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The thrill of capturing photographs pursues me till this very day .....

Here are some of my shots which are up for viewing ..... Enjoy your stroll

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  • Posted on pentaxpatty's profile

    Quite a beautiful and varied portfolio Patty, really enjoyed admiring your photographic talent. You have some really marvellous photographs showing a very good keen eye for photography. Keep up your good work!

    • 1 Mar 2018 4:58PM
  • Posted on Maiwand's profile

    Marvellous p/f Ron, quality inspirational images, keep up your good work ... Joe
    • 30 Jan 2007 7:18PM
  • Posted on Sezz's profile

    Wonderful portfolio Sarah, a pleasure to admire, brimming with quality images, keep up your good work ... Joe
    • 31 Jan 2007 12:11AM
  • Posted on dven's profile

    Splendid portfolio David, quality and inspiring works, congrats! ... Joe
    • 14 Nov 2006 5:48PM
  • Posted on franken's profile

    Your portfolio keeps enriching with quality images Ken, keep up your good works ... Joe
    • 31 Jan 2007 12:18AM
  • Posted on PatrickSmith's profile

    Marvellous portfolio Patrick, you have quality works ... congrats ... Joe
    • 15 Dec 2006 8:55AM
  • Posted on delros1's profile

    A splendid portfolio you have Dave, quite inspiring work, congrats.

    • 13 Nov 2006 1:17PM
  • Posted on Bridie's profile

    Lovely portfolio Bridget, you have some fine works, quite inspiring too. I will be on the lookout for your pictures. Congrats and keep up your quality work.

    • 14 Nov 2006 5:42PM
  • Posted on tripodted's profile

    Impressive portfolio you have here Edward, very inspiring work!

    • 7 Nov 2006 10:30PM
  • Posted on dougv's profile

    A pleasing portfolio Doug, some lovely works you have here. Congrats and keep up your good works ... Joe
    • 14 Nov 2006 6:08PM
  • Posted on edrhodes's profile

    What stunning works Ed, you're in another world when you enter your portfolio. Top notch!

    • 7 Nov 2006 10:20PM
  • Posted on BeckaP's profile

    Nice portfolio Becka, promising ... keep it up
    • 22 Nov 2006 6:52PM
  • Posted on SueWB's profile

    Your p/f keeps enriching with beautiful images Sue, keep up your good work ... Joe
    • 30 Jan 2007 8:08PM
  • Posted on PaulaLey's profile

    Beautiful portfolio building up Paula, creative and talented no doubt, keep up your good works ... Joe
    • 30 Jan 2007 7:44PM
  • Posted on mommy2cutekids's profile

    Interesting p/f building up MaryLynn, keep up your good works ... Joe
    • 30 Jan 2007 7:37PM
  • Posted on CaroleA's profile

    Lovely portfolio Carole, you have some fine works, congrats ... Joe
    • 14 Nov 2006 6:00PM
  • Posted on 19Grumpah42's profile

    A fine portfolio you have building up here Grahame, quality flower works, keep it up ... Joe
    • 30 Jan 2007 7:26PM
  • Posted on chrissd's profile

    Marvellous portfolio Chris, splendid works ... Joe
    • 30 Jan 2007 7:23PM
  • Posted on chazbo's profile

    You have a lovely p/f building up Stephen, keep up your good works ... Joe
    • 30 Jan 2007 6:58PM
  • Posted on jeanie's profile

    Lovely inspiring portfolio Jeanie, a pleasure to view ... Joe
    • 15 Dec 2006 3:40PM
  • Posted on didgpix's profile

    You have an ever-improving p/f Les ... keep up your good work! ... Joe
    • 30 Jan 2007 6:56PM
  • Posted on Term's profile

    Hi Ben, your p/f is building up well with very strong images. Keep it up, congrats ... Joe
    • 20 Dec 2006 12:01AM
  • Posted on TyChee's profile

    Lovely gallery TyChee
    • 16 Oct 2006 9:01AM
  • Posted on johnianmckinnon's profile

    Lovely p/f building up John, keep up your good work ... Joe
    • 4 Feb 2007 12:25AM
  • Posted on deavilin's profile

    An interesting portfolio Charlotte with some quality works, inspirational too, congrats ... Joe
    • 16 Nov 2006 11:14PM
  • Posted on Aurora's profile

    A wonderful portfolio Barbara, pretty varied images, marvellous flowers, quite inspiring works, congrats ... Joe
    • 18 Dec 2006 5:08PM
  • Posted on daffydill56's profile

    Superb portfolio Fran, some quality works you have here, congrats ... Joe
    • 16 Nov 2006 11:11PM
  • Posted on highlander's profile

    This should be one of the benchmark p/fs for landscape shots Doug, quality works galore! I will be back ... Joe
    • 16 Nov 2006 11:01PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Marvellous p/f Dianne, very talented photographer, you have some beautiful works, keep them coming, congrats ... Joe
    • 19 Dec 2006 1:02AM
  • Posted on Melanie_M's profile

    Great portfolio and splendid works Melanie, I will be back for inspiration ... Joe
    • 16 Nov 2006 10:57PM

Limited to latest 30 results.