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Hi Thankyou for viewing my images and your comments
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  • Seedhead by KazG

    Thank you
    • 27 Feb 2023 10:10AM
  • A view in Scotland by KazG

    Was I dark imagesso did some lighning and put through nik effects and adjusted colurin hie and saturation. Would like cc on the overall images compersition sharpness etc. Thank you
    • 7 Aug 2021 3:46PM
  • Dying Tulip by KazG

    Not sure why there is a black line on top either may be it is something that was part of background I should have croped out will have to look at original file and did not notice .
    • 8 Apr 2021 10:45AM
  • My Turn. by WesternRed

    A beautifull image
    • 7 Nov 2018 12:08AM