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Activity : Photo Comments


Hi, Thanks for visiting my portfolio.
Any comments (good/bad) or critique gratefully received!Smile
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  • Brixham Reflections

    There is something about a harbour at night that is magical - I remember as a young girl, I took our dog for a walk one night and the harbour (Polperro in Cornwall) was bathed in an orange moon, with all the lights on the water it was breath taking. You've caught the atmosphere brilliantly!
    • 24 Oct 2016 8:30PM
  • Nuthatch

    You've caught it brilliantly!
    (Perhaps just a little close to the edge at the tail, but that's a minor point, and just my opinion!). Smile
    • 24 Oct 2016 8:26PM
  • Common darter

    You've caught the beautiful details brilliantly!
    • 24 Oct 2016 8:23PM
  • Too Late

    Hi Milly, welcome to EPZ from me too!! Smile

    A brilliantly caught image, very imaginative!

    I hope you enjoy your time with us, if you have any problems or questions, don't be afraid to ask - someone on here will know the answer! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!
    • 24 Oct 2016 2:20PM
  • Toadstool???

    What a beauty! One I've never seen!
    • 24 Oct 2016 10:59AM
  • King Of The Castle

    Thank you everyone!

    Denny & Pete: Thank you both for your much appreciated User Awards! Smile
    • 24 Oct 2016 10:57AM
  • "Green Shield Bug on a Bramble Leaf".

    It's interesting to see its eyes are the same colour as the rings on the leaf - brilliant camouflage!
    • 24 Oct 2016 7:38AM
  • Little flower

    Brilliantly caught and beautifully presented - these flowers are tiny, it takes getting them up on screen to see their full beauty!
    • 24 Oct 2016 7:35AM
  • Tarantula

    They are quite pretty when you see them up close - you've caught the details brilliantly!
    • 24 Oct 2016 7:28AM
  • mallow skipper on scabious

    Gorgeous details on this hairy little fella!
    • 24 Oct 2016 6:53AM
  • Tanfield photographers evening

    Beautifully caught - 'Twizell'! An unusual name for a steam train!! Smile
    • 24 Oct 2016 6:52AM
  • Fungus

    I'm still searching!! Smile A brilliant low point of view, you've caught the Fly Agaric beautifully.

    I think I may have done a little 'gardening' before taking the shot (removing the odd twig etc., being very careful not to disturb the fungi), but still a good find and photo! Smile
    • 23 Oct 2016 8:53PM
  • New reflection pool setup.

    So many different areas for the birds to dine - it's great to see your scenes/perches set out like this!
    • 23 Oct 2016 8:49PM
  • Cat nap!

    Aw! How cute is that - I love the little ginger one (top right), the nap definitely crept up on him! Smile
    • 23 Oct 2016 6:08PM
  • Single Parent

    Thank you everyone! Smile
    • 23 Oct 2016 5:30PM
  • Fly Agaric

    I'm still searching for one of these!! Brilliantly caught, a lovely low point of view!
    • 23 Oct 2016 2:50PM
  • Wash it first

    Beautifully caught, I love that red eye!
    • 23 Oct 2016 2:44PM
  • Amethyst Deceiver

    You've caught the fungi brilliantly (not easy when they are so small). I think I may have used portrait format (because the subject is tall and thin), rather then landscape, but that's just me! Smile
    • 23 Oct 2016 2:43PM
  • Grey Wagtail.

    Beautifully caught!
    • 23 Oct 2016 12:32PM
  • Not for eating!!

    The details have been caught brilliantly!
    • 23 Oct 2016 10:37AM
  • A Juvenile GSW

    A gorgeous photo - looks like a youngster, so perhaps a 'Miss'!! Smile
    • 23 Oct 2016 9:04AM
  • Beauty in the caves

    Your phone has coped with the low lighting brilliantly, you must have a very steady hand! (Which phone do you have?)
    • 23 Oct 2016 7:58AM
  • female cleopatra

    Such a pretty butterfly, brilliantly caught!
    • 23 Oct 2016 6:48AM

    Beautiful colours and details!

    These are Discus, a genus of Cichlids which are native to South America (they are a popular freshwater aquarium fish). Smile
    • 22 Oct 2016 6:19PM
  • the squirrel eating a nut

    Beautifully caught - quite a chubby little thing! Smile
    • 22 Oct 2016 5:15PM
  • Robin

    Gorgeous rich colours! You've caught it well - it's unusual to see one with its tail fanned out like this!
    • 22 Oct 2016 8:13AM
  • Swallowtail

    Wonderful colours and details - to actually see individual scales is amazing!
    • 22 Oct 2016 7:43AM
  • Pholcus

    The details you've caught are amazing (we can see it's lost two legs). As long as they stay in the cellar that is fine (we haven't got a cellar (lol))! Smile
    • 22 Oct 2016 7:41AM
  • Four-spotted chaser (2) 2016

    Three gorgeous images - all three are winners in their own right, but I really like Version 1, what a gorgeous eye!
    • 22 Oct 2016 7:37AM
  • Down In The Depths

    Thank you everyone!

    Pete & Pete: Thank you so much for your User Awards, they are very much appreciated! Smile
    • 22 Oct 2016 7:34AM