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20/02/2013 - 8:52 PM

Drops of sun on a snow drop!

Drops of sun on a snow drop!I really like the low point of view and the way you've used the sun to back light the snowdrops.

I think I may have been tempted to turn the camera on it's side and get a little closer, just concentrating on the flowers rather then including the sun (which is quite strong!). Smile
11/02/2013 - 12:39 PM

The little warrior

The little warriorOh! It's gorgeous, what a pretty little mantis!

I think an improved image would be just a little closer with plain surroundings (or perhaps perched on a leaf). I can see this little one being a wonderful model for many more photographs! Grin
24/01/2013 - 6:07 PM

Water dripping

Water drippingA good try, but your point of focus is a little out - because the droplets are the main subject of the image, they should be really sharp. If you look, you can see the sharpest area on your photo is the wall, it's only 2 or 3 inches out, but it makes all the difference! Smile
20/01/2013 - 1:40 PM

Another flower

Another flowerLovely colours!! I agree with 'pluckyfilly' about it being a little too much to the left - but as for the background, it's quite easy to replace if you have a post processing programme. I use Photoshop Elements 9 but there are free ones you can download from the internet (Gimp is one, but there are others).

With this, because it's quite a simple shape I would 'Select' the flower (which would stop that being changed in any way), then (using the 'Clone' tool) I would choose the grassy background and move the tool over the fingers. This would replace fingers with grass. After that, I might give the image a little more canvas (space) on the left and fill that with grass. In this way you can put your flower on the 'third'. There are a few 'soft' areas on the flower. This can be cured by using the 'Sharpen' tool, just running it over the soft areas. Smile

I really do like the yellow against the green though, quite eye catching! Smile
04/01/2013 - 7:10 AM

Llanddulas Bron-Y-Wendon

Llanddulas Bron-Y-WendonA lovely sea scape, it looks really grey and wintery!

I think I would make just a few adjustments. First of all rotating the image anti-clockwise, to straighten the horizon. Then I would crop a little off the left (to remove the post), and bottom (to remove the date and the sun lit wall). Just minor things, but I think it would make a difference.

On the EXIF the date and time is slightly out - I think the camera needs the date and month swapped over and your clock seems to be a 24 hour one. (If you can, it might be better to switch this off, so it doesn't appear on your photos) Smile
02/01/2013 - 1:48 PM

The Girl

The GirlA good piece of work, you've replaced the background well (though, as Simon has pointed out, a little rough in places).

I think the girl could be improved by giving a few tweaks to 'Lighting' and 'Contrast'. At the moment she is against a 'rich' background, but she looks a little 'flat'. I also feel she needs just a little more space in front of her (she is rather squashed into the frame). Just tiny adjustments, but I'm sure they would improve the image. Smile
17/12/2012 - 7:06 AM

Green Screen try number 2

Green Screen try number 2A really good image, you've placed her brilliantly and the pose is appropriate. I feel the only reason this hasn't quite worked is because she is in a deeply shadowed area, yet she has no shadows (you may have used flash to capture her). But apart from that, this makes a brilliant manipulation! Smile
12/12/2012 - 7:20 AM


LaurynA beautiful portrait, with a pretty girl and striking colours.

Now, don't forget this is just opinion. I wonder if you were closing your eyes slightly, perhaps expecting the flash, this has given quite a 'tight' expression. Also, because you've tilted your head up and the camera is obviously lower, we do seem to be looking up your nose a little. Are you happy with this image (if so, then it's perfect), or are there areas you'd like to improve...................just a few words in the 'Description' box would be really helpful! Smile
03/12/2012 - 6:26 AM

John The Fish

John The FishYou've caught John brilliantly - he's lovely and sharp.

I think there could be some improvements compositionally wise, but I'm sure John will pose for you again! For instance: Try and capture him with more space in front (for him to swim into), and without the edge of the tank coming into frame. Considering the low light and the fact John was probably swimming, you've done brilliantly! Smile

One last point, using flash so close to eyes can hurt!
11/11/2012 - 6:24 PM

the old bird

the old birdA gorgeous capture of a Robin (which is easily recognisable, even in black and white!).

Because it is a little noisy, I think I wouldn't have cropped quite so much off the original - the more you crop off, the more the noise is noticeable. Smile
30/09/2012 - 1:31 PM


LaurynA brilliant fashion shot (though I wonder if having her arms down would be an improvement - perhaps hands on hips).

The creases make the background look like a brick wall at first glance! Carefully running a steam iron over the creases may make them drop out (some irons have a special 'steam curtains' dial). There is just a sliver of background sneaking in on the lower right, but that is a very minor point (a tiny crop would cure that). Smile
16/09/2012 - 7:36 PM

Mother and Son

Mother and SonHi Katie, welcome to EPZ! Smile

This is a gorgeous initial upload, I love the way you've caught the mum and child!

I've taken it into Photoshop Elements 9 and made few small tweaks (I hope you think I've improved it!)

I took it into 'Enhance' > Adjust Lighting > Levels.
Then I adjusted the midtones and highlights.
I straightened the horizon slightly and gave it a little crop to bring the mother and child off center.
Because I adjusted the lighting the sky was a little noisy, so I took it into 'Filter' > Despeckle & Reduce Noise
There was a very slight blue cast, so I've removed that.
A resize and quick sharpen, and here it is! Smile

Edit: Mmmm. I may have cropped a little too much, a little pixelated in places.
It was a gorgeous image to play with, thank you! Grin
05/09/2012 - 7:29 AM

"... IN ACTION "

"... IN ACTION "A lovely image, which I may have cropped closer to the butterfly, this would make the butterfly bigger and allow us to see the gorgeous colours and details. I hope you don't mind my saying, but I don't really like the pink vignetting. I feel pink is the wrong colour and it detracts from the real beauty of the butterfly. Of course that is just my personal opinion and probably just me!! Smile
19/08/2012 - 6:46 PM

dog days in the sun

dog days in the sunAw! She is beautiful - I really want to stroke the downy fluff on her ears!

I may have cropped a little off the left hand side (to remove the green leaf), but that is just a personal thing! Smile
07/08/2012 - 8:04 AM

Sunday best

Sunday bestBeautifully caught. The details you've captured (especially that gorgeous eye) are wonderful.

I think I may have cropped a little off the left hand side (just the 'empty' strip, up to the grass). This would remove the blade that looks as if it is stabbing the bird! Smile
28/06/2012 - 6:02 AM

Waiting for the tide

Waiting for the tideA gorgeous shot - just what summer should be like! I love the cloud formations you've captured.

I think this image would be improved without the two boats in the foreground - I would crop off the boats (as much as possible, then just clone off the last bit of black engine). Cover the bottom of your shot with your hand (or piece of paper) and see what you think! Smile
26/06/2012 - 4:46 PM

Reach for the sky

Reach for the skyThe colours are beautiful and your focus on the daisy is brilliant.

Apart from the blade of grass, I think it may have been better not to have your shadow across the flower - an easy mistake to make when you are concentrating on the point of focus! Smile
18/06/2012 - 7:48 AM


OrangeA beautiful capture! I really love the colours you've caught. I may have blurred the focused area (top right), as that is a little distracting - but that's just an opinion and probably just me! Smile
15/06/2012 - 2:10 PM

Out Of Frame PS

Out Of Frame PSA brilliant helicopter, which has been well caught.

I'm not sure this image works (don't forget all comments are opinions and as such will differ from person to person!). For me, the helicopter is facing the wrong way to have come out of the frame. Also I find all the blurring distracting, rather then showing movement (sometimes less is best! Wink). Just one more small point, the helicopter is rather close to the right hand side. Smile

I am really looking forward to seeing more manipulations from you. I have nothing but admiration for folk who have mastered the art of computer manipulations, it takes lots of patience and practise! Smile
06/06/2012 - 7:54 AM

Flower inside a flower

Flower inside a flowerI really like the way you've captured the flower, it makes a wonderful frame filling image. But I think I would crop off the pale areas on the left. Smile