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A quick view of KKmoments's recent activity.

  • Cala on white

    A whiter shade of pale.... lovely focus, good detail and nice white on white image
    • 19 Nov 2008 9:30PM
  • Orchard Fruits

    Thanks everyone for the comments and Barry & David thats just the feedback I need lol... I have 'more' so will try an upload without texture tomorrow.. thank you Smile
    • 3 Nov 2008 9:09PM
  • At Last...

    Superb image.... well composed/great lighting/textures/tones .. well worth the early start.. Karen Smile
    • 3 Nov 2008 12:49PM
  • Step Across to Autumn

    Love the mystical feel to V1... great lead through the image with the steps and a lovely autumn feel... Karen Smile
    • 3 Nov 2008 12:47PM
  • Golden Flow

    Superb capture of water movement and lovely autumnal colours throughout.. Karen Smile
    • 3 Nov 2008 12:47PM
  • Echinaceas & Insects

    Great set of shots Ed... V3 is the winner for me... lovely lighting and great detail on the echinacea too... Karen Smile
    • 3 Nov 2008 12:42PM
  • Hanging Basket

    Whiter than white... lovely capture of this colour, love the textures in the petals too, reminds me of crepe.... Karen Smile
    • 3 Nov 2008 12:41PM
  • Wonderful diversification throughout your pf... from the early days to the glamour days you never to cease to amaze us with 'whats in store'.. you have and 'good eye' for composition/detail and 'the unusual..... well done and keep up the good work.
    Karen Smile
    • Posted on Mounters's profile
    • 26 Feb 2008 11:23PM
  • Your pf never ceases to amaze me your shots are first class and love the diversification throughout.... excellent work Tom... Karen Smile
  • As i'm so far behind i thought i'd leave one MAJOR comment lol......
    You have achieved a lot in a short space of time and should be really proud of your achievements your ability to diversify is a credit to you and you have built up a wonderful pf... keep up the good work....
    Karen Smile
  • Thought i would pop along at last and fully view your images... super work with lovely wildlife photography and thought the Thank You manipulation was sheer art Smile
    Keep up the good work and look forward to another few years of your uploads.
    Karen Smile
    • Posted on X5DJM's profile
    • 16 Oct 2007 9:22PM
  • You have some beautiful images in your pf Dee... a pleasure to view and love the lighthouse shots... so dramatic and so much detail. Keep up the good work.
    Karen Smile
  • Your images are all wonderful, each with a tale to tell, but after a 'short break' to return and watch your tale of 9/11 unfold was amazing.
    Thank you for sharing your personal collection and the wonderful 'history' accompanying us on journey through such a tragic event.
    An outstanding tribute.
    Karen Smile
    • Posted on TyChee's profile
    • 18 Sep 2007 11:11PM
  • Your portfolio is absolutely stunning Nikki.... Each image has superb detail/clarity and they just get better and better...Karen Smile
  • Beautiful eyecatching PF Di..... your photoshop work just keeps getting better and better with each upload, great manipulations on wonderful natural subjects. Keep up the brilliant work. Karen Smile
    • Posted on dianah's profile
    • 8 Jul 2007 12:38PM
  • Superb photography Chris.. your work just gets better and better.
    A lot of time and thought goes into each one and it shines through.
    Keep up the good work and hope you have lots of success in 2007.
    Karen Smile
    • Posted on chrissd's profile
    • 28 Dec 2006 2:43PM
  • Thank you for your comment on my pf. Just browsed through yours and you have some amazing flower shots.. keep up the good work and I shall pop in again as I've added you to my favourites. Wishing you great creativity in 2007
    Karen Smile