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Professionel photographer since 2015. Full time since 2017.
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As a photographer I aim to tell a story about life as I see it through my lens. My works balances somewhere between reality and fantasy.
Over the years I have tried to define what kind of photographer I am and I have come to the conclusion that what I look for is not to be put into a specific photographic category as much as it is the feeling you and I gain from looking at a certain photo.
A picture does not need to be beautiful - it needs only to make you feel something.
Feelings are many and I hope that you sense the calm, ease, thankfulness and tribute to life that I had inside me when doing these pictures that I here present on my website.
Essence photography is about feeling life through your senses and not so much your intellect. I hope you feel something when looking through my work...


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    Denmark Denmark
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    Semi Pro
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    Portraits / People
    Specialist / Abstract
    Digitally manipulated
    Black & White
    Digital Art
    Wedding / Social
    Street Photography
    Night / Low Light
  • Favourites

    Astrid Kruuse Jensen, Annie Leibovitz