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Hi, Thanks for visiting my portfolio.
Any comments (good/bad) or critique gratefully received!Smile
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  • Hedwig

    I had a request to needle felt a 'Hedwig'. The first one I did was a little on the small side.............so, here is the second! :D Lol! Okay, hands up, it went wrong. So, rather then throw the whole lot into the bin I changed it a bit - I q...


    25 Oct 2018 3:04PM | Read


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  • New Hobby

    Recently Devon has held a month of Open Studios, where you can travel around visiting various Artists in their studios. My youngest daughter always has a week off work near her birthday so she can visit as many studios as possible and she sometimes ...


    26 Sep 2018 5:26PM | Read


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  • What Now!

    Well, the last few weeks have been eventful if nothing else! First of all my son-in-law has had something wrong with both feet/ankles. First they said it was gout then lofgren's syndrome, now they are testing for something else - it's the worse cas...

    11 Jul 2009 9:13PM | Read


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  • Phew!

    So much has happened recently, I'm not sure which way is up!! :) Graham was diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea (holding breath when asleep). As this puts strain on the heart, he's been given a CPAP machine. It's a large mask which he wears over his nos...

    22 Sep 2008 7:07PM | Read


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  • Blue

    Yesterday was dry, if a bit breezy, so we went up to Cadbury Castle (rather a grand name for a hump in a field), which is an Iron Age hill fort. The shots of the hump are fine (apart from being boring and 2D - humps don't make very good images)....

    23 Jun 2008 9:41AM | Read


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  • Pooh Corner

    I feel a bit like Eeyore! I sit by the window, staring out at the rain, moaning about the lack of bugs and butterflies. Well, today I've had enough - I'm going to be a Tigger!!! I'll dress up, get the biggest umbrella I can find and get out there!...

    21 Jun 2008 7:22AM | Read


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  • Re-considering!! :D

    When I started using my 'blog' area I thought I was sharing my thoughts with my EPZ 'family'. Having just learned it can be found in Google I've decided that perhaps this area isn't for me!!

    19 Jun 2008 12:29PM | Read


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