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  • Thunderstorm

    A very exciting set of images
    • 10 Jun 2018 10:17PM
  • Painted Lady

    Wow this is pretty special - first class library shot
    • 11 Nov 2016 9:37AM
  • Winter.

    I was drawn to this image but the red coat (is it a spot colour enhancement - my guess is its not) - it really makes this image rather special.
    • 11 Nov 2016 9:34AM

    First class capture (as always) sustained brilliance!
    • 11 Nov 2016 9:28AM
  • Sparrow

    What a stunning image - and such a beautifully muted colour-way . My first comment on EPZ for ages so I think this must be special.
    • 5 Nov 2015 11:13PM
  • Pebbles

    Works for me - like the POV and the DOF lovely close calmness and like the contrast with the BG slightly stormy feel.
    • 16 Aug 2013 11:20AM
  • History incorporated

    A very clever and well worked out image - nice work


    • 16 Aug 2013 11:17AM
  • Welcome home

    Quite superb - I am enchanted by the image and its enigmatic title. Magical image.


    • 16 Aug 2013 11:15AM
  • Lotte

    What a stunning image - not sure what the brief was (just a portrait?) but this is lovely. Just a niggling observation the portrait has a beautiful 'old world' charm - the lattice leaded windows and the girls dress and her look, all add to this - but her finger nails are too modern (I think)!!


    • 16 Aug 2013 11:10AM
  • A walk along the coastel path

    Yes I agree with Salopian - there is a softness to the image that isn't really helpful. I think the overall composition can be helped by cropping using the lovely meandering fencing that echo's the coastline in the distance as your lead in - this makes the image much stronger visually (it leads the eye through the landscape).

    I would leave lots of headroom so think about your rule of thirds here (rules are made to be broken but this is a case where I think it applies).

    But I see that Salopians mod flouts the rule and sets the horizon pretty much mid way - not sure about this feels a little uneasy perhaps. I have tried to mod to about one third.

    Salopian is also on the money with the slightly skew horizon - with seascapes this always has to be right (you can often get away with it in landscape photographs).

    Dust bunnies everywhere - chect out the forums for discussions on teh best way to clean your lens.

    Lovely bringht, fresh feeling is conveyed by the image - a delight.



    PS: Coastal would be better!! (but my spelling is terrible!!)
    • 16 Aug 2013 11:01AM
  • Window display

    Not sure you should be complemeneted on the composition but certainly it was well spotted and beautifuly framed so vote for those. A good eye - and as above the perfect amount of reflection from the houses over the road - frames within frames - nice stuff...
    • 9 Aug 2012 10:27AM
  • Nursery

    Umm - for me this is great narrative there is a story here and quite a scary one I would wager - the benevolent smile on the rolly toy hides an awful secret - and just what is the frieze all about?

    Great in monotone, a magic sense of forboding and fear - why am I reminded of the Genisis (an 80's prog rock band) album 'Nursery Crime'??

    Excellent work...
    • 9 Aug 2012 10:23AM
  • Dusk @ Glenveagh

    Its a great shot and I can appreciate its magnetic quality (been back to look at it a few times myself). I think it is something to do with the interplay between the two shapes tree and moon and also perhaps the hints of moonshadow along the ridge. A super image.
    • 8 Jan 2012 11:23AM
  • somethings under the bed

    It is engaging I would clone out the lines of her top (they are just too distracting) but everything else look good...
    • 3 Dec 2011 1:01AM
  • new power

    Cool shot - I think I would crop bottom up to lose the cars and distant lights otherwise nice image.
    • 3 Dec 2011 12:59AM
  • My Nanna

    Why have you uploaded this ??? It is a very personal image and maybe some interesting contrasts but really?

    Your other stuff is so much better...
    • 3 Dec 2011 12:58AM

    Superb storytelling still life - first class.
    • 11 Nov 2011 5:32PM

    Just spotted this beautiful series (from the Shepton Mallet antique thread) they are all superb and what a great collection of tat and ephemera, most excellent.
    • 11 Nov 2011 5:29PM

    Well cool - such an amazing sense of menance and the bg looks just as if there is some massive fire burning away - the two main faces look extremely anxious which is wonderful and really adds to the menace - the title tees up the image nicely and really starts the story telling process before the image is even seen.

    That it is raising heavily for me didn't really matter indeed it just makes the picture look grainy and slightly cinematic.

    The central link between teh man and then the bg fire or whatever it is - is beautifuly worked and makes this image intriguing.

    Lose the two faces rhs (hoodies?) to keep the attention on the two central characters - would be my only suggestion.
    • 3 Nov 2011 7:53PM
  • sunset orb spider

    What a very cool shot - the lighting is spot just enough to pick out the spider detail. Like the slightly threatening but featureless bg which serves to really set the subject up.

    There are a couple of horizonal bands running through the bg that are perhaps a little distracting (have you cloned something out?) but no great problem tbh.
    • 3 Nov 2011 7:33PM
  • The catch

    Was there something else closer to the lens (a blade of grass)? The detail around teh eye is stunning and that wriggly thing you call a yabbie - just caught in the bg is magic.

    I think I would have been tempted to try a fairly radical crop to really frame the area of interest and lose the weird fading effect rhs.
    • 3 Nov 2011 7:28PM
  • White flowe Red Bud

    I think this is a really difficult subject - the white petals look a tad over exposed there is very little detail and definition left (I am note sure toning will solve this problem the detail is not in teh image I fear) - your focal point in any case appears to be the red stamen (?).

    I like the background blurr which helps to promote the subject but I certainly agree with the above comment about the second flower which serves only to distract (photographic gardening - I like the idea).

    • 3 Nov 2011 7:25PM
  • Strid Wood, Bolton Abbey

    Wow I can see why it is in demand - what a riot of autumn colours and the reflection just helps to make it such a wonderful near abstract - superb (right I am going to Tescos to buy tea and I will pick up a copy of the Times too - very well done).

    • 3 Nov 2011 6:54PM
  • Holed Hulls at Dawn ...

    Excellent work - 100% shot all round.
    • 3 Nov 2011 6:18PM
  • Ashridge II

    You get 'panned' for using a phrase like 'nice light' but the quality of light here is exceptional in both images. The two images are simple almost inconsequential and really are little more than vehicles for presenting such beautiful poetry of light. (Which is why I really can't choose between them).

    Great work...
    • 3 Nov 2011 10:59AM
  • Airing sails

    This is a rather lovely summer shot but I am uneasy with all that fg merely to accomodate the full reflection - for sure I completely understand why and I think I would have tried to take the same shot.

    But looking at it I wonder if there is a case for croping from the bottom right up to that pontoon rhs (using it almost as a lead in). Sometimes it pays to be brave and get rid of what you may have thought was the best bit of the image (the top section of the reflection) to create something better.

    Just a thought and probably grounds for being removed from your christmas card list - so please forgive me!!

    • 3 Nov 2011 10:52AM
  • Girl in Tibetan Refugee Camp, Nepal

    Nice movement on the hand - eye contact is a bit strange?? Really nicely composed image with lovel colour balances (and hint of soft focus ?).

    • 3 Nov 2011 10:43AM
  • vapour trails

    Interesting image - but it would have been even better if the subject had been more off centre (you may be able to re-crop it to do this).

    At the moment the fg subject is not quite a rule breaking dead centre (which would be equally interesting) but is just away from the centre line enough to create some unease and tension - which for me is not helpful.

    Great idea and nicely worked but maybe the post production has let you down just a little.

    • 3 Nov 2011 10:40AM
  • ..

    Wow - what a cool image - first class classy Smile
    • 30 Oct 2011 4:56PM
  • Woman in a red dress

    Such a classy image - great story telling.
    • 30 Oct 2011 1:17PM