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Laughter is the best medicine Smile
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  • Commented on 'Hahnel Combi TF'

    Ok will do its raining so not missing the fireworks thanks
    • 6 Nov 2015 5:24PM
  • Commented on 'Hahnel Combi TF'

    I have watched 2 YouTube videos all seems right. Changed batteries for fresh ones. Do I vchange anything on the camera
    • 6 Nov 2015 4:59PM
  • Commented on 'Hahnel Combi TF'

    I cant get my Hanel Combi Tf to fire on my D300s can anyone help please
    • 6 Nov 2015 4:40PM
  • Commented on 'LumixTZ60'

    thanks again every one KSmile
    • 6 Jan 2015 8:46AM
  • Commented on 'LumixTZ60'

    That makes more sense thank you
    • 5 Jan 2015 7:08PM
  • Commented on 'LumixTZ60'

    My kids got me this beauty for Christmas but I must be having a blond moment I cant work out how to set the EV in manual which I wanted for the snow last week can anyone help with simple instructions how to do it and yes I have read the book that came with it thanks Smile
    • 5 Jan 2015 3:20PM
  • Commented on 'Rubber grips'

    Thanks Guys I dont want to be without my trusty old Nik for long Happy Christmas
    • 16 Dec 2014 10:08AM
  • Commented on 'Rubber grips'

    • 15 Dec 2014 3:29PM
  • Commented on 'Rubber grips'

    The rubber grips on my D300s are coming unstuck where do I send it back for repair can any one help please
    • 15 Dec 2014 2:03PM
  • Commented on 'Camera Help '

    I want a compact type camera with a view finder can you still get one Thanks
    • 23 Nov 2014 8:29PM
  • Commented on 'Light meter'

    ha ha never thought of that Smile
    • 29 Sep 2014 3:09PM
  • Commented on 'Light meter'

    I went and got a Sekonic L-308S now how do I use it any tips welcomeWink
    • 29 Sep 2014 12:38PM
  • Commented on 'Internet Shopping'

    What are the best sites to buy photography equipment
    • 24 Sep 2014 7:17PM
  • Commented on 'Light meter'

    Thanks Guys
    • 22 Sep 2014 6:44PM
  • Commented on 'Light meter'

    Can anyone recommend a light meter around 100 ish
    • 20 Sep 2014 6:28PM
  • Commented on 'Settings on my D300 for the Gary Barlow concert'

    Back from seeing Ken Barlows son Gary. And I did take my Nikon ended up with egg on my face changed the battery but forgot to check if I had charged it all was not lost he was amazing so down to earth well worth the price of the ticket and I learnt a valuable lesson This thread is now ended thanks guys
    • 20 Apr 2014 11:28PM
  • Commented on 'Settings on my D300 for the Gary Barlow concert'

    Thanks for the advice not going to risk it
    • 20 Apr 2014 5:06PM
  • Commented on 'Settings on my D300 for the Gary Barlow concert'

    Off to see Gary Barlow tonight cameras not allowed but I am going to be a rebel and take my NIK what will be the best setting to use can any on help a rebel please
    • 20 Apr 2014 1:22PM
  • Commented on 'help wanted'

    Scan finished that has not worked any other ideas guys
    • 21 Feb 2014 10:14PM
  • Commented on 'help wanted'

    Thanks I will look into that too still on 17 doing a full scan. Hope it works Sad
    • 21 Feb 2014 9:55PM
  • Commented on 'help wanted'

    Thanks it has picked up 17 infections upto now
    • 21 Feb 2014 9:47PM
  • Commented on 'help wanted'

    Thanks running malaware
    • 21 Feb 2014 9:27PM
  • Commented on 'help wanted'

    I have just upgdated my PC to windows 8.1 since then I am getting discusting POP-Ups I have run Norton and Norton Erazer they have found no problems my PC can any one help
    Thanks Kat
    • 21 Feb 2014 8:41PM
  • Commented on 'PSE 9'

    I have had to replace my PC which had PSE9 installed on it I have installed it on my new PC and I am now getting a message saying it is already installed on 2 computers I did uninstall it on my old PC but did not disable it it is also on my lap top now it wont accept my reg code do have to buy a new one
    • 13 Feb 2014 11:43AM
  • Commented on 'Any one from sheffield'

    how many togs are on this site from Sheffield South Yorkshire Grin
    • 23 Jan 2014 11:38AM
  • Commented on 'Next Trip'

    Upps I was just wondering if there was anything better i
    • 6 Jan 2013 5:05PM
  • Commented on 'Next Trip'

    Thanks for your help I have been to Africa many times as my sister lived in Botswana for 21 years this will be my second Namibia trip the tripod was ok last time and the bean bag
    • 6 Jan 2013 5:04PM
  • Commented on 'Brand Loyalty'

    Naa I love my Nikon

    • 5 Jan 2013 9:22PM
  • Commented on 'Next Trip'

    I am off to Namibia in a few weeks and will be in the car for most of the photo taking time would I be better to get a car window clamp for my D300s or a tripod head to suit. Next question which one
    • 5 Jan 2013 9:19PM
  • Commented on 'sigma 105 macro lens'

    Thank you everyone I have sent it back to Sigma cost 89 (ouch) + 7.50 special delivery Jacobs told me it would cost 20 for them to post it and may cost from 100 to 150 to repair so I have saved a bit I have checked out the Nikon 105 VR ( want one ) Smile cant wait to get it back
    • 2 Oct 2011 6:45PM