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A quick view of kitty83's recent activity.

  • Messing about on the water. by Tony_W

    I agree about that light patch - just draws the eye away. But super lighting on the trees. I'll be off to see the Lakes next week, so I'm hoping to catch the trees looking this autumnal. I love the serenity of this scene - great work.

    A lovely shot. Personal preference, but I'd have lined up the boat 1/3 of the way into the picture, rather than nearer the middle.
    • 6 Nov 2008 7:25PM
  • The Black Cuillin by kinfatric

    Absolutely stunning shot! I love the colours in this, and the detail on the mountain. I could stare at this for ages. Smile

    Great work!
    • 6 Nov 2008 7:20PM
  • Happy Fox by Overread

    I like the colours in Carabosse's modification, but the close crop in yours, Alex. The crop makes a huuuge difference to the image. Would definitely up the saturation a little, since the fox could be more colourful in your shot. Try to make him stand out.

    Whoa! Oops! Just noticed my spelling in the mod I uploded. Where is my brain? Grin
    • 6 Nov 2008 5:15PM
  • Eagle by Overread

    Very nice! Might benefit from darkening the background, like you've done before in other images, then the bird would *really* stand out. Smile

    Really, this should have got more votes!
    • 6 Nov 2008 5:07PM
  • I see you! by Overread

    Wow, why has this not got more votes? It's beautiful. Good sharpness, colour, and pose. He's looking right at the camera!
    • 6 Nov 2008 4:56PM
  • Reds feeding by Overread

    And now you have 31.

    Super image, Alex. Really well done on capturing them. Red squirrels are the best! I just saw one crossing the road in Winlatter Forest the other week. Smile
    • 6 Nov 2008 4:52PM
  • Killea Sunset, Donegal by Declanworld

    Why did this not get more votes and comments? It's a stunning shot. I love the lighting in the hills, it just adds to the picture.
    • 17 Aug 2008 8:50PM

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  • Posted on simon butterworth's profile

    In my opinion, this gallery is one of the best on ePz! Stunning landscape photography. Far too many good shots to *click* and comment on...

    • 5 Dec 2005 11:56AM

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