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A quick view of Kevstar's recent activity.

  • The Shop..

    Your shots of India are some of the very best I`ve seen. You capture the atmostphere`s brilliantly. Am off there myself again next week and lookin at your images has been really inspiring to me,thanks, Kev
    • 15 Nov 2010 11:25AM
  • Laura`s Hen Party

    Thanks to all and Devlin...please give my fondest regards to Bombay - my favourite city...
    • 17 Oct 2010 7:19AM
  • Passione II

    Astunning model and very well shot....though there is a tiny white speck Near to the left of her mouth which needs to go I reckon...
    • 4 Oct 2010 5:39PM
  • Kim edit

    Great Shot, Great colours...You Have A Very promising talent I think...
    • 4 Oct 2010 5:28PM
  • .B.

    Just Love blue !! Beautiful shot...
    • 29 Sep 2010 6:46PM
  • We haven't talked in so long

    Deserves more votes... Great moody shot...
    • 29 Sep 2010 6:43PM
  • Feelin' Good

    I just Love BOLD !!
    • 29 Sep 2010 6:34PM
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  • No topics found.
  • Thanks for your comment Devlin...and please give my fondest regards to Mumbai - my favourite city. I may well be there in December again !!
    • Posted on devlin's profile
    • 17 Oct 2010 7:22AM