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Hi, Thanks for visiting my portfolio.
Any comments (good/bad) or critique gratefully received!Smile
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A quick view of KarenFB's recent activity.

  • Hummingbird Hawk Moth?

    Yes, it's a Hummingbird Hawk moth! Not the easiest of critters to photograph, they move so quickly!
    • 2 Jun 2020 8:02AM
  • Trichodes alvearius

    Startling colours! You've caught the details beautifully.

    Just in case you might be interested, it's a Trichodes alvearius (Soldier or Checkered beetle)
    • 2 Jun 2020 7:45AM
  • Broad-bodied chaser-Libellula depressa--Male.

    Beautifully caught - 'my' resident male refuses to perch on anything remotely photogenic!!
    • 2 Jun 2020 7:33AM
  • Maddison Lee

    'Maddison' is a very beautiful lady - the make up enhancing her looks, rather then hiding them!! Smile
    • 1 Jun 2020 9:08AM
  • Is it Safe?

    Well spotted - you must have been quick to capture this one!
    • 1 Jun 2020 8:58AM
  • Common blue damselfly

    Beautifully caught (but they are Azure Damselflies! Wink).
    • 1 Jun 2020 7:56AM
  • Russ and the Miner's Lamp Food Bank

    I prefer version 1 too. As you've stated, for a calender the version is perfect - it has the name of the cafe, it's lovely and uncluttered, plus he has a lovely smile! Smile
    • 1 Jun 2020 7:53AM
  • Welcome to the three of you, I shall look forward to seeing more of your work! Smile
    • Posted on 3oldmen's profile
    • 17 Apr 2019 5:12AM
  • Your nature shots are what I aspire to! Such wonderful clarity over a wide range of subjects - a gorgeous portfolio.
    Thank You! Smile
    • Posted on Terry L's profile
    • 9 Mar 2008 8:40PM
  • The quality of your photographs is amazing. Each and every one brilliant, clear and sharp. Your work is an inspiration, one I hope I will attain in the future.
    • Posted on JWA's profile
    • 13 May 2007 5:57PM