Hello everyone. My interest in photography is recent, I am a musician, my job is to manage and produce concerts, courses and other musical events. I live in Brazil, on an island called Vitória. Be welcome!
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  • Kind of blue

    Hello Willie.

    I was checking my settings and yes, I was in servo mode with continuous shooting. Additionally I also set the focus action for the back button, the same way I do for bird shots. I found that the focus on the back button was not as useful as it usually is for birding. Maybe reconfiguring it to the normal position would be better.

    Very nice mod!

    On exposure compensation, in this case would a positive compensation be better, or would any compensation be better?

    Thanks for the assertive comments.

    • 24 Oct 2018 9:30AM
  • My cotton waves

    Sorry for the dirt on the sensor, I should better examine my lenses before using them, sometimes they take the dirt to the sensor. I was lucky this time, because it did not compromise the photo, but the sensor cleaning has already been provided. Smile
    • 18 Oct 2018 9:20AM
  • It's Mine !

    Great capture!
    • 17 Jul 2018 1:25PM
  • Birds watching

    Thank you all. Smile
    • 17 Jul 2018 1:24PM
  • Yellow-headed Caracara

    The lens was placed on the window frame. In that case, for the first time, with a lens with stabilization, should it have turned off or exclusively horizontal? Even placed on the frame the lens was not firm, my position was pretty bad.

    Yes, face-to-face, well observed. We spent about five minutes there staring at each other, shooting from the inside of the car is very good as far as it goes, it would not have gotten that close any other way. The bird's posture demonstrates how curious I was with my action.

    About the bird

    The name "caracara" is an Argentinean onomatopoeia for the sound emitted. And on the other hand "cara" also means face, in Portuguese.
    The most commonly name in Portuguese is "Carrapateiro", because it feeds mainly on bovine and equine parasites such as ticks. "Carrapato" means tick, in Portuguese. Curious.

    Great mod!
    • 8 Jul 2018 10:02AM
  • Little Blue Heron

    Yes indeed the Sigma is heavy and not very well balanced.

    Willie's mod is very clean, interesting.

    DaveNewbury is on the verge of exaggeration but definitely has his style.

    I think the color corrections were very efficient.

    Thank you all for your time and skill.

    • 6 Jul 2018 6:59PM
  • Sand drawing

    These drawings always inspire me, I think I'll try to take more pictures of them.
    • 30 Apr 2018 2:27PM
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