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  • Windmill

    Quote:Fairly weird settings there, Jack - 1/15 @ f/13. I wonder whether you were aiming for some blur in the blades?

    You've done a monochrome conversion, too, and possibly added grain/noise: it would be useful to know how, and what you were aiming to do (and whether you feel you achieved it).

    i believe ths settings were from a previous photo and when i went to take this photo it provided the look above so i didnt try to change them too much in case i lost some effect, and as no real negative impacts were caused i just went with it. the monocrhome version was actually a filter on my camera, i was moreso testing it and took some pictures but this one worked better with the camera filter than expected and the grain/noise i dont quite remember how i did that to be honest i think it just worked like that with the settings from the previous photos and the filter mode on the camera.

    Quote:Perhaps you were using a tripod?
    For absolute quality 1/60th @ f/8 would have served you better, but the processing style of high contrast with grain render that consideration largely irrelevant as far as I'm concerned... text book technical perfection is not what this image is about.

    I really, really, like this image... the grain showing on the blades is particularly effective, and I like how the topmost blades are almost disappearing into white. That tonal gradation in the other blades is gorgeous.

    I'd suggest changing the background either to black, as John suggests, or one of the greys, but otherwise I wouldn't want to change anything.
    If this was in the main gallery I'd vote for it, maybe even give it my award.

    Yes i was using a tripod in this shot. Next time i get a chance to use my camera i want to explore all the different settings on a camera and how aperture, ISO and the rest go together to change an image so i will try the reccomendation out then too if i do some similiar shots. Thank you for the compliments on the image! didnt think it was award worthy but im happy you would have considered it! also i believe the background choices when uploading are only for plus members and i am not a plus member currently.

    Quote:Nice to see you back Jack. I see youve been doing quite a bit of mono work in your portfolio.

    Ive added a black border in a mod, - it shows how it can enhance the presentation, - and as suggested above, when you upload, you have options for colours of the EPZ background, one of which is black Jack.

    That lens is an IS lens, and at 25mm (40mm equivalent) the 1/15 is manageable for the lens which has a three stop stabilisation range. But learn not to rely on it! Higher ISO would move you into safer territory.

    Thanks, its good to be back, didnt get many good photos though i feel unfortuntaely from this trip however it was moreso a test run of what i had learnt. i dont believe i can change the border currently as i am not a plsu member, however i do see how it enhances it in your modification. ill be sure to move away from relying on it either.
    Thanks for all the positive feed back and criticicsm!
    • 13 Mar 2019 9:38PM
  • AStart

    Quote:The picture in your portfolio that Moira linked us to is really good. There is a strong feeling in this one for the viewer, as if being offered the sphere in no uncertain terms. Focusing on it in this one is very important.
    Thanks! i feel like this was the strongest photo of the ones i put up
    • 15 Feb 2019 8:35AM
  • CuriousGreen

    Quote:I like how you've positioned your subject off-centre, which usually ( though not always! ) works better than putting it slap bang in the middle. But the line/vector formed by the twig is pointing out of the frame, and it might have looked better if you'd positioned things so that it was pointing into the frame. Then, if you could have placed your subject more towards the right-hand side, it would have given a further refinement to the composition...

    Ill be sure to take that into consideration next time, each time i take pictures now i think ill try numerous framing positions until i can naturally imagine which would fit the most, so advice like this is super helpful!
    • 12 Feb 2019 11:46AM
  • Orange

    Quote:I think you've done just the right thing with the land, Jack. A fringe to give context to the sky.

    And I find skies irresistible, too, so I'd have taken the same picture, I hope!

    The one possible problem is that there's not really a subject other than the colour, and that tends to mean that a picture won't be a competition-winner, though it would make a wonderful poster print for your wall.

    There's a free editing program called Gimp2 available: it's entirely legal shareware, and pretty powerful, though a bit clunky compared with Elements (often a good starter choice, and that oculd last you a lifetime).

    I shall have a play with the image and see if I can find and enhance a structure in the clouds so that there's more obvious composition involved.

    not sure if quoting is how im meant to reply, still new to the site haha. Thanks for the feedback, the modification looked great! ill be sure to check out that program for future photos, would be a good money saving option. Thanks!
    • 11 Feb 2019 10:38AM
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