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  • Think about getting a NAS drive, backs it itself up constently over multiple drives
  • Seems to me just a title some people give themselves to impress others , giving an impression they are better than the rest
  • Festival Forties this year

    Waterloo 200th anniversary 2015

    Merton park yorkshire

    Festival Forties this year

    Festival Forties this year

  • Quote:Being educated and living in Democratic society we project our views and beliefs on other people of the world. It is natural and wrong. And results of our actions abroad often prove that. We simply are not able to understand those people. Maybe borders were created for a reason after all? I feel like our world became too small all too early...

    The problem is we during our colonial eras drew those borders when there wasn't any, ignoring the cultural and tribal requirement and the effect doing so would cause.

  • Quote:
    Quote:Being educated and living in Democratic society we project our views and beliefs on other people of the world

    ..... and there is the difference, we in the west can live with others agreeing or disagreeing with us and let it stop there. WE don't jump into trucks or strap bombs to our body and blow innocent people apart.......

    no we just send in jets with large payloads and bomb them, we sell them arms and encourage them to fight claiming no boots on the ground, I have no idea what the "collateral" damage figures are but you will find that it is much more than the figures we are up in arms about.
  • Lumsdale walk near matlock , its a hidden valley thats has 11 ruins and several waterfalls, free and oneof those hidden gems that is not known well

  • I was thinking of getting one for re-enactment photography but when i found how unpopular they was, i was told they would shoot one down if it got close enough, I didn't bother too much after that, but recently saw this and made me laugh . in fact a large event last year in europe had jammers on site to stop them being used

    Bullseye! Russian man frustrated by 'annoying' drone

  • Quote:CS4 wasn't too old to support RAW files from my Nikon D300s!

    That's because d300 was launched in 2007. 7200 was launched in 2015, the 7200 came out after ps c4 was no longer supported
  • As above and put simply , cs4 is to old to support the raw file so you will need the conversion software to access the raw files, DNG will do that for you but adds another action to your workflow unfortunately

  • Quote:
    Quote:laser`s are something else that have been known to damage camera`s.

    Yes but there are strict controls on the use of lasers. No controls on colour bombs.

    I`m talking about the laser`s used at show`s/festivals, the sort of lasers that most people consider harmless.


    In recent years there was an article about a well known russian billionaires yacht, he had a system installed for just that reason, to stop the paparazzi

    Anti-Photo Shield
  • Possible graphic card on the way out , that's what has happened to me in the past, it will go completely in time
  • I tried it with my 5dmk for a while, but once you add all the bits I needed , like Rigs, focus pullers and many other bits it came to 500, quid. in the environment I moved far too bulky and impractical, in the end I bought a cannon xf 100, uses compact flash cards so no extra expense. and auto focus built in which made it so more adaptable for my needs.
    Site for example of camera , not who I purchased from.

    Same cost as a very good lens on my 5dmk2 , Light and versatile. it also means I can carry both with me without the need to spend time changing the modes or rig out.
  • I started to get more confident with video this year, still experimenting with ideas, My photography and videography is used more to promote my re-enactment interests rather than for the sake of photography itself, I don't spend a lot of time on each as when I get home from an event the turnaround time is quite short, so content and speed come at the cost of quality.
    Her is some ideas I was playing with this year prior to going to Belgium and the 200th anniversary of waterloo.

  • Curiosity really, recently I have been tempted with a drone camera, for video and stills, and the prices are not as high as the market seems flooded with high quality under 1k.
    Common sense keeps kicking in and I realise that the time it takes to set up , use and pack away would limit what I could do in a day. Limiting my time to use main camera , that and the implication of more legislation coming in has pretty much convinced me that this would be a expensive novelty rather than a great way to expand what I do..
    I was just curious if others have been tempted or have views on them.
  • My 5dmk2 rolled into a ditch, fully immersed only a few seconds before I grabbed it, 28/105 lens fitted and battery grp , water entered the 5dmk and board became corroded , made it Beyond economical repair, battery grip was full of water but worked fine when dried out, lens was ok also.
    I suspect it entered via the battery grip connection into the base of the camera. which is not watertight , the original battery door that you have to remove to fit the grip I suspect is weather sealed

  • Quote:I have never heard of them. Perhaps vagabond could explain why they are very bad and what dealings they have had with them?

    I do feel if giving negative feedback that the reason should be given in the interests of fairness .

  • Quote:I look at it this way, they are the same camera/lens from the same production line made in the same way!

    unfortunately we cannot do that anymore, while in the past making fake cameras was to big an investment, that is less and less so now with china producing bodies and lenses, not so many camera bodies but a search of the net will bring many tales like the following, fake lenses are getting out there more so and are sopposed to be brilliant copies .

    Example of posts out there

    Quote:I have just come back from a trip to the Far East, in particular Hong Kong, (not my first visit) and discovered amazing fake Canon lenses sold in for example Nathan Street, that look genuine. They look like the real thing, including the packaging, appear to work with my camera bodies, except you then find there is no warrantee or guarantee documentation, and close inspection shows a few funnies. The sellers use all sorts of tactics to get you to buy, but one has to be strong.

    Being in Hong Kong you are always aware of the fakes whether Rolex watches, iphones or Gucci hand bags, but I had no idea about these A1 lens fakes lenses, until a particular shop showed me both the genuine article and the fake together. There are even fake ipads goings around. There is a price differential which should alert you, any lens price that is less than say the typical USA price is a good warning. The fakes are only priced about 5 to 10% below US prices, and then they try to entice you with a 10 to 20% reduction. Be warned.

    Bottom line there are no unbelievable deals, if it sounds too good to be true it is. However the look and feel of the fakes lenses, this shook me totally, and I even wondered about how genuine the "genuine" article was. A good test, was the ability of the lens to work and register properly with my 7D, and show correct EXIF with serial numbers etc.

    Be careful.

  • Clint eastward covered it with the saying
    Quote: Do you feel lucky

  • 100-400, came from us, has been good investment, had it seven years now, second hand value is nearly as much as I paid for it, Bodies no and possibly never would as I feel much more could go wrong and don't have confidence that I would have the protection of a uk retailer

    its not about where you get it but the risk of it going wrong and the repercussions if it does. obviously you need to look into what if it goes wrong and what is the after service like, That's the information that will reduce that risk and build your confidence in the purchase.

  • Quote:
    IMHO this is one area where the best intension just didn't work. When meets were in the forum they were there. You thought, yea I'm at a lose end why not? Now they are hidden away, you have to think "is there a meet"? And go searching - sorry but I don't even think about meets until someone mentions it ......... In the forums

    I totally agree. if there was a mistake made in the past, while made in good intension, it was removing the meet posts that had a live feel to them. I would never even know they was still going on now that they have been moved, being live in a the main forum post made them gain momentum and some last minute decisions to go being made when someone realised they may be free.

  • Quote:

    Quote:"Having been a member for some years now"

    some years perhaps but what about "actual "joining in""

    The OP has made more than 4,000 comments on other people's photo - that's joining in

    Personally I believe that is a contribution to the site, far more than some of us here. I believe the site is doing quite well to say it has to compete against facebook, 10 years ago there was hundreds of forums on everything, most have now gone to Facebook and the like, the fact epz still is going shows that it still has something,

    photographers come and go and very few will stay for more than a few years, some very vocal ones as well. that I'm afraid is normal, I've seen many come and go in the time I've been here but these same people are active on Facebook to this day, even those who have been here 10 years don't take part in the same way we once did. I used to post photographs all the time but realised a few years ago my audience was different so never bother now, I still check the forums to keep up to date.
    this is my own requirement and i suspect there are many silent members who do the same.
  • Bond bugs came under the same legislation as reliant, only requiring a full motorcycle licence, always wanted one but they were very sought after, even tho very unreliable, I remember taking driving lessons and getting out of the learner car and getting right into my 3 wheeler which seemed so strange as took same room on the road and drove in much the same way.
    very dodgy going round islands as they would nearly tip over.

    The bong bug was a two seater sporty looking 3 wheeler
    The top would open up like a canopy to get in

  • Quote:
    Quote:the car taking the video was also possibly committing an offence by not moving into the left lane as he overtook the van, there is clearly enough space

    The car taking the video was an unmarked Police car, and if you read the comments, could not move over safely due to other vehicles not visible on the footage.

    I've had plenty times where I'm in lane 3 overtaking something in lane 2 and they suddenly speed up (usually BMW or Audi drivers who don't like being overtaken by a Ford).

    I suppose that proves the case in point about these camera not showing the whole picture . didn't read , just watched the clip

  • Quote:
    You find this acceptable do you


    I quite agree, that is completely unacceptable, hogging the outside lane like that.

    which is now illegal on the motorway which came in last year , hogging the middle and outside lane is now an offence, the tailgating was possible a little dangerous but the car taking the video was also possibly committing an offence by not moving into the left lane as he overtook the van, there is clearly enough space

    Quote: PC Nigel Fawcett-Jones from the Road Policing Unit of West Yorkshire police said lane hogging was dangerous and caused congestion and inconvenience to other road users.

    He said: It reduces the capacity of roads and motorways, and can lead to dangerous situations where other drivers 'tailgate' the vehicle in front to try and get the lane hogger to move over.

  • undertaking is not illegal in the uk so getting one prosecuted surprises me

    Quote:The specific offence of undertaking (or nearside undertake) was actually removed from the statute books with the introduction of the 1972 Road Traffic Act, and although the Highway Code advises against it, there is no specific law that prevents it.

    The reason for this is in part due to the poor lane discipline experienced on Motorways. There are often many oaccisons (which many of you have probably experienced yourself) when lane 3 is stationary but lanes 1 and 2 are clear and so it is often easier to continue in the inside lanes and keep traffic flowing.

    On other occasions drivers will catch up a vehicle doing say 50mph but remains in lane 2 whilst lane 1 is empty (late at night for example) and to go from lane 1 acrosss to lane 3 is potentially just as dangerous, whereas remaining in lane 1 allows the vehicle to pass quite safely

  • For me and seems so true..

    Quote:"Your getting old when the time you go to bed is the time you used to be just going out"
  • take a Thames clipper along the Thames to Greenwich, you can then do quite a few sights including those buildings. canary wharf , tower bridge and HMS Belfast among many places, get off at each stop and look around

  • If you have a host site that comes under load then it will drop verious sites to manage the load on its system, in your case epz is being dropped by your host. Under normal conditions this won't happen. You could try re routing the way your connection accesses the site.