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  • Posted on: Ricoh Caplio GX100

    The price - you can still pay about £400 for a GX-100 with viewfinder - but mine came from a UK dealer, £329 including VAT, next day delivery, viewfinder, and 1G sd card - in Feb 2008.
    • 23 Feb 2008 2:03PM
  • Posted on: Ricoh Caplio GX100

    Quote:good for those of you who don't care what a camera looks like.
    eh what ? it looks neat, high quality, functional. Couldn't ask for better.

    Quote:in a bizarre twist, Ricoh have fitted the battery bay with AAA capability which is a good idea
    I don't see it as bizarre, certainly is a good idea, quite logical, if the tiny camera is taken travelling on location where recharging or extra DB60 aren't available, but blagging some AAA may well be.

    Quote:I cannot understand the lack of shutter priority or the small zoom
    Shutter priority would be nice.
    The small zoom isn't a problem. Lens quality, and specifically wide angle, is what counts here, zoom ability is icing on the cake. Generally, primes are best, long zooms are worst, so a short zoom is a good compromise on a camera intended for photographers.
    • 23 Feb 2008 1:56PM
  • Posted on: ILFORD Photo up to speed

    Just so long as they get some developer out.
    The guys at my local LCE are getting nervy at all the enquiries - they don't expect to keep the first lot of stock very long.
    • 20 Jun 2005 3:46AM

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