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A quick view of keith47's recent activity.

  • What am I

    Thanks Sylvia and Gemma.
    • 30 Jul 2011 8:22PM
  • The Canal At Arley

    Glad to be number 30. great photo.
    • 28 Dec 2010 11:02PM
  • Foxy

    Hi all and thanks for commenting......these were really just snapshots with very little time to set camera up etc and I was not sure just how 'friendly' this little chap was.......will keep an eye out now and see if he comes back, maybe then try to get a closer shot and a slightly better focus.
    • 27 Oct 2010 9:01PM
  • Luisa 1

    Hey Julie, great shot. Can't wait for the next one!!
    • 27 Oct 2010 12:10AM
  • Cheeky !

    Hi Dave, Not been on this site for a while but thought I recognised this as I flicked through the thumbnails......really like this and it deserves a lot more attention than it is getting on here at the moment!!
    • 10 Oct 2010 11:45PM
  • Eye Opener

    Brilliant........but makes me feel a little queezy......well thought of and original.
    • 3 Aug 2010 6:35PM
  • The greatest ever ???

    Nicely panned shot, as you say you have to admire the man even if not a fan......must have been running short of cash to want to get back into it!
    • 10 Jun 2010 10:13PM
  • Hi John,
    Some lovely work in your PF, like the way you frame shots top and bottom, very effective and eye catching.

    • Posted on jken's profile
    • 5 Oct 2006 8:52AM
  • Hi Stephen, would like to thank ou for the critique you left on my 'greenfinches' shot, I can see what you mean about the background being messy. I appreciate any help I can get to improve a hobby that has become an obsession.
    Once again many thanks.
    • Posted on Tooth's profile
    • 24 Mar 2007 9:37PM
  • Hi Heather, you have some great photos in you protfolio.
  • Your portfolio is full of the kind of photos I wish I could take. Wonderful, maybe one day I will reach this standard.
    • Posted on chinny's profile
    • 3 Sep 2006 10:28PM
  • Like the portfolio, some very good shots here of varying subjects, gives me an incentive to see shots like these.
  • Thanks for your critique, have added a reply so any further help would be welcomed, Have taken a good look at yout pf and website, you have quality work on both, will have to look at more in detail as I feel I could learn a lot from you.
  • You have superb shots in your portfolio, I think I could learn a lot about set up by looking at them. Thanks for sharing them with us all.
  • Hi Heather, you have some great photos in you portfolio.
  • After seeing your latest offering, I just had to take a look at your portfolio, it is superb, I do like your montages.
    • Posted on davidhu's profile
    • 22 Sep 2006 11:38AM
  • Hi and thanks for your comment on my moon shot, I only did them to experiment with my camera but was suprised at the outcome, very pleasing when it goes right.Your portfolio is very good, nothing wrong with your technique, and as far as your english goes, stop apologising, I wish I could speak another language, let alone write it!!