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  • chocolate

    How amazing is chocolate spread on toast? soo bad for you though.. havent had it in years but had a wee craving lol!! i dont want to eat it but i cant throw it out..so if i eat it all tonight then i can start healthy tommorow and wont have wast...

    24 Jun 2008 11:38PM | Read


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  • Die hard bbq!!!

    Today was our towns gala day.. we planned a garden party for weeks, spent a fortune on food, getting the garden nice, lighting, a new bbq, gazebos etc! and it pisses down!!!! I have finally had to come inside out of the rain, after true britis...

    21 Jun 2008 10:19PM | Read


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  • Ringing Ears!

    Well I have tinitus or whatever its called! started drinking green tea....omg the ringing has dulled right down!! its amazing!! Laura x

    20 Jun 2008 10:32PM | Read


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  • Is it summer?

    Im confused, is it summer or not.. cannot rely on this weather at all. Yesterday, wake up..gorgeous sky... great day for a barbie.... buy food, charcoal etc.. then it lashes down!! I wish I could wake up every summer morning to see blue skies a...

    15 Jun 2008 1:04PM | Read


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  • Birthday

    Today is my EPZ birthday.. cant believe its 4 years since i joined up and its only 4 years since i been into photography, i think ive progressed quite far.. not normally one to blow my own trumpet but TOOT TOOT!!! Today I mostly spent the evening ...

    12 Jun 2008 11:11PM | Read


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  • Tinnitus!

    This ringing in my ears is driving me mental!!! its getting worse.. anything to do with the fact i have toothache?

    12 Jun 2008 11:49AM | Read


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