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keithh's Portfolio.




strokebloke Plus
10 493 17 England
15 Dec 2015 12:26PM
I like you portfolio and envy you your website. Thanks for you comments - I can learn a lot from folks like yourself Smile

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A very interesting and imaginative portfolio. I love Still Life and admire your creativity and skill, but I must confess that I find your imagery a little macabre! Best regards, Eileen
Hoffy Plus
14 262 16 England
26 Mar 2015 8:17PM
Just spent an enjoyable 20 mins going through your portfolio of images, some minor mistakes here and there, but what a wonderful imagination and concept of an image. Wonderful tonal control and really great to view. Keep it up. Paul
Chris_L Plus
5 5.0k United Kingdom
15 Sep 2014 6:53PM
You're getting there - few more years and you'll have this photo-taking malarkey nailed Grin
A beautiful and varied collection of images which make up a very impressive pf, the still life images are beautifully composed, executed and packed with interest. I will look forward to seeing more of your work.
ColleenA Plus
6 389 6 Australia
12 Oct 2013 3:24PM
You have an amazing pf...your still life images are a work of art...excellent photography
13 Mar 2013 2:53PM
An amazing PF. The landscapes are just superb. I can only dream of achieving such masterpieces. I also like your recent still life uploads. Very appealing
14 Feb 2012 11:52PM
Lovely varied pf Keith.

23 Nov 2011 8:04PM
large beautiful p/f with many gorgeous landscapes. very nice diverse splendid collection of fantastic photos.
enjoyed your incredible photo,s tremendously . looking forward yo many more.
Mynett Plus
10 142 6 United Kingdom
27 Oct 2009 8:27PM
great work - full of inspiration

17 Mar 2009 10:11AM
shh don't tell anyone but your still my favourite lol.

13 Oct 2008 1:04PM
Terrific work that is a pleasure to view.

linda63 Plus
11 68 Wales
21 Sep 2008 3:08PM
Happened across your PF. I wish l was as good as you, one day maybe. Linda
5 Mar 2008 10:32AM
Superb portfolio.
kaybee Plus
14 6.2k 26 Scotland
29 Feb 2008 10:59AM
I hate looking at your portfolio................I always feel that I sould go and sell my gear aftewards

olbell 11 47 1 England
19 Feb 2008 6:18PM
A stunning gallery Keith. All your work is a pleasure to view, really like you seascapes! Well done.

Rgds Ollie
clur Plus
11 12 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2008 5:57PM
What a great pf you have,
Nick_w Plus
11 4.3k 99 England
27 Nov 2007 11:55PM
Not bad I suppose.. Seriously splendid PF great inspiration and a pretty fine tutor too.
17 Sep 2007 10:00AM
Amazing portfolio of shots Keith, thanks for the help on the Northscape Whitby weekend. Something to aspire to.
sherlob Plus
12 3.0k 129 United Kingdom
11 Sep 2007 11:06PM

Just caught up with your PF. I know you here it time and again - but this is just inspirational.


DEZ44 Plus
11 2 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2007 6:00AM
Top notch portfolio.
I dont realy make PF's i made 4 to be excat in the 1 years i been here. But your PF deserf it i reckon. You got ALMOST only got picture's that i find apeling, and what a cool job you got! im so jealus

jaspernina Plus
11 1.0k Wales
24 Jul 2007 5:40PM
You have a great varied PF, really admire your work.

Maddie Plus
13 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2007 7:10PM
I always wanted to get in your good books, didnt take me long!! Thanks for showing me how, always x
11 May 2007 10:22AM
Just discovered your PF.What a fantastic set of railway pic's !!!!!!!. Would make a great book. IMHO.
Alison_S Plus
13 339 United Kingdom
2 May 2007 10:37AM
Amazing work......just brilliant.

JennB Plus
11 60 1 United Kingdom
1 May 2007 10:07PM
Stunning work. There are pros and then there are people like you. Only joined recently and very addicted - its made me very critical of my images! Anyway just wanted to say that your stuff is fantastic.Smile
Jenn x
26 Apr 2007 10:38AM
Hi Keith,

love the steam trains! Reminds me not to forget my camera when I go out again as I missed just such an opportunity a few weeks ago when a lovely steam train came to a stop in York station.

The Borthwick institute has indeed moved into the University Library.

26 Mar 2007 10:06PM
Led to your pf by the click on my photo - what a discovery!
I shall be returning again and again to your shots for inspiration Rgds Rob
28 Feb 2007 9:00PM
I wonder, have you considered taking this photography up semi-professionally? ;o)
iancatch Plus
12 4 45 England
27 Feb 2007 10:11PM
Super portfolio - love the HDR work - just started to dabble myself with some HDR images of Ingleton Falls.
Badger Plus
16 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
23 Jan 2007 9:51PM
See that you're still tossing out the same old rubbish... Wink

Hope you're well.
16 Nov 2006 12:24AM
Just had a look through your latest work. As always, superb images. A visual treat.
All the best,
newfocus Plus
12 647 2 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2006 7:34PM
Hi Keith,

I know I'm not the first to say it, but your railway shots you've been doing are a real inspiration. The combination of the industrial power and real human feel to the shots you've captured is fantastic.

pamelajean Plus
12 1.1k 2058 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2006 11:18PM
A superior portfolio, worth another visit, so see you again soon.
Jay44 13 1.4k Wales
2 Sep 2006 7:56PM
Hi Keith.

Your portfolio is amazing, especially the landscapes!

12 Aug 2006 7:25PM
Really enjoyed my visit to catch up on your latest work. A pleasure to view as always.
wamp Plus
12 276 8 England
2 Aug 2006 7:58PM
Super pf - very well worth the time to look though. Sean
27 Jul 2006 9:51PM
WOW you have an absolutely stunning portfolio.......Off to sell my gear and take up chess>>>>>>>>>>>
25 Jul 2006 3:33PM
12 Jul 2006 10:01PM
Not really much I can add to the above comments Keith - your PF is outstanding - John
tomcat Plus
13 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
27 Jun 2006 7:57PM
Typical that one always misses what is staring one in the face...Just been browsing through your PF Keith... mainly looking at the Derbyshire images(My birthplace and home on and off for a good number of years)
Commercial you maybe...blase you ain't
Your expertise and dedication are second to none
Truly the work of an artist

culturedcanvas Plus
13 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
5 Jun 2006 3:05AM
Fabulous portfolio .. excellent work throughout ...
17 May 2006 6:56AM
You've got thee most best portfolio around here! That simple!
One word...WOW..
26 Apr 2006 12:54AM
Hi Kieth,
Just been perusing your portfolio and yuor work is fantastic, it gives us somthing to strive towards.
15 Apr 2006 11:32AM
Fab PF well done.
SuziBlue Plus
16 16.2k 10 Scotland
13 Apr 2006 9:07AM
For all the encouragement when trying new things, advice when struggling, wit, fun, and good humour, incredible generosity and rabbits magicked from hats - a big thank you and bags of appreciation. 8-]

Top blawk ;-] and some damn fine pics.
4 Apr 2006 12:19AM
Hi Keith,
Thanx for the comment, I like your work very much.
Have a look at my other pics and please comment on them.

Cheers Hes Mundt
IanO Plus
16 195 Scotland
15 Mar 2006 4:04AM
A great portfolio, and a really nice guy to boot. Gave a cracking talk at Focus a couple of weeks ago, inspirational.

11 Mar 2006 12:37PM
I 'spose I had to to this at some point, so here goes...

...Keith's pictures are really, really good!

riprap007 Plus
14 1.6k 37 England
8 Mar 2006 5:14AM
top notch with every post!
8 Feb 2006 2:57AM
Hi Keith
Your portfolio is amazing
Thanks for the comment
30 Jan 2006 12:32PM
Inspirational photography, an incisive whit and an all round good egg.

24 Jan 2006 11:29AM
Absolutly wonderfull portfolio..I like them all.

kit-monster Plus
15 3.7k 2 Singapore
23 Jan 2006 12:27PM
Happy New Year . . . have I misssed anything?

Nice pics btw . . . Lol!
daviewat Plus
15 4.1k Scotland
22 Jan 2006 7:29AM
Better stick a praise comment here before the poor server runs out of space.

Masterfull images but always a pure joy to follow your forum comments so informative and well explained.

Hopefully see you in 2006 Smile)

Always a Pleasure viewing your shots, Keith!
Suzan Smile
ValSaxby Plus
13 146 United Kingdom
5 Jan 2006 7:49AM
A truely beautiful portfolio.
deviant Plus
14 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2006 11:00AM
Using the same theory I have taken my pad and pencil am now drawing a picture of a 16-35mm L lens to give to Keith.
2 Jan 2006 10:09AM
I found Keith wandering around on a beach. I gave him a pad and a pencil and he drew me an picture of a camera. I gave him my piece and he began to take some incredible photos.

A truly amazing story.
paulcr Plus
14 1.5k 9 Ireland
2 Jan 2006 8:59AM
Hi Keith. Love that banner. Happy new year to you. PAul
wotashot Plus
15 2.2k
2 Jan 2006 7:20AM
Top bloke, very generous, trusting, funny (in a good way), and takes a cracking lightening photo. Some good tennis shots in there too (you know which one im talking about Wink)

Respect to the man,

All the best for 2006 and I hope to see you soon,

stevieb Plus
14 3.0k 2 Panama
30 Dec 2005 5:43AM
He's good at making me spend money on kit...all I need now is a pinch of his talent.
Big Bri Plus
17 16.5k United Kingdom
27 Dec 2005 6:29AM
The best thing to come out of Donny since.... Jeremy Clarkson.

User_Removed 13 279
22 Dec 2005 8:06AM
Your ability to produce consistantly high standards, your professionalism and the mastership of your subject I admire enormously.
Have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Best wishes, Simon.
paulstefan Plus
14 509 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2005 9:12AM
I'm only commenting on 2 member's portfolios, Keith - and yours is one of them. For me your work is the benchmark for all that is important to me in photography - quality, composition, light and quality. Thanks for inspiring so much.
17 Dec 2005 10:18AM
Well done that man.
MoWiz Plus
13 114 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2005 2:09AM
A true professional who never fails to stun (maybe with the exception of that shot of the ball boys hairy legs).
Outstanding work shot after shot, Photography at its absolute Best!!
(thats got to be worth a complimentary print;p )
Thanks for sharing mate
Kris_Dutson Plus
16 8.2k 1 England
15 Dec 2005 6:03AM
Thanks for the inspiration, critique and advice Keith, and for giving me the guts to be honest with my own work.

digicammad Plus
15 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
15 Dec 2005 3:36AM
I taught him all he knows.

Oh wait, I never could get those 1st person and 3rd person tnings right.
cdm36 Plus
15 391 7 England
14 Dec 2005 10:55PM
One of the good un's, images that inspire, willing to offer advice and not afraid to have a laugh, Nice one Keith!!!!
Kim Walton Plus
15 145 30 United Kingdom
14 Dec 2005 1:19AM
A Master,with Portfolio to match!
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
13 Dec 2005 8:11AM
Keith's landscapes are awesome and his sports images capture the moment perfectly. I even saw a poster for a sofa advert a few months ago where he'd applied his unique landscape style to replace the usual bright white out treatment and, wow, did it look good. Keith's highly respected by ePHOTOzine and our members as a true professional, who goes out of his way to offer advice and encouragement to newcomers and regulars.
lobsterboy Plus
15 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 10:49AM
Inspirational quality landscape work and a strange obsession with settees...marvellous
old timer Plus
14 55 1 Scotland
9 Dec 2005 8:50AM
You are without doubt, Keith, one of the foremost landscape photographers on this site, your work shouting 'professionalism' from the rooftops. Both you and Andy have inspired me to make some inroads into this branch of photography which up until now has been pretty much a closed book to me.
ljesmith Plus
14 1.1k United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 12:14AM
Not bad. Not bad at all.

conrad Plus
14 10.9k 116
9 Dec 2005 12:03AM
I just want to say that there really are no words to describe the quality of the photos in your portfolio - terms like "brilliant" and "wonderful" just don't cover it. It's one of the reasons I often just look at your photos and don't comment, because I simply don't know how to describe my awe and wonderment...

8 Dec 2005 6:50AM
Your knowledge of your subjects is inspiring in itself. You are a true professional, something which your images shout out through their consistence and quality. Your kindness and the time you take to offer advice or words of encouragement to others speaks volumes about your character.
You have a unique style and it's always easy to spot your work, normally because the thumbnail jumps off the screen.
You push people to do better, and I for one appreciate that.
Hope to see much more.
Chris Wink
IanFlindt Plus
14 740 21 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2005 8:19AM
If there was a law against being a consistently inspiring and exceptional landscape photographer who's not afraid to assist and advise, then Keith would be serving life (with his colleague-in-crime resident in the cell next door). A master of the art with a wicked sense of humour.
7 Dec 2005 5:10AM
Your work's always an inspiration Keith.
Thanks for sharing it with us all.

7 Dec 2005 4:43AM
You are the sole reason I dont do landscapes Wink Quality through and through. K.
User_Removed 13 279
7 Dec 2005 3:04AM
Outstanding professional work Keith. You've almost made me think about taking photos of landscapes Wink
Best wishes, Simon
TeresaH Plus
13 1.1k United Kingdom
7 Dec 2005 12:23AM
Ditto Ditto Ditto. And thanks also for all the helpful comments and advice in the Forums.

Teresa Smile
pfheyes Plus
14 254 1 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2005 9:23PM
I think it's all been said - not only is he an inspirational landscape photographer (as well as studio photographer etc. etc.), he makes time to lend a hand, answer questions, and generally be an all round good bleurk.

Rob_Taylor Plus
14 661 5 Wales
6 Dec 2005 1:14PM
Wonderful work ....always inspiring.
Boyd Plus
15 11.2k 11 Wales
6 Dec 2005 11:13AM
Trouble is, he's giving away so much of his knowledge, he's now forgotten where he lives and the correct procedure for going to the toilet.
Although that could be just down to his age.
I think many of us novice photographers owe Keith a debt of gratitude not only for his inspirational pictures but for his generously given knowledge as well.

edrhodes Plus
13 547 12 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2005 10:11AM
Just a simple thanks, for your help Keith.

flossie Plus
15 1.6k
6 Dec 2005 9:59AM
Inspiring ...and such a nice bloke!
kinfatric Plus
14 550 9 Scotland
6 Dec 2005 8:07AM
An inspiring and successful photographer who gives some of his time to us all
future Plus
14 153
5 Dec 2005 10:20PM
The reason I decided to take landscapes....Wink
claret Plus
14 49 England
4 Dec 2005 11:10PM
Not bad for a Yorkshireman. Talent a plenty and puts it to good use. One of the first portfolios I check each day.
ojjo Plus
14 10
4 Dec 2005 12:55PM
by far the best photographer on EPZ

MarkT Plus
14 119 2 England
4 Dec 2005 5:55AM
The best portfolio on this site and agree totally with Patrick.

funkeldink Plus
15 1.6k 1 Australia
4 Dec 2005 2:34AM
nice shots
......................................................................................... shame about the face
Pete_g Plus
14 327 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2005 9:23AM
Always inspirational, and one of my favourites ever since joining this site. Thanks for all the helpful advice along the way also.

PatrickSmith Plus
14 1.2k 2 United States
2 Dec 2005 7:53AM
Keith, from you I have learned that taking a truly good photograph takes an incredible amount of experience, timing, thought, patience and heart. You give it your all and that inspires me.
angej Plus
14 479 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2005 4:41AM
Love your work Keith, very inspiring.
lobsterboy Plus
15 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2005 4:19AM
A great place to see how it should be done.
2 Dec 2005 3:41AM
The master of atmospheric Landscapes
KathyW Plus
15 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
1 Dec 2005 12:55PM
Yes, these landscapes are a bit good...
Boyd Plus
15 11.2k 11 Wales
1 Dec 2005 8:46AM
Got to agree - a lot of talent there, but I just love him because he's my dad.
LAF Plus
15 1.7k
1 Dec 2005 7:46AM
He's madder than a bag of fish, but you have to admit the old chap's got talent.

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