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Hope u all enjoy my pf which chiefly consists bugs & snakes.
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  • Tamron 10-24 mm nikon mount focus problems at infinity

    I got my above lens replaced and the new piece seems to work fine :D.
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  • Camera Modes

    "Carabosse: Av is probably the best all-rounder." i quite agree with it
    by konu | Last Post | Unread
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  • Tokina 35mm

    I am immediately planning to buy this lens ie, Tokina 35mm. Has anybody some experience with this lens. All the help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    by konu | Last Post | Unread
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  • Tokina 10-17mm or 11-16mm

    See here, here, and here. But I would seriously consider this lens for a wide angle. There is also a pro model of the 12-24mm Tokina for 100 dollars more. Good luck
    by konu | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on pronabk's profile

    gr8 portrait photography
    nice pf
    You may visit me at my photo blog site.
    • 14 Jun 2011 11:22AM
  • Posted on MikeRC's profile

    very nice professional pf
    • 13 Jun 2011 12:38PM
  • Posted on lobo_blanco's profile

    Nice buggy pf, keep up the good work
    • 31 Jul 2009 12:10PM
  • Posted on iancam's profile

    gr8 super portfolio, every shot is excellent.
    • 15 Jan 2009 1:08PM
  • Posted on AlanBW's profile

    congrats ur photo was selected as Featured e2 Photo
    • 15 Nov 2008 9:01AM
  • Posted on Rock's profile

    Dear Rob,
    Very nice flowery Portfolio. Keep up the good work Smile
    • 9 Nov 2008 1:57PM
  • Posted on tigertimb's profile

    excellent pf, keep up the good work.
    • 5 Nov 2008 4:42PM
  • Posted on AlanBW's profile

    A great pf, keep up the good work and thanks for the 30th vote.
    • 23 Oct 2008 8:12AM
  • Posted on Philip_P's profile

    a great wildlife collection. good work, keep it up.
    • 22 Oct 2008 3:29PM
  • Posted on jonathanbp's profile

    very nice pf, i especially love the flowers in your collection. Pls keep up the good work.
    • 16 Oct 2008 5:13PM
  • Posted on teocali's profile

    wow very nice pf
    • 16 Oct 2008 8:49AM
  • Posted on photographerjoe's profile

    Congratulations for being featured member this week. It gave us oppertunity to go through your fantastic portfolio. Please keep it up.
    Regards, Konark.
    • 17 Sep 2008 11:33AM
  • Posted on HenB's profile

    Very nice collection of birds, keep up the good work.
    • 2 Sep 2008 5:44PM
  • Posted on Tom-Melton's profile

    gr8 collection, pls keep it up.
    • 1 Sep 2008 5:16PM
  • Posted on piccy's profile

    Dear Freda, U have a wonderful pf.
    • 1 Sep 2008 5:04PM
  • Posted on csurry's profile

    Very nice work. U have very good collection of bird in action photos.
    • 17 Aug 2008 5:45PM
  • Posted on Bob_V's profile

    Very nice pf, I think we share interests.
    • 17 Aug 2008 2:35PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Dear Col. You have sure a different viewpoint, nice pf.
    • 17 Aug 2008 2:33PM
  • Posted on Xxticy's profile

    Excellent colorful images with a different viewpoint.
    • 16 Aug 2008 4:29PM
  • Posted on cjl47's profile

    Very good pf with flowers & especially cars.
    • 16 Aug 2008 4:25PM
  • Posted on lonely_oryx's profile

    A lovely pf with images of various subjects.
    • 16 Aug 2008 4:23PM
  • Posted on dianah's profile

    Very unique & flowery pf with some nice experiments.
    • 15 Aug 2008 12:16PM
  • Posted on andy210966's profile

    Very nice pf with varied subjects.
    • 15 Aug 2008 12:13PM
  • Posted on mohikan22's profile

    U have some amazing wildlife photos
    • 15 Aug 2008 12:04PM
  • Posted on danbrann's profile

    very artistic pf.
    • 25 Jul 2008 1:05PM
  • Posted on Bob_V's profile

    Thnx for ur comment. u too have enviable pf.
    • 23 Jul 2008 2:39PM
  • Posted on Buffalo_Tom's profile

    gr8 pf; i was missing such a nice pf till now. & thnx for ur comments. u r welcome to see my pf.
    • 23 Jul 2008 2:21PM
  • Posted on marriedandhappy's profile

    Thanx for ur comment; ofcourse I dont mind ur suggestion. U too have nice collection of flowers & portraits. U r welcome to view my pf.
    • 23 Jul 2008 2:14PM
  • Posted on JN_CHATELAIN_PHOTOGRAPHY's profile

    Dear Jean,
    Thnx for ur comment. U have a very enviable pf.
    • 19 Jul 2008 12:31PM
  • Posted on Bob_V's profile

    thanx Bob for ur encouragement, u 2 have a nice pf
    • 8 Jul 2008 4:12AM

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