I love this site. Have met some amazing people whos support and help has been invaluable and has got me to the point where i am chuffed to bits with the images i take. They will know who they are!
I'm not out to achieve perfection, just an image that i can proudly look at and think i took that.
My passion is captive animals, not everyones cup of tea but we're all entitled to an opinion. My favourite being tigers whose numbers in the wild are quickly declining.
If you enjoy my images half as much as i enjoy taking them i'm a happy bunny Grin
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A quick view of kathrynlouise's recent activity.

  • Grey Heron

    Love this Ron. A gorgeous capture of this beautiful Heron Grin

    • 30 Jul 2019 5:17PM
  • Eagle Crag, Stonethwaite valley.

    Beautiful Keith Grin

    • 30 Jul 2019 5:15PM
  • White Tailed Bumble Bee

    Fabulous macro shot Phil. Lovely detail Grin

    • 30 Jul 2019 5:12PM
  • Keeping on eye on my backyard.... silly sunday style.

    That's what you call a close up Willie! Great shot Grin

    • 30 Jul 2019 5:08PM
  • Eryngium 5

    Lovely image Cliff. The colour is beautiful Grin

    • 30 Jul 2019 5:05PM
  • Where is my flag?

    Definitely doesn't look happy Peter Grin

    • 30 Jul 2019 5:03PM
  • Cinabar Moth Caterpillar

    Beautiful Sue. Great detail Grin

    • 30 Jul 2019 5:01PM
  • A stunning portfolio Ade. Your images are beautifully detailed. A pleasure to view GrinGrin

    • Posted on ade123's profile
    • 14 Aug 2014 7:55PM
  • A truly stunning portfolio Jon GrinGrin
  • A stunning portfolio Simon. Love the lion especially. An awesome talent and very witty too Grin

  • A stunning portfolio, added to my connections so I don't miss anything GrinGrin

  • An absolute pleasure to look through your portfolio Val. Big cats being my favourites and then your amazing frog images Grin

  • A beautiful portfolio Mike. I have a huge thing for big cats, especially tigers and you have some stunning captures Grin
    • Posted on Mike59's profile
    • 30 Jul 2013 6:00AM
  • A stunning portfolio Ade. Amazing macro images Grin
  • What a stunning portfolio you have Keith. Youe scenic images are just awesome GrinGrin

    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 4 Jul 2013 2:02PM
  • Hi Colleen. A stunning portfolio. So love your recent big cat shots Grin
  • A beautiful portfolio John. I especially love the butterfly images GrinGrin
    • Posted on johnke's profile
    • 25 Mar 2013 12:36PM