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  • My dear wife Carrie and I have just been a week in our new house, 'The Laurels', Brickfield Terrace, Holloway - a nice six - roomed residence, not counting the basement, with a front breakfast - parlour.
  • It was an intoxicating mix, both visually stimulating and completely free from odour, that it seemed to radiate a pale green luminescence blew his brains away...
  • I have worked in the voluntary sector almost all my life (also called Charity sector or sometimes even 'Not For Profit' or NGO's). And charity is I think really important - in this country it provides an alternative to the government machine, sometimes it gives a voice to those who are being badly served by the world of business and central or local government.

    But the OP wanted to know firstly if charity begins at home - I recon it has to - but it doesn't or rather shouldn't end at home.

    It is never ever worth getting involved in a sort of horse trade of which charitable cause is the best - who can say if RNLI is better than NSPCC or if Oxfam do better stuff than National Trust, are Breakthrough Breast Cancer a better cause than Cancer Research UK (because they have less money or is it the other way around because they can afford to do more research)?

    It has to be a matter of personal preference like anything else we buy, its no different really - we are buying into a cause that we feel is important. And of course that stretches to our right not to give at all.

    I don't give on the High Street to 'chuggers' personally I think it is a crass way of getting people to give - but it works (they just wouldn't do it otherwise) - I give to various charities I support because if I didn't and others like me didn't then these organisations would cease to exist and that would mean someone's need and distress would go unmet. That doesn't sound like the sort of place I would like to live to be honest.

  • Nobody believed Barney when he said he had discovered a boy living wild in the dump. But for Barney, Stig was totally real.
  • Take her down to 60 metres midshipman and don't spare the seahorses - grinned the gap toothed skipper - we're going hunting.
  • Good so its nothing to do with my end ... ?
  • I think any image that has been worked rather than simply snapped. What do I mean by 'worked' its something I think to do with intent and also an image that conveys some feeling and impression.

    It could be an over cooked HDR of a bird on a stick above a waterfall with some pebbles in the fg (the bird could be wearing a gas mask BTW) just so long as it conveys some feeling - brilliant work - nice light.

  • Bloody perfectly shot landscapes with bloody pebbles in the fg, seascapes with bloody pebbles in the fg, readers wives shots with bloddy pebbles in the fg, bloody gas masks, digitally enhanced gas masks, wildlife shots taken in a zoo.

    Rant over, now where is the good therapy thread ...
  • What a bizarre thread ... Watson? Yes indeed Sherlock it seems to be shot through with a fine purple yarn made from the fleece of an Artic Lemur.
  • Its amazing - I have been around just as long and this is the first time i've seen this too. Is there something wrong with the way forums work I wonder?

    Remarkable new technology that will eventually transform the way we all capture images (but not how we take photographs - I guess). This is certainly something that is worth watching - but why have none of the big guys taken this up? The answer is simple, right at the moment their business plans are based on sales through established technology. If they throw everything up in the air with something so potentially groundbreaking who knows what will come down. Eventually one of them will break rank though (and it won't be one of the big two - too much to lose) and probably this year. In the meantime the Lytos (have I got that right?) team will reap what they can. Very interesting, wish I had heard about it earlier!!
  • Hi Mark - some nice uploads so far - but if you join EPZ as a paying member you need to remember that you receive the equivalent of one euro for each and every view of your uploads (regardless of clicks or votes). So a real incentive, although of course you can only upload one image each day, so if you are planning on making a living out of this you had better make each upload is a good'un.

    Now various site types such as 'mods' will try and tell you that this is just not the case - and they are probably correct but its a nice idea!!

    Like your uploads very much - will go and spread a few clicks over your pf.

  • Artic Butterfly - gets my vote too - not sure you need to be quite as diligent as Ade - I would have thought every four weeks or so (once the little dust bunnies have had a chance to multiply!!) would be good.

    It will of course wear away your sensor if you overuse it - NOT

    Of course there is always Brillo as suggested by Eviscera above. Or wet and dry sandpaper at about grade 140 but clingfilm and swarfega do not work!!!

  • Quote:So when a CEO takes over he has to do a 'due diligence' check on all dealings within that company lest he is then blamed for being complicit in them?

    Well that seems like quite a reasonable thing to expect and an equally reasonable thing to undertake too. I have had two or three jobs where I have been directly answerable to the board (one as a CEO) and each time I have been careful to check that there are no 'serious' skeletal structures lurking in the deeper recesses of the cupboard - its human nature, you don't want to get tarnished by someone else's sh*t do you.

    Mike - I think it may have been a freudian slip but Maxwell was an inspired misnaming (Radio 4 last week interesting half hour programme on him - what a crim!).


  • Quote:The truth is we are all hypocrites, when it suits we say well done, pat on the back. When it doesn't suit we want the heads of all and sundry.

    Woah there Nick - there really is no need to beat yourself up because of Mr Mud Rock (I think that was the OP's original name?) you know you are worth ten of him and I haven't even met you!!

    I think its more likely this sh*t happens when it suits the media and it don't happen when the media gets paid off.

    We live in a fairly crap world where the last few decent thoughts of social justice have just left the building and the pervasive new ideas of 'dog eat dog' have arrived and are bigging it up.

    As for being blamed for events that happened five years before he grabbed the tiller - well any 'due diligence' check when taking over such a role would have identified that something was not entirely right. That it took five years for him to do nothing suggests a certain level of complicity perhaps?
  • Yep it does
  • Wow stunning image, nice light, cool pov, great use of colour and something I could only ever aspire to in my wildest dreams. Gursky is a pure genius and there is little more to be added ... not!

    Its all about the artist (term used advisedly) and absolutely nothing to do with art - since when did an unmade bed or a pickled shark make art - they don't, they make money.

    The world of high art is much more to do with investment than things of interest, social comment or beauty - those things just get in the way in fact. So strip them out and get straight down to business - the image has no redeeming elements to get in the way of the cash nexus. There are people in this world who do actually need to get rid of money and wish to do it painlessly - what better way, you don't even need to draw on matters of taste and aesthetics.

    So this load of tosh will get stored away and its provenance will show that it has changed hands in 2011 for megadosh. Next time it appears it will be sold for even more - money usefully laundered and probably protected from the vaguaries of the stock and investment markets in turbulent times.

    Or maybe I am just missing the point and it really is fab???

  • Sounds convincing Mike although there is a difference between copyright and patent which should also be borne in mind.

    With the genome projects is it a fact that the processes to establish the code are protected by patent whilst the actual sequence is protected by copyright. We seem to be drifting into fairly technical areas here and I have to say that I defer to your knowledge.
  • Excellent response Mike and I am sure you are right, I have been guilty of lazy thinking.

    Dare I also suggest however that you have been a little guilty of lazy reading.

    Of course any CEO is guilty if they are found to have presided over unlawful activity within their company. In the examples you give, you suggest that a CEO can't possibly be guilty if a sales rep goes too far in securing a sale. Sorry I have to completely disagree the CEO is as guilty as the sale rep - there should be in place proper checks and balances to ensure that this does not happen and there are plenty of direct sales agencies that do exactly this (I know, I have worked for them in the past).

    Even the drink driving lorry driver who mows down a party of 15 school children and will carry the can and the prison conviction does not completely exonerate the CEO of that company from some degree of guilt. How was he allowed to be on the road - transport boss must be brought to book - you can see the Sun headlines (after a bit of hacking here and there no doubt!!)

    The key definition is not 'presides over illegal activity' it is sir 'some degree of guilt' and that is teh point I was trying and probably failing to make.

    Quote:Maxwell did not commit the offence so the analogy is invalid

    Mike this is an interesting diversion and I think you are trying to throw me off the scent!! What has Maxwell got to do with this (actually probably quite a bit I guess but where did he come from - I have checked the thread??).

    I think it is the 'degree of guilt' and the statement 'committing the crime' that hold the clue. For sure for many people Ms May has committed a crime, its not perhaps the one you had assumed at first.

    Her crime, I think, is indeed issuing instructions that were open to interpretation but it was also failing to accept any responsibility when things went wrong, failing to keep a check on a key department and leaving really sound senior civil servants out to dry merely to save her own skin. OK they are not all punishable crimes but for many people they are nevertheless crimes.

    Mike I don't think we are disagreeing on the basics at all, we may be departing on some of the detail - but hey such is the stuff of life (and the courts!!)

  • This is a cool thread and some excellent advice as long as you pick carefully!!

    It is worth noting a few ideas underpining the importance of copyright because it is a key part of all creative activity (usually restricted to human activity but I guess the IPR lawers would have fun with the photo taking chimp!!).

    Copyright bestowes on originators and creators a right and an incentive in the tangible form of recognition and in turn this helps them towards a fair and reasonable reward for their endeavour.

    Copyright (and other rights) ensures that works can be disseminated, without fear of 'legal' piracy and copying. This guarantee helps to increase access to and promote enjoyment of our culture and knowledge around the globe.

    This is why it is so important that the copyright remains with the originator by way of default and can only be sidestepped by virtue of a contract that states clearly that the rights of the originator are being ceeded to a second party.

    Copyright however cannot be applied to ideas, processes or mathmatical analysis - I believe.
  • If a senior executive officer of any organisation (and it doesn't make any difference how big or small it is - that has absolutely no bearing on culpability) presides over criminal activity within that company then he or she must be called and held to account.

    It is no defence to claim ignorance (you try that one with the traffic cops next time they stop you for speeding - 'I didn't know it was a 30 limit' just see how that one plays!!).

    If he/she didn't know about the activity then they are being derilict in their corporate duty for not ensuring sufficient checks and balances are in place to prevent illegal activity and if they did know then 'bang to rights'. The buck stops with the guy on the helm which seems to me, by any measure, to be the Mud Docks, old and new.

    The analogy with politicians is an excellent one - as we watch the teflon coated and highly fragrant Theresa May-Pole wriggle out the mire, high heels intact. She is the boss, she must carry the burden - but then the art of politics is to receive the praise with great gusto and completely avoid the brickbats by stammping ones well turned heel and claiming 'I didn't know'.

    Try telling that to the traffic cops!!

  • OK - how about organising one of the following:

    Race Night
    Casino Night
    Challenge (lie in a bath of baked beans/Hellmans mayo for 24 hours)
    Head, leg or whatever shave
    Quiz Night at your local (should always be good for about 200/300)

    But I really do like the idea of a car wash with some of the models who owe you a favour - that sounds like a quick way to raise 1k. Of course the degree of exposure will have a direct effect on the amount of money you raise (no I wasn't thinking that!!).

    Good luck

  • Who are you Naeva and what sort of photography do you like??

    I notice that you only joined the site yesterday so its perhaps a bit harsh to judge this site by the failings of others.

    Uploading a few images and experiencing feedback and critique might just help to inform your comments a little perhaps?

    You might then avoid comments such as those above - but right at the moment I would agree with Mikesavage 'It's just you'...
  • I should like to log a complaint about the quality of puns please...
  • Its a bit like cutting up all the stamps in a stamp album so they are all exactly the same size - it completely devalues each stamp but wow all those rows look so neat.

    This is an unbelievably crass idea - even the example Dave gives at the top of this thread contains at least three images that are not square (they need black bands to make them conform). So - no no no and please no.

    But would it be possible to have mouseover enlargements (a little like E bay) that would be quite cool - you could even make these only available to 'paid for' members - thats almost through the line stuff!!

    But please not little square boxes - maybe little ovals or how about keyhole shapes (sorry I am being facetious).

  • There's been a thread on this already.



  • Your recorded speaking voice sounds very different to your singing voice interesting. How about Martha's Vineyard ??

    Of course many of the very very early North American english speakers would have been from East Anglia (persecuted puritans) which almost certainly explains some of the elements of the West Virginia accent - that you tube flash of Tangier Island sounds to me very much like really broad Norfolk accents. Which is truly amazing given how many generations ago those settlers arrived and what has happened since then.

    Because many of the early settlers also took with them Devon and Cornish sailors (their last port of call before crossing the Atlantic) many of whom remained in the US thankful to have many a landfall after such a long journey, and 'not looking for'ad to the journey ome neither', my guess is that there is plenty of westcountry accent in there too.

    Smile Smile Smile
  • I had cheese on toast with red onions for lunch - I tell you those red onions know how to repeat!

    Thought this thread was interesting - mind you I don't know what the French is for Deja Vu!!!
  • The property will also have buildings and contents insurance, it will also be legally required to have employers and public liability insurance.

    That it (the hotel) leaves a vase worth over 20k in an unsecured position would almost certainly invalidate any claim it may make on its own insurance (which may be why they tried to go after somebody else - but it really isn't likely to be the photographer more likely to be the person who hired him).


  • Quote:The idea that if you use a digital image, just as it is out of the camera, it is the 'natural' picture - that is a delusion

    Interesting point CB and something that has not changed at all, it was just the same when we used film. It contained all the data but a roll of undeveloped film doesn't look much!! Wink

    The idea that using PSP and PS is somehow cheating really has lost currency, even over the last two years. I doubt that this sort of madcap pseudo purist stance is held by many anymore??

    Light blue touchpaper and retire ...