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Activity : Photo Comments


Hi, Thanks for visiting my portfolio.
Any comments (good/bad) or critique gratefully received!Smile
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  • Red Head

    It looks like a Semperi Swallowtail Butterfly, also called the Batwing Swallowtail. A beautiful butterfly, brilliantly caught!
    • 28 Apr 2017 9:04PM
  • Smooth Landing

    • 28 Apr 2017 7:18AM
  • Slow Down a bit.

    A brilliant photo - right place, right time (envious! moi!!!! of course I am!).
    • 28 Apr 2017 7:15AM
  • green hairstreak

    • 27 Apr 2017 9:01PM
  • An interesting solution

    I quite like the fact they've hidden an ugly little office/public loo by using an old photo of how the area used to be - what a brilliant idea!
    • 27 Apr 2017 7:31AM
  • Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus) feeding young

    A gorgeous, brilliantly timed photo!
    • 26 Apr 2017 7:05PM
  • This little piggy stayed at home...

    I think Red River Hogs (from Africa) are quite a pretty pigs, I love their ears. You've caught this one beautifully.
    • 26 Apr 2017 5:49AM
  • On The Top Of It`s World.

    Not the prettiest of flies, but the details are amazing!
    • 26 Apr 2017 5:42AM
  • Gi' Us A Kiss!

    Thank you everyone! Smile

    Pete: Thank you so much for your User Award, that's made my day!! Smile
    • 26 Apr 2017 5:39AM
  • Resting Hover-Fly

    Beautifully caught!
    • 25 Apr 2017 5:33PM
  • Feast in Africa

    Amazing details!
    • 25 Apr 2017 7:48AM
  • Beggers Can't Be Choosers!

    Thank you everyone! Smile

    Derek: Thank you very much for your User Award, it's much appreciated!
    • 25 Apr 2017 4:58AM
  • Sun Child

    This is a gorgeous photo (well done for getting in shot in just 10 seconds!). I love the colours and the silhouette you've made. Brilliant!
    • 24 Apr 2017 9:08PM
  • Yellow and green

    Lovely colours and details!
    • 24 Apr 2017 3:42PM
  • Reed Bunting Hunting

    What a brilliantly timed shot! All the uploads are gorgeous, but your leader is my favourite! Smile
    • 24 Apr 2017 3:41PM
  • Black-necked Grebe (Podiceps nigricollis)

    A brilliant capture - a bird I've never seen!
    • 24 Apr 2017 1:29PM
  • Brimstone - Gonepteryx rhamni

    An amazing close up - I love that eye, what wonderful details!
    • 24 Apr 2017 1:26PM
  • bella

    Hi Raff, welcome to EPZ! Smile

    A lovely photo to start off your portfolio with. As you've ticked the 'Allow Modification' box I've had a bit of a play with it.

    I felt the image was a little flat, so the first thing I did was to take it into Photoshop Elements 9 and adjust the 'Contrast/Lighting'. I also gave it a 'crop' (I felt the wall area on the left was quite 'empty' and didn't add to the beauty of your model) and a slight 'sharpen'.

    I also used the 'Heal' tool and removed a few eye catching 'bits' (there was a twig in the foreground and a pale post in the background). All these adjustments were minor, but I think there has been an improvement - I hope you think so too! Smile
    • 24 Apr 2017 12:53PM
  • Atlas Moth

    One of the most stunning of moths - caught brilliantly!
    • 24 Apr 2017 7:58AM
  • Flowers

    Primroses are so pretty, you've captured this group beautifully.

    I quite like the fact you've kept back and given the group some 'empty' space around them. I think I may have done a little careful 'gardening' before I'd taken the photo - removing the odd twig, blade of grass and pine needle (it's so much easier to tidy up before the photograph is taken, rather then in post processing). Smile
    • 24 Apr 2017 7:06AM
  • Male Orange Tip

    Beautifully caught! I love the way the sun is shining through its wings!
    • 24 Apr 2017 5:59AM
  • Carpet Moth

    Thank you everyone! Smile

    Bob: Thank you very much for your User Award, it's much appreciated! Smile
    • 24 Apr 2017 5:56AM
  • Cross Eyed Skull

    Grin Your model is very expressive!! This photo made me smile!
    • 23 Apr 2017 10:47AM
  • Butterfly

    Beautifully caught. I may have cropped just a little closer to the butterfly, but that is a minor point and probably just me! Smile
    • 23 Apr 2017 7:05AM
  • Busy bee.

    Brilliantly timed and caught!
    • 23 Apr 2017 7:02AM
  • Pink Velvet

    Thank you everyone! Smile
    • 23 Apr 2017 6:58AM
  • Orange Tip Butterfly

    Gorgeous colours and details!
    • 22 Apr 2017 3:14PM
  • Sleeping Juvenile Tawny Owls

    Well spotted and caught!
    • 22 Apr 2017 12:23PM
  • Cuckoo

    A beautiful photo - so rare to hear, let alone see!
    • 22 Apr 2017 12:22PM
  • Don't call me Cuckoo.

    It's displaying beautifully for you! Yet to hear one, let alone see one this year!
    • 21 Apr 2017 7:13AM