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Welcome to my ePhotozine portfolio. Enjoy the images and be inspired, don't worry if your style of photography is different. All photography is important. Support the ePhotozine community and get uploading your images!

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  • The Journey

    As many people know, I've been doing photography since about April 2011. My daughter just had several major surgery to make her some hip joints and I had to leave work to look after her while she was bed bound for the next 12months+. I was working ...

    16 May 2012 11:40AM | Read


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  • ePhotozine

    Well I've been on ePhotozine for 5 days now, I only joined to see what it was about, as I wanted to understand what was the point. Was it just another Flickr? Or was it a forum for photographers to wave their diggery doo and say my is bigger n bette...

    28 Feb 2012 12:59PM | Read


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