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  • Klaudia II by kamil018

    Quote:Lovely, and congratulations on the new camera! You deserved it...WinkWink

    Thank You Smile

    Quote:Somebody, turn on the air-con please!
    Kamil I hope the studio has one too.

    Yes it is bought and installed 2 weeks ago Grin one wall is 4,5x1,5 meter big windows at south side so it were very hot inside at spring and summer Sad
    • 9 Jun 2021 6:46AM
  • Wiola by kamil018

    Quote:The red bedding is a great compliment to the model's skin tone - mind you, this works as a black and white picture too.
    Bravo Kamil!

    Yes 1st version was in b&w but colour works better because of red and blue and skintones if wanna see black & white look up my social media Instagram @kamiljania.boudoir 🙂
    • 3 May 2021 9:33PM
  • Klaudia by kamil018

    Quote:Very different in style, and still absolutely striking!

    Yeah with another Klaudia we did 1st more traditional for me and second time we meet was from contest i organised and theme of contest was this huge hat and yes pretty nice output 1st time for me in this kind also as light suorce only natural light from window without any other modificators Grin
    • 2 May 2021 12:35PM
  • Anna II by kamil018

    I'm trying my best to make every session fun, there is a lot of laugh, most women doing these types of photos for 1st time in their life (lingerie /sensual / naked) so good atmosphere and laught helps a lot and it can break ice faster and in this kind of photography are a lot of barriers by itself, also im male so not easy task - make half naked woman feel comfortable and laugh and don't make it look sexually, also giving compliments is pretty hard too.
    • 2 Dec 2020 8:07PM
  • Anna by kamil018

    That is good comment, thank You for that Smile
    softness yes, answer is 1600 ISO and specifically m4/3 sensor noise (comparable to 6400 ISO on FF) with at this amount of light available had to boost ISO... and denoise tend to softer image also my "hazed" black&white filter addiotionaly plays with sharpening and sharpening mask sliders in lightroom that makes skin softer too, and yes i apply some -25-35 texture graduated filter based on colour to apply fast and not aggresive skin smoothing.
    Here was not enought light to make every pore visible with camera that i have right now, not for living subject Wink

    And for leg's same pose shoot from "light" side looks pretty flattering for her, this shoot was done for variety from same pose and because She loved how she looks when seen on back of camera - i do it a lot during session because i think then two peoples look in the same direction they can accomplish much more Smile

    Quote:Hello Kamil my friend.

    It"s nice to see that Covid has not kept you idle, I hope you and your family remain safe. I expect the satin sheets to be a big hit with your models.
    I intend to vote for your picture because I think it is good but allow me to make some comments and provide my honest feedback as the site offers us the chance to exchange opinions and generate meaningful discussion.

    Until this moment I have not seen any other comment on it so I guess I am either mistaken or I am the first to spot. Knowing the high quality of your images I trust you are a tactile photographer who wants to represent their models in an a nice way or a way that helps the best features of their beauty to shine or the less amazing features to silence. I think that the way Anna"s legs are crossed emphasises their volume so I would probably asked her to raise one leg only, in a pose that is stamped as playful, carefree and mind wandering...

    The use of the f1.4 lens would be a bliss for every portrait photographer with the amount of light it can collect while shooting indoors but here I cannot be sure if the focus is accurate on her eye lashes rather than her fringe... Earlier on today I said that sharpness is not all that important but I have a feeling you would like her to look pin sharp there. It could be that you may need to make the focusing area become smaller in the camera settings.

    I am not sure if you have used any skin smoothing in the post processing but it looks too perfect, or it may just be me, missing the roughness of the film grain. 😞

    Best regards from your friend and admirer of your work, pablophotographer

    • 23 Nov 2020 9:26PM
  • Ice cubes II by kamil018

    Quote:Excellent stuff! Please tell me those cubes are plastic!!!Grin


    Yes they're plactic propably acrylic Smile
    • 10 Nov 2020 9:03AM
  • Assorted IV by kamil018

    Quote:You surprise me Kamil. No grapes? Haha.

    Grapes? :|
    • 14 Oct 2020 7:39AM
  • Assorted II by kamil018

    Quote:The choice of angle, light and shadows wonderfully celebrating her female form..


    I think Kamil's model is a male...

    These are assorted images and this one's female body, there will be more mixed in future just one or two favorites from one person, not enough for longer series
    • 8 Oct 2020 8:27PM
  • Anna X by kamil018

    Quote:Kamil mon ami... you have me thinking. Initially I thought the sheets should be crisp and smooth as her thigh. Then I said to myself what if the bed linen were not white but grey? That pillow would not be as a striking distraction... But since the body of the model appears in grey tones.. shouldn't all bed linen be black? That would give a greater contrast.... don't you think?
    Best regards,

    Yes that would work already have dark grey and golden silk sheets ordered from aliexpress and still waiting Wink
    but i liked "contrast" in factures, folded sheets vs silky smooth model skin
    • 7 Sep 2020 5:56AM
  • Sylwia IV by kamil018

    Contrast yes... this image is pretty strong by itself and did'nt want it too bold that's why there is this misty look Smile
    • 20 Aug 2020 8:01AM
  • Kasia III by kamil018

    Quote:Nice; perhaps lifting shadow detail in the shoes would work too?

    Yes it would but i missed focus a bit aaand decidet to not show shoes in full details Wink
    • 15 Aug 2020 6:03PM
  • Klaudia I by kamil018

    Quote:I think we have seen how much progress you have made already made in such a short time. I'm sure that having your studio with take you another level.

    One word of advice don't forget the family. Like a child with a new toy photographers get tied up in new things and forget just how much time has passed...

    There is alyways time for family... but my Wife works on weekends too... and i also still have to work in my full time job because i dont have enough clients to live only from photography Sad so we have only one or two weekends in month to spend together i don't do sessions in that time of course Smile also have some photos of Wiola too, mostly from new studio and they're different a lot from when we will see in next days with are mostly from sessions done for my boudoir outfit inspiration guide for my clients and was done in colaboration with lingerie manufacturer PROMEES Smile
    • 11 Aug 2020 12:23PM
  • Kasia III by kamil018

    Quote:One thought, for when you're able to shoot again: using underwear that was a lighter colour would have allowed this to look like a nude in a shirt... If Kasia was happy with that look, of course.

    Yes I know byt this was from beggining of session and Kasia was "regular" client so person never before in front of camera in lingerie or anything at all... this one was about shape and legs and dark lingerie for me makes them looks even longer
    • 1 Apr 2020 7:56PM
  • Klaudia VI by kamil018

    Quote:The poor girl... always tired Wink

    great shot though

    She gave birth 6 months ago, so yeah She might be little tired Smile
    • 28 Mar 2020 4:50PM
  • Klaudia IV by kamil018

    Haha, that's SECRET! just kidding... I've looked for it for long time and if u will look for material you will not find it... it's funny becuasue i had to order it from abroad, not accesible in Poland.. and this is very luxurious blanket/throw from IKEA - Ofelia collection...Grin
    • 26 Mar 2020 11:10AM
  • After sunset by kamil018

    A little comment from me Smile this photo in "original" version was black and white with a little bit more shadows, with i will post today propably for comparsion. I've changed it to colour becasue wanted to show this after sunset mood and little orange/reds in sky100% blue hour'ly look Smile
    • 24 Feb 2020 5:26AM
  • Agnieszka I by kamil018

    Quote:I'm sure the lady wil lbe pleased with the result.

    Varying exposure against the light can give a wide variety of looks, from low key to high.

    And going slightly lower with the camera would allow vrticals on both sides to be absolutely straight. Generally, a slight slant one side puts the viewer's eye off, jsut a little bit.

    Yes She is very happy, already received all photos (choosed 92 in total :O )

    I'll try to translate Her message after viewing them:

    "Beautiful... Finally I like myself"

    • 3 Jan 2020 11:09AM
  • Last one by kamil018

    Actually there is rest of her bottom, cut on half od tight, also another shoot with whole body on same pose and many others including implied nudity but they will be kept for us only 🙂
    • 19 Dec 2019 1:38PM
  • Wiola by kamil018

    on my site i hav cropeed it tighter and it looks better Smile
    • 16 Dec 2019 8:44PM
  • Wiola by kamil018


    I would have liked to see her right arm too which now disappears to the left of the frame in the picture. It is possible!

    If you move the right edge of the frame just next to her left eblow you win a bit of extra space on the left.

    She can still support her head on the right arm but you can ask her to extend the arm towards you and bebd the index finger backwards as if saying "come here".

    You can play with the depth of focus more then..

    Merry Christmas to you both


    Witaj Wink
    there is a lot more of frame on the right showing more body, that looks great, but cropped it out for more focus on eyes Smile
    We wanted this photoshoot to be boudoir-like so there is only suggestion - rest is for imagination Smile Nothing obvious like showing "come" with fingers etc.

    thanks everyone for votes and comments.

    BTW our first photoshoot with hair and make-up artist Smile
    • 12 Dec 2019 5:13PM
  • B&W Portrait by kamil018

    Thanks everyone, it's my most rewarded photo so far, it means a lot for me Smile
    • 9 Oct 2019 7:23PM
  • Portrait by kamil018

    Thanks everyone for comments Smile Her name is Wiola and if anyone curious, there is photo SOOC:

    Next steps are to remove those loose hairs and meybly changing background and/or adding some texture.
    There is also one more that i wanna retouch and post it as B&W propably tommorow if i have enough time after work.
    • 6 Oct 2019 5:09PM
  • Portrait by kamil018

    ISO: 200
    F: 1,8
    Shutter: 1/250

    No sharpening done, except default 25 that lightroom applies when importing file.
    • 25 Aug 2019 3:45PM
  • From Volleyball match by kamil018

    Thank you Mike, yes this lens are my most favorite and versatile (have 2x TC for them as well).
    But what is more interesting for me is sensor performance, photo done on ISO 2500 on m4/3 sensor. This was my 1st sport photo attempt.
    • 21 Aug 2019 6:27AM
  • Family photo :) by kamil018

    Quote:What a refreshingly different photo you have produced. Bravo!

    Thank You Sir!
    • 21 Jun 2019 8:31PM
  • near cole field by kamil018

    Quote:A little more exposure on her face perhaps?


    Thanks for advice, There was overcast day and softbox on right of camera, wanted to underexpose backkground slighty. Should I use additional flash as fill or increase poer on softbox? Or just use brighten brush in postprocessing?
    • 4 May 2019 8:30AM
  • Pu-ehr tea set that I recently completed by kamil018

    It kicks well, i fell more relaxed after green tea. This one keeps me and my family breezy for long time Smile
    • 13 Apr 2019 9:28AM
  • Head full of ideas by kamil018

    Quote:Smashing shot; it looks like the bulb is letting off sparklers!

    Thank you Sir Smile
    • 29 Jan 2019 2:05PM
  • Noir film style by kamil018

    In fact there are 3 suorces of light, on at horizontal blinds, one above head to separate from background and light up the smoke (that was changed angle in Robert and Kasia's photos to not make shadow on desk like on Radek's photo) and 3rd at letf with snoot to light up face. There should be 4th light to simulate light from tablelamp, or cloud use Phptoshop, in this case bright book takes a lot of light from top light and looks like lamp is actually on.
    • 13 Oct 2018 8:16AM
  • A little bit of work in postprocessing by kamil018

    Of Course I have, but this one was choosen only to practice postproseccing Smile
    Still dont know how to sharpen eye that is out of focus, custom brush with sharpening in lightroom makes it very "grained"
    • 5 Oct 2018 8:17PM