Halgiver

    Lovely reflection and sense of calm...
    • 18 Mar 2016 8:01AM
  • Another friendly robin. by Jerrin the angle of this shot and expression you have captured. lovely background blur too.
    • 17 Mar 2016 8:01AM