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There is nothing left to see or hear.
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  • Street Photography

    Another old blog entry from my Northscape Blogscape Pages The Before We Begin Guide to Street Photography Before we begin you will need some very specific equipment. 1. A Camera Ė ideally a Leica M8 or Olympus Pen. Bulky SLR users must be ...

    26 Apr 2011 12:56PM | Read


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    Another old but very, very popular blog from the Northscape Blog. This one both amused and upset in almost equal measure - so enjoy or not, as the case may be. THE BEFORE WE BEGIN GUIDE TO GREAT LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY Before we begin Iím going t...

    16 Nov 2010 7:53AM | Read


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  • The World is very Flat....and very saturated

    Landscape is one of those genres of photography that attracts dedicated followers, dedicated in that they put all their time into doing very little else. Itís easy of course to see why this particular category should be a magnet for so many. Itís rel...

    20 Oct 2010 8:29AM | Read


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  • All Change

    There is little doubt that Professional Photography, as people have come to define or imagine it, has changed and that change has been rapid. Itís not that we donít want or need photography, it is simply that the way it is used, created and accessed...

    4 Oct 2010 10:32AM | Read


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