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A quick view of kl0verleaf's recent activity.

  • Old Boat.

    Somewhat waterlogged? Great capture!
    • 8 Sep 2019 9:32PM
  • RELAX !!!

    Great image. Very calming...
    • 27 Aug 2019 12:01PM
  • Just hanging around

    Fantastic capture!
    • 27 Aug 2019 11:55AM
  • Old boat, Lindisfarne

    Wonderful shot! I was there many years ago and they had other boats that were tipped upside down and used for storage! Hope you got to go into the castle too!
    • 21 Aug 2019 3:00PM
  • what you looking at

    he is so lovely and colorful!
    • 21 Aug 2019 2:55PM
  • not this way!.

    What a fantastic view! Love this!
    • 20 Aug 2019 8:42PM
  • Two's company

    Great image! This is so cute!
    • 20 Aug 2019 8:37PM
  • Hello and thank you for your comments on my 3 ducks!

    • Posted on Spkr51's profile
    • 7 Jan 2017 8:43PM
  • Love, Love your header picture!

    Thank you so very much on your comments of my 3 ducks!

  • Thank-you for your recent comment on my rosebud. Photo is quite small so that MIGHT be why it is so soft??

    I see your also in the states. Where are you at??