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A quick view of Kali's recent activity.

  • Smart salute

    Its really cool the way you have managed to include the inscription..so the image tells its own story. Nice.
    • 15 Nov 2011 4:36PM
  • ...prayer...

    Nice feeling of peace..
    • 15 Nov 2011 4:31PM
  • ....soon

    Wow thats great...an ice palace, it hardly looks real. Love the palate limited to 3 main colours like that.

    They say the winters in the UK, will get harder with lots of snow. I actually love snow, even when its heavy and brings disruption. I remember being trapped on a train for four hours (it was only a 45 min journey) and we couldn't move..but this extraordinary blitz spirit sprang up, and everyone was talking and friendly. And i Love waking up to it as well....no work!! yipee!
    • 15 Nov 2011 4:30PM
  • Autumn in Wyming Brook

    Really nicely composed into a classic image.
    • 14 Nov 2011 12:09PM
  • swan

    That looks so cosy...you have done well keeping all the detail in the white feathers. Lovely.
    • 14 Nov 2011 12:04PM
  • Coca-Cola Baby

    Lovely images, well executed and shot, but I wouldn't give any more advertising to coca-cola..their global advertising budget is something like 600 times the GDP of Liberia...they are not good people and guilty of horrendous breaches of human rights. But thats is beside the point! you have made a very successful series of images.
    • 14 Nov 2011 11:58AM
  • souk 001

    Souk rainbows...my favorite kind!
    • 28 Nov 2008 9:57PM
  • HeyTony,

    just had a peek at your awesome PF and am destroyed with jealously! You are truly a photographic giant.....feel tres guilty for nt examining your work more closely b4......mucho admiration, kalix
  • Hello lovely Tony,

    just thought i'd drop by to say hi and thank you for your continued support, your PF is full of new masterpieces I see! will come by for a proper examination of them soon, i promise.

    big luv xx kali