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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • The Joker by kFreck87

    Quote:Lovely candid shot. Was this taken with a ring flash or soft box lighting? I am thinking soft box to models right?

    Hi thanks for the comment - it was taken with a swivel flash bounced off the ceiling. Katy
    • 6 Oct 2009 3:13PM
  • "What A Stupid Lamb" by kFreck87

    It's a Twilight-themed photograph so I took a line from the book Smile

    Thanks for your comment!
    • 22 Sep 2009 5:57PM
  • Little Poser by Wellspring

    Love this pic - the focus is perfect!! K
    • 18 Aug 2009 7:46PM
  • Cute by vickik

    The warmth of this photo really comes through. Love it Smile

    • 3 Feb 2009 10:08AM
  • vilja by Uppercut

    I adore this photograph. It's absolutely flawless.

    The lighting is fantastic - I would be so so proud if this was one of my mine!

    • 2 Feb 2009 5:29PM
  • A pair of nuts by NevP

    Loving the treatment

    • 24 Nov 2008 1:19AM
  • Little model by alk

    This is lovely - I love the gaze, you have captured this at just the right moment!
    • 28 Jul 2008 11:48AM
  • Look To Your Eskimo Friend by kFreck87

    Thanks for the comments peeps!

    • 19 Jan 2008 7:43AM
  • Pink by janehewitt

    This has been presented beautifully. Love the colours so much, not to mention the subtle DoF.

    Very nice.
    • 18 Jan 2008 9:07PM
  • Red And Yellow And Green Not Blue by Rachy1821

    I love it sooo much. So vibrant!

    Well done.
    • 18 Jan 2008 9:06PM
  • Winter at Blea IV by NeilM

    Ugh - this is Gorgeous with a capital 'G'.

    How do achieve such an amazing pic? I'm not in to landscape photography, but photo's like this really make me want to start!

    Well done!
    • 18 Jan 2008 9:03PM
  • Lily up close by AdamJStilwell

    This is lovely, the colours are so lush and tropical. Well captured.
    • 18 Jan 2008 9:01PM
  • her day her smile by ZenTog

    Really like the rich colours and the framing technique, it brings just enough attention to your subject. Well done.
    • 18 Jan 2008 8:57PM
  • Pete who?? by HelenO

    Fantastic background lighting, and the effects on the eyes
    • 18 Jan 2008 8:55PM
  • Continuing..... by cattyal

    Ooooh I love this.

    The composition is perfect! Loving the colours too.
    • 18 Jan 2008 8:54PM
  • What A Life... by jondf

    This composition is adorable! I love the rich red too. Sooo cute! Well done.
    • 18 Jan 2008 8:51PM
  • After The Storm by thetriguy

    This reminds me of the beach out of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!

    Nice effects
    • 17 Jan 2008 1:59PM
  • But it's no hanging matter by stolzy

    Yowza! If only we all could........

    Love the composition
    • 17 Jan 2008 1:59PM
  • intensified by Uppercut

    Love this - nice background too, I think that's where I keep getting it wrong!

    Loving the colours and depth of field.

    Nice one!
    • 17 Jan 2008 1:58PM
  • The Dark Side by cuesta

    This is really good! Why has no-one commented?

    Love it!
    • 15 Jan 2008 10:46PM
  • Bon Jovi-esque by Diana

    I was going to say is that Bon Jovi? LOL

    Loving this pic - especially the vibrant background and the pose.

    Also loving your 'See/Hear/Speak no evil' pic - but couldn't click on it to comment!

    Nice one
    • 15 Jan 2008 3:05PM
  • **Days Gone By** by dianah

    This is lovely - I love the effect you have achieved - I would love to branch out into plant photography (no pun intended)! Katy
    • 15 Jan 2008 3:02PM
  • Man in snow by Nigeld

    I love this - you have caught some great facial detail.

    I absolutely ADORE the lighting - it is so subtle yet so effective - fab fab fab. Well done.

    • 15 Jan 2008 3:00PM
  • Dumb Blonde by rah

    I love this pic soo much!

    The colouring is fab, and the composition - but her expression is brilliant Smile
    • 15 Jan 2008 2:59PM
  • My sweet sister by GregorP

    Wow - the angle of the shot and the colours are absolutely stunning! Well done!!

    • 15 Jan 2008 2:12PM
  • The longest legs in the world by anatol

    This is so eyecatching - loving the contrasty tones, am v surprised you don't have more votes!
    • 15 Jan 2008 1:33PM
  • Far Away by KJackson

    Loving the textures of the skin and the subtle lighting. V nice!
    • 15 Jan 2008 1:31PM
  • Scarlett by jusophine

    This is adorable - a real keeper.

    V surprised you don't have more votes!!
    • 15 Jan 2008 1:29PM
  • Baby Eye by saviour99

    I adore this - I love the glassy effect on the eye, I don't normally like pictures of the eye, but I love this! Especially how the baby is looking away from the camera.

    Well done
    • 15 Jan 2008 12:40PM
  • Tamara by GregorP

    Gorgeous - well done
    • 14 Jan 2008 6:49PM