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keith selmes

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  • I Know I'm Handsome!

    Now that is good.
    Very ordinary subject, extraordinary treatment.
    • 6 Mar 2004 10:36PM
  • Fort William

    good composition
    • 13 Mar 2004 5:45PM
  • Prairie Fire

    Thats pretty real.
    • 5 Mar 2004 6:53PM
  • Horse Show

    I don't like it that much as a photo, but there's a lot going on in there.
    If I took one like this, most people I showed it to would be uninterested, but I'm sure one person I know would take a deep interest and we'd have a long discussion about the tack, posture, horse, what they are doing etc.etc.
    It might illustrate an article or a newsletter. I think its a specialist horsey persons photo rather than a general photographers photo. It should be a great family souvenir.
    (And obviously it got me thinking and typing!)
    • 5 Mar 2004 7:23PM
  • Maranta

    yes, one way of putting it. curves and corners, light and dark.
    • 5 Mar 2004 8:48PM
  • A September morning

    • 5 Apr 2004 6:51PM
  • A Winter Sunrise

    shooting through the tree really works.
    • 5 Apr 2004 6:45PM
  • Biggar

    I like trees on a skyline.
    Nice colours too.
    • 22 Feb 2004 9:17PM
  • Woodland

    Thank you all for the kind remarks.
    Magda, romantic is fine, I hadn't thought of it like that, but you are quite right.

    People who like contrast, thats an interesting thought. Contrast has actually been a problem at that location, in the dappled sunlight, and the only decent frames I've had from there are with the old Rollie and its low contrast lens. There are several frames from the same roll with slightly different lighting and exposure, each giving a different look and feel, but this is the one I like best.
    People who've seen prints, and really like it, probably wouldn't appreciate punching it up, but I'll give it some thought.
    • 22 Feb 2004 9:13PM
  • Horse Show

    Having seen one horse show pic, had to come to the portflio.
    Like this one better - more lively.
    The low resolution here makes it hard to assess, but there seems to be some blur in the feathers etc., which is good. Pity about losing a foot, and I might have tried cropping to improve balance in composition. Difficult though with this kind of arena situation, and seems a good moment to shoot, light about right, rider looking toward the camera, lots going on.
    Brings back memories of the riding school!
    • 5 Mar 2004 7:38PM
  • March!

    made me smile. dunno if it was meant to. earnest young faces,whizzin' arms and feet. Must be the very light infantry!
    • 11 Feb 2004 10:42PM
  • Water Rainbow

    I like this kind of damp bricks/cobbles and concrete thing, and light on water - but it is the oily rainbow that makes a picture ofit.
    • 11 Feb 2004 9:52PM
  • Boscombe Pier

    Very striking. Do I like it ? Not really sure.
    But it caught my eye. very interesting.
    Not my thing usually but hmmm...
    Could have a convert here ...
    • 11 Feb 2004 9:57PM
  • sisters

    Like that effect. Neat.
    really good.
    • 11 Feb 2004 9:37PM
  • 17012004-Tarr Steps

    Kind of laid back. Smooth.
    Grey on grey.
    • 22 Feb 2004 6:39PM
  • Corgarff Castle

    Foreground, midground, background, all different, nicely balanced.
    Square brick of a building against winding undulating background.
    Soft tree in warm light below, high cold barren hills behind.
    Turning me into an art critic!
    • 8 Mar 2004 11:05AM
  • Turbines

    good light, good composition. I've never seen turbines look like this.
    • 13 Feb 2004 7:25PM
  • candlelit

    marvellous, lighting, balance, exposure.
    and some credit due the sitter!
    • 28 Feb 2004 4:43PM
  • WRC Focus

    I think the other car shots would appeal to people who really like cars badly, which I don't.
    This one is different, it has a real sense of speed. Looks like the car is pretty sharp, but the background is whizzing by, and the wheel spokes are whirring too, which is a really good touch.
    It isn't that easy to do this.
    • 18 Mar 2004 6:58PM
  • Break, Break, Break

    Caught the moment. I expect lots of people have done one almost like it, but its a nice clean example.
    • 26 May 2005 2:03AM
  • evening

    Brill. Warm and timeless. Nice idea with the candle. Don't think the backdrop creases are harmful - some slight irregularity back there adds to the mystery of shadows. maybe.
    • 11 Feb 2004 10:26PM
  • Arms and legs

    weird shot!
    But neil hasn't been back since the week he posted these images ?
    • 26 May 2005 2:08AM
  • The Shrine.

    Hard to critique because it is spot on - composition, i.e. placement of objects, compementary colours, brill.
    • 8 Mar 2006 1:02AM
  • Mist in the Troodos

    I don't like the colour. Unusually I took the liberty of downloading and fooling with this.
    I prefer it lighter, especially the foreground, so there is more texture and body to the rock, and less silhouette, colour almost greyscale, with a slight tint of blue, and maybe the little distracting tree on the left cropped off.
    • 22 Sep 2005 2:04AM
  • fleeting moment

    Well, thats been here a long time with no comment.
    I find it intriguing.
    • 3 Mar 2004 9:06AM
  • RAF Red Devil

    Caught the moment beautifully, but the colours look pretty ghastly. Not sure why.
    • 26 May 2005 2:01AM