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Activity : Photo Comments


Hi, Thanks for visiting my portfolio.
Any comments (good/bad) or critique gratefully received!Smile
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  • In a flap.

    A beautifully timed photo, I love the accusing look it's giving you!
    • 30 May 2016 5:45AM
  • ant-lion

    An amazing looking bug - brilliantly caught!
    • 30 May 2016 5:42AM
  • Wheeee!

    Thank you everyone! Smile
    • 30 May 2016 5:40AM
  • Reg's exercise routine

    A gorgeous series of images - he is a very handsome bird!

    We had a 'resident **** pheasant' one year, unfortunately he got to thinking he was boss and used to attack anyone he saw! They can be vicious when they want to!
    • 29 May 2016 12:26PM
  • Red-legged Seriema

    Beautifully caught. The details are wonderful, especially that gorgeous blue eye!
    • 29 May 2016 9:59AM
  • Ladybird Larvae eating an aphid

    Gorgeous details - these bugs are tiny!
    • 28 May 2016 5:13PM
  • Mother and Child

    Oh Wow!! Missed you by minutes!! Grin A gorgeous capture, we were quite lucky they were so active!
    • 28 May 2016 5:11PM
  • She

    Beautiful colours and details - brilliantly caught!
    • 28 May 2016 3:25PM

    Does it have any residents? I think the roof will need looking at soon, it looks a little tatty!
    • 28 May 2016 1:58PM

    I am really surprised at how good it looks, you'd never guess the condition of the outside!
    • 28 May 2016 1:57PM

    Oh! A spider!! When I saw the thumbnail, I wondered what on earth it was!! Grin A brilliant capture - looking at the 'large' version, I can see some amazing details!

    (Re: Title. Not a crustacean, an arachnid! Smile)
    • 28 May 2016 1:54PM
  • I'm The Queen Of The Swingers

    Thank you everyone! Smile
    • 28 May 2016 1:52PM
  • a little help from my friend

    Brilliant! Grin
    • 28 May 2016 9:48AM
  • Checking the flight gear prior to take off

    I really like the dark background, it really shows the fly off well!
    • 28 May 2016 9:47AM
  • Drinker Moth

    A gorgeous capture - I love those antennae!! Smile
    • 28 May 2016 9:45AM
  • Blue-tailed damselfly (Ischnura elegans)

    The details are wonderful, brilliantly caught!
    • 28 May 2016 6:21AM
  • Sunrise

    An amazing capture!
    • 28 May 2016 6:19AM
  • Inspirational Hair Style

    Thank you everyone! Grin
    • 28 May 2016 6:16AM

    Having no glass, I'm surprised this wreck hasn't deteriorated more!!
    • 27 May 2016 8:18PM
  • The grass is always greener on the otherside!

    A lovely scene - it's not often we see such a pristine field.

    I think a small improvement may have been to give it a small clockwise rotation (this would make the street light upright), but that is a minor point. I also feel it needs a little 'something' in the foreground to give a point of interest and somewhere to rest the eyes. Smile
    • 27 May 2016 8:16PM
  • Mud pies

    This made me laugh out loud!!!! GrinGrinGrinGrin
    • 27 May 2016 7:38AM
  • please say cheese !!

    A gorgeous portrait - you've caught your sister brilliantly!
    • 27 May 2016 7:35AM
  • Which way is home?

    This is brilliant! For a second, I thought it was just one image which had been 'reflected' in a post programme, but I see it is totally different left and right!

    A few words in the 'Description' box, about how you achieved it, would have been fantastic. For instance, how many photos have you stitched? Or is it a special programme you've used? I see you've forgotten to mention what you took it on, even that would have been nice to know. Smile
    • 27 May 2016 7:31AM
  • Tools in low key

    Very intriguing!! I have absolutely no idea what this tool is, or what you would use it for! I do like the similar colours you've captured. Smile
    • 27 May 2016 7:26AM

    This one looks totally different to your last upload! (Not just colour-wise)

    You've caught it at the same angle though, so it's nice to compare the two and see what is different!
    • 26 May 2016 6:19PM
  • Newbie

    Thanks everyone! Smile

    Carol: How wonderful to receive another User Award from you - thank you so much! Smile

    Tanya: Brilliant! I love the 'Mod', this is exactly the kind of background I would have liked to have done - the texture has..............grounded(?) the youngster! Thank you so much for taking the time to show me! Smile
    • 26 May 2016 6:10PM
  • Lift Off !

    Brilliantly timed and caught! Fascinating details!
    • 26 May 2016 5:39PM

    The colours and details are wonderful.
    • 26 May 2016 7:44AM
  • another one bites the dust!

    Beautiful markings on the spider (the original upload is my favourite!). Smile
    • 26 May 2016 6:19AM
  • Peeking!

    Thank you everyone!

    Carol: Thank you so much for your User Award - really appreciated!
    • 26 May 2016 6:13AM