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Hi, my latest meanderings:
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A quick view of Kapulco's recent activity.

  • African Sun Burst

    Hi, sorry it has taken me so long to comment - I have not been active on EPZ for a while. Thanks for the invitation.

    Like the other chaps here, I am pre-disposed to prefer female bodies, so it is far tougher to like than would be a similar female shot. I also agree about monochrome being a better medium for shooting males.

    Having said all that, I see this as a quirky, humorous image. The title, coupled with the background plant, work well together. Even the over-exposure complements the title. So, if I were to consider it as a fine art image, I'd have to give it a zero (sorry) but as a fun image, inventive and quirky, yes it does say something and would have a much higher score.

    Well done.
    • 3 Oct 2010 10:27AM
  • Fungi

    Brilliant, Pete. I love the understated, soft tones, yet with the crisp image. Well done. J.
    • 18 Sep 2010 6:45PM
  • july 1921

    Fascinating - very well done. Reminds one of Josaphine Baker.

    So, tell me, why do I spent half my life trying to digitally repair old, worn photographs? Humans are really quite an odd lot.

    Anyway, much kudos - brill work.

    • 2 Feb 2010 11:33PM
  • cyberghost

    Hi MSH,

    This is fantastic. A superb piece of modern photo-art - I am envious.

    Your explanation - serious or tongue-in-cheek - is good. But the piece stands wonderfully on its own, too.

    The way in which the mask has slipped - not to reveal the expected skin but a mass of wires or neurons - is inspired. The execution is excellent.

    Great title, too.

    Re: Quantum Mechanics... ok but do we actually know the soul is present afore we see it and, if we do see it, do we destroy it? Smile

    A very well-earned vote (and much envy) from me. Fab work. One of the best things I have seen on epz for some time. Congrats.

    • 30 Jan 2010 1:06PM
  • United We Stand

    A good photograph: says much about the range: from the chaotic, unfocussed to the honed, focussed nature of public photography in Britain. Well done.

    Apropos the cause: 100% behind it, sorry I was not there. Very well done to those who were. Britain - due to the conspiracy of lack-lustre politicians and the force (which calls itself a Police "Service") plus the silence of those affected, of course - is brilliantly doing the terrorists' jobs for them. Only a very few bombs are needed to subjegate us all. Photographers are but one group; but we are an important one because we can be anybody and everybody and we do represent a democratization of information.

    In the end, those who aim to kill and injur will sometimes succeed - and one has to applaud the security and Police services for minimizing those times. But the terrorists will fully succeed if we capituale to their terror and limit our own freedoms. Security checks for devices are one thing: limiting democratic activity is another.

    • 24 Jan 2010 12:46PM
  • Eclipsed

    Quote:Best left anonymous

    Hi Graham: care to explain, please?

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Perhaps I ought explain: this is no snap-shot. It is one image selected from about twenty similar, cropped, rotated, multiply-processed - using lighting and colour curves - and had other processes applied. It has had the same care as all my images do. So, it may be very poor but it is not slap-dash, just in case that it what you were implying.

    Hence, I think it deserves a crit (which may be to say it is poor for x reasons - that is fine and how one learns). But not just a shallow, sarcastic comment, please. Else just leave it alone.

    • 24 Jan 2010 11:12AM
  • Blaise Folly.

    Fab photo; superb presentation.

    • 19 Jan 2010 11:10AM
  • Hi Rach,

    Some pedestrian images here ill-prepare one for some excellent pieces of art.

    I especially like: Blackbird; Cat's Eyes; Jack Frost; Lily The Pink; Little Angel. Some great still lifes, too and Spiral Stair.

    As I urged you under "Fire" please keep experimenting and pushing boundaries.

    • Posted on Rach1970's profile
    • 28 Dec 2009 10:34AM
  • Now this is what I call a portfolio - not a cliche in the place. Ab fab work - I really like this collection.

    Thank you for the viewing.

    • Posted on Morpyre's profile
    • 21 Dec 2009 1:54PM
  • Hi Nick,

    I arrived here via a discussion on another tile, in which we were involved. And how glad I am. What a wonderful, superb, imaginative portfolio. Very well done - a brill gem to discover.

  • Fantabulous; excellent; superb portfolio. Brilliant work - well done. I am in awe.