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hi I am very happy to join this friendly forum, a bit different from DP.
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  • Posted on: Canon Powershot G5 X Review

    to be honest 1fps raw aint going to be and issue for the potential buyer of this camera. whats the point in it?
    you can get a LX100, a X-T10, rico GR11, and many other real cameras with larger sensors for the same price and cheaper.
    if a tiny 1in sensor rocks your boat. then the original RX100 can be had for less than half the price. so i think anyone who purchases one of these probably has know idea what a raw file is.Tongue
    • 5 Jan 2016 6:06PM
  • Posted on: New Technology Automatically Detects And Removes Distracting Objects From Images

    will this remove my wife from my photo,s ?
    • 5 Sep 2015 8:32AM
  • Posted on: Ricoh GR II Review

    Quote:Highly recommended. Outperforms anything close to its price. Easily fits in a small pocket, fast, and shoots in very low light. Perfect for street shots at night, excellent native mono. Uses the same Sony 16Mp sensor from the Nikon D5200, and the Fuji Xtrans, so its a know great performer.

    It does have an odd colour balance, easily corrected. It does however seem to favour b&w shooting as it is. Shoots RAW and JPEG simultaneously if selected. Will NOT shoot a jpeg with RAW unless its selected, so the preview shot is a very small file simply for previewing, and wont perform well zoomed in.

    its not the same as the fuji xtrans sensor, but your correct as far as the nikon sensor goes.
    • 14 Aug 2015 1:03PM
  • Posted on: Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

    yeh rightGrin
    • 18 Jul 2015 1:07PM
  • Posted on: Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) Review

    I would be interested to see a comparison with the X Pro1 B&W out of camera images, I cant see the Leica justifying the price difference.
    • 24 Jun 2015 2:23PM

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