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A quick view of Kris_Dutson's recent activity.

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  • Posted on rgarrigus's profile

    Impressive portfolio you have here Bob.
    • 17 Oct 2009 10:21PM
  • Posted on seanslevin's profile

    Thanks for your comment on my portfolio Sean. There's some very fine portraits in yours, which is something I've not had a chance to have a crack at yet but quite fancy a go at. And congrats on your win. Smile
    • 10 Mar 2009 3:39PM
  • Posted on Stubill's profile

    Thanks for the comment on my PF Stu. I' glad you stopped by as it's directed me to your own PF - some very good work here. Smile
    • 4 Nov 2008 9:12AM
  • Posted on LeighRebecca's profile

    A very accomplished portfolio you have here Leigh.
    • 23 Aug 2008 10:19PM
  • Posted on sketch's profile

    You are an extremely talented photographer Sarah. Smile
    • 31 Jul 2008 10:22PM
  • Posted on robincoombes's profile

    For a dyed in the wool old steam buff like me this is a teriffic portfolio. Smile
    • 20 Jun 2008 10:34PM
  • Posted on paulstefan's profile

    Just been looking through your portfolio again Paul, and I reckon you've got to be one of the most versatile, and best, togs on the site. Smile
    • 12 Feb 2008 9:52PM
  • Posted on CanonMan's profile

    Some very impressive work here Steve. Smile
    • 10 Jul 2007 3:28PM
  • Posted on simon butterworth's profile

    One of the top landscapers here I reckon. Smile
    • 17 Apr 2007 9:05PM
  • Posted on owp's profile

    Thought I'd better get a comment in here before you become inundated. A very good PF you have here, the B&W is coming along very nicely. Wink

    • 14 Sep 2006 7:30PM
  • Posted on PatrickSmith's profile

    One of the best tryers on the site. You never fail to take, absorb and put into practice any advice handed out to you. It shows in your work and the fact that you now give advice back and that you are not afraid to tell it how it is. You take, and give, everything in the best of humour. One of ePz's diamond geezers and a pleasure to know you, well virtually anyway. ;0-)

    • 20 Dec 2005 12:47AM
  • Posted on answersonapostcard's profile

    It's difficult to add anything to other's comments except that I agree whole heartedly with their sentiments.

    You're definitely one of the best and getting better all the time.

    • 14 Dec 2005 6:52AM
  • Posted on matt_smith's profile

    Made me wonder too. The quality I get from my 5D and Canon 17-40L is staggering, especially when printed. Up until recently, I also, like Trevor (jellylegs) used to use a 20D and Sigma 18-125 and thought the quality was very good indeed.

    • 30 Mar 2006 12:45AM
  • Posted on jon gibbs's profile

    One heck of a portfolio you have here Jon. Smile

    • 2 May 2006 1:57AM
  • Posted on PatrickSmith's profile

    I have always admired your work Pat and I respect your honest comments on mine, and other's images.

    • 2 Dec 2005 2:41PM
  • Posted on paulstefan's profile

    You're one of the best mono artists on the site in my humble opinion Paul. Smile
    • 22 Aug 2006 7:57PM
  • Posted on paulstefan's profile

    Not that your colour work's bad. Wink
    • 22 Aug 2006 7:58PM
  • Posted on debster's profile

    Some extremely classy images in here Debbie.

    • 6 Dec 2005 1:48AM
  • Posted on keithh's profile

    Thanks for the inspiration, critique and advice Keith, and for giving me the guts to be honest with my own work.

    • 15 Dec 2005 6:03AM
  • Posted on jules41's profile

    Oooh I get to be the first to comment..

    Any chance of some more of those wonderful B&W and toned landscapes of yours, pretty please?

    That's not to take anything away from the rest of the work of someone I regard as a very accomplished photographer, I just like them so much. Smile

    • 21 Feb 2006 5:46AM
  • Posted on Wooly's profile

    Quite an impressive portfolio you have here Alan. I look forward to dropping by more often. Smile

    • 21 Feb 2006 12:06AM
  • Posted on den2il's profile

    Cool banner Den.

    Portfolio ain't bad either. Wink
    • 30 Nov 2005 10:30AM
  • Posted on andytvcams's profile

    An outstanding portfolio and one of my insprations.

    And you're not afraid to tell it like it is.

    • 3 Dec 2005 12:31PM
  • Posted on Mari's profile

    Hi Mari, it's a pleasure to pop in here and look at the work of someone I consider to be an accomplished landscaper. Smile

    • 3 Dec 2005 10:13AM
  • Posted on Pete's profile

    Thanks for the site Pete - I'd still be a bumbling casual snapper if it wasn't for this place. Smile

    • 6 Dec 2005 4:54AM
  • Posted on katieb's profile

    Thought I'd better pop in and comment on one of my favourites. A superb portfolio Katie - a pleasure to view.

    • 16 Jan 2006 2:37AM
  • Posted on Boyd's profile

    Obviously the work of a diabolical genetic experiment Wink
    • 30 Nov 2005 5:43AM
  • Posted on jeanie's profile

    A good PF you've got here Jeanie - A big improver.

    And fun in the chat room too. Wink

    • 8 Dec 2005 7:52AM
  • Posted on helendixon's profile

    A lot of people tend to greatly underate the Sussex landscape. You, however, manage to redress the balance by capturing in all it's glory; something we who live here know it possesses in abundance. Smile

    • 4 Apr 2006 9:32AM
  • Posted on hayleyk's profile

    You have a great and varied portfolio here Hayley. Your landscapes are comimg on in leaps and bounds. I reckon I'll have my work cut out to keep up with you when I get to Dorset. Wink

    • 20 Jan 2006 2:33AM

Limited to latest 30 results.