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A quick view of ketch's recent activity.

  • Sparrow

    What a stunning image - and such a beautifully muted colour-way . My first comment on EPZ for ages so I think this must be special.
    • 5 Nov 2015 11:13PM
  • Pebbles

    Works for me - like the POV and the DOF lovely close calmness and like the contrast with the BG slightly stormy feel.
    • 16 Aug 2013 11:20AM
  • History incorporated

    A very clever and well worked out image - nice work


    • 16 Aug 2013 11:17AM
  • Welcome home

    Quite superb - I am enchanted by the image and its enigmatic title. Magical image.


    • 16 Aug 2013 11:15AM
  • Lotte

    What a stunning image - not sure what the brief was (just a portrait?) but this is lovely. Just a niggling observation the portrait has a beautiful 'old world' charm - the lattice leaded windows and the girls dress and her look, all add to this - but her finger nails are too modern (I think)!!


    • 16 Aug 2013 11:10AM
  • A walk along the coastel path

    Yes I agree with Salopian - there is a softness to the image that isn't really helpful. I think the overall composition can be helped by cropping using the lovely meandering fencing that echo's the coastline in the distance as your lead in - this makes the image much stronger visually (it leads the eye through the landscape).

    I would leave lots of headroom so think about your rule of thirds here (rules are made to be broken but this is a case where I think it applies).

    But I see that Salopians mod flouts the rule and sets the horizon pretty much mid way - not sure about this feels a little uneasy perhaps. I have tried to mod to about one third.

    Salopian is also on the money with the slightly skew horizon - with seascapes this always has to be right (you can often get away with it in landscape photographs).

    Dust bunnies everywhere - chect out the forums for discussions on teh best way to clean your lens.

    Lovely bringht, fresh feeling is conveyed by the image - a delight.



    PS: Coastal would be better!! (but my spelling is terrible!!)
    • 16 Aug 2013 11:01AM
  • Window display

    Not sure you should be complemeneted on the composition but certainly it was well spotted and beautifuly framed so vote for those. A good eye - and as above the perfect amount of reflection from the houses over the road - frames within frames - nice stuff...
    • 9 Aug 2012 10:27AM
  • Hi Linda

    I am not going to click on your individual images (you get so many anyway!!) but I have just been looking at your PF first time for ages -and I really think you have developed as a landscape photographer it is really quite impressive. Don't get me wrong the other stuff is good but your work on landscapes is for me really getting there.

    Its done my heart good to refresh it with some of fantastic images - life affirming stuff - keep it up.

    Robert x
    • Posted on Mynett's profile
    • 17 Jul 2010 11:41AM
  • This is a very thoughtful and really rather beautiful PF - OK John so you are a Canon fan but you can't get everything right!!!.

    This is an beautiful and honest PF and I like it very much indeed - good work.

  • Hi Stella

    I haven't called in to see your PF for awhile - there are some really super shots here - colourful and great variety (and no signs of your sponsor anywhere - bit disapointed about that). I have really enjoyed have a look - so thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes

    • Posted on Artois's profile
    • 23 Dec 2008 12:37PM
  • What a beautiful PF - some real crackers here - lovely images all.

  • Fantastic disctinctive feel to your photography - which I think is the hardest thing to acheive and you do it superbly.

    A quite wonderful pf

  • Hi Di

    I have been missing your stuff for a couple of weeks so thought I would drop by - I have never commented on you pf - so I thought I would make ammends by doing so - especially after your last Sun series which were especially beautiful - still very much your style but particularly engaging.

    You do indeed have some wonderful and truly impressive images in your pf - a joy to view.

    Best wishes

    • Posted on dianah's profile
    • 26 Aug 2008 8:16AM
  • Wow your pf is enchanting and beautiful - It has been a pleasure dropping by and I look forward to seeing more.


    • Posted on kitsch's profile
    • 12 Aug 2008 10:49PM
  • Sucha glorious and sensitive feel for the landscape but when you do go 'off piste' it is still bloody impressive. An enchanting and really impressive pf.
  • What very beautiful photographs - they really are consistenly of the highest quality - such an impressive pf.
    • Posted on Grimm's profile
    • 9 May 2008 10:25PM
  • Thank you so much for drawing my attention to your work - these images are really very lovely indeed and I think you must be a fellow traveller.

    Meticulous landscapes and superb appreciation of natural history - such a good eye. I have resisted clicking individual images because all your work is imo superb. I am so glad I called by.