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A quick view of Kris_Dutson's recent activity.

  • Between The Rains

    That'll do. Wink
    • 6 Nov 2012 9:48PM
  • Empty Chairs

    How'd you wangle that then Ade? Wink

    Nice one. Smile
    • 12 May 2012 8:45PM
  • Painting With Light

    Well done you. Smile
    • 22 Apr 2012 8:09PM
  • Saline Sweep

    Oi, you're supposed to be in your sick bed. Wink
    • 20 Feb 2012 9:40PM
  • The First Dance

    Well done Nigel, very well deserved. Smile
    • 25 Nov 2011 9:04PM

    Have another click. Smile
    • 16 Nov 2011 9:00PM
  • Time & Tide

    Smile cool
    • 20 Sep 2011 12:55PM
  • Impressive portfolio you have here Bob.
  • Thanks for your comment on my portfolio Sean. There's some very fine portraits in yours, which is something I've not had a chance to have a crack at yet but quite fancy a go at. And congrats on your win. Smile
  • Thanks for the comment on my PF Stu. I' glad you stopped by as it's directed me to your own PF - some very good work here. Smile
    • Posted on Stubill's profile
    • 4 Nov 2008 9:12AM
  • A very accomplished portfolio you have here Leigh.
  • You are an extremely talented photographer Sarah. Smile
    • Posted on sketch's profile
    • 31 Jul 2008 10:22PM
  • For a dyed in the wool old steam buff like me this is a teriffic portfolio. Smile
  • Just been looking through your portfolio again Paul, and I reckon you've got to be one of the most versatile, and best, togs on the site. Smile
  • Some very impressive work here Steve. Smile
  • One of the top landscapers here I reckon. Smile
  • Thought I'd better get a comment in here before you become inundated. A very good PF you have here, the B&W is coming along very nicely. Wink

    • Posted on owp's profile
    • 14 Sep 2006 7:30PM