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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Ullswater Evening Light

    A fantastic image. The right place at the right time...i do really like this image.
    • 9 May 2012 7:42PM
  • Raging Bull

    Quote:Great shot - and revolting too. Don't tell me where they live cos I will never feel the same again. But an extraordinary piece of photography.

    Sue - Thanks for the kind comment. Don't worry this one was only 4mm long and the head is just over 0.5mm. Smile

    Best Regards

    • 8 May 2012 7:56PM
  • Female Hairy Dragonfly

    Great shot. I have never seen one of these. In fact Dragons aren't that prolific here in North Devon (by the coast). Someone will no doubtably tell me otherwise. Smile
    • 8 May 2012 7:33PM
  • The Weevil

    Wow. Thank you so much everyone for the kind comments. The awards were certainly a great surprise. Really thank you all once again. Grin
    • 29 Apr 2012 8:02PM
  • Jumping Spider (Salticus scenicus)

    Quote:Oooerrr.....A little over exposed on the hairs of the legs, but that's a very picky criticism, and the ring flash makes it look a little flat. Otherwise very difficult to fault and just goes to show you don't need to spend a fortune on lenses to get superb results. Well done to you.....Shortlisted!


    Thank You Ade. The hairs on the legs are not quite as bright on the original but the increased sharpening for screen that i chose when changing from Tiff to JPeg has this effect for some reason.

    The JML 21mm was 150 2nd hand and i have seen them on eBay very rarely going for nearly twice that......i really need a spare.

    I don't use a flash......the lighting is with 3no. Ikea LED lights that are diffused through a paper cylinder.

    I would like to say a really big thank you for the criticism....sometimes times people are for some reason scared to do so for fear of offending the individual....i however really like it...its the way we learn...i'll post a version of this when i have time with the leg hair less exposed.

    Best Regards

    • 27 Apr 2012 9:52PM
  • 3D Synthetic Cross Eye Stereogram

    Quote:I'd be very interested to learn about your focus stacking set-up. I use a travelling microscope that cost me pennies on eBay and the results are absolutely stunning. Cleaning the little critters is a pain, do you have a special brew that you use? I have some RMS lenses for swapping, how about you? Etc., etc..

    What do you want to know? Your best bet is to go to this site www.photomacrography.net here you will find everything you will ever need to know about photostacking, setups, lens. Don't think i'm brushing you off because i'm not......you will learn more from this site than i could ever tell you......i'm still very much at the start of the learning curve. I haven't any photos of my setup.....i should probably sort one out for those that are interested.

    What lens do you have? I use a Nikon CF 10x, JML 21mm and an El Nikkor 50mm (plastic version). I use 3no. Ikea LED lights and a paper tube for light diffusion, a linear stage and a jig that my camera is bolted to.

    I clean the bugs with warm water by putting them in a contact lens canister and giving them a gentle shake.....any other small bits of dust i remove in PS3.

    I hope this sort of helpful.

    Best Regards

    • 26 Apr 2012 7:35PM
  • Chocolate Chip

    Very nice...I really like the composition.
    • 15 Apr 2012 8:04PM
  • Super Size Me

    Quote:WOW Keith, this is fantastic ! I like macro but have never done anything like this. What is 50 stacked images ?.....................Bob

    Thank you for the kind comment. Because the depth of field is so small at this magnification you need to take many shots a different focal points to see the whole picture. If you are really interested go to www.photomacrography.com there you will the most amazing macro images you have ever seen by some of the most talented macro photographers.
    • 21 Feb 2012 9:21PM
  • Pinkie

    Great Macro shot. I like the feel it gives off. Nice lens as well.
    • 19 Jan 2012 9:44PM
  • Bowl & Arrow

    Very clever. I like the bowl....very nice. I have read through how you achieved it and to be very honest i would never have guessed.
    • 17 Jan 2012 8:28PM
  • Beach Hut Star Trails

    Quote:What settings did you use to get a shot like this?

    Thank you

    iso 100
    14 x 4min exp
    4 x 4 min dark frames

    all put together in startrails.exe - a free download program
    • 17 Jan 2012 8:23PM
  • Three Kings

    Quote:Great shot, nice colours and well presented.
    Just one question...what did you drop in the water that gives it this crown effect? done similar stuff myself
    but not been able to acheive this effect.

    Thank you for the kind comment. All you do is add a touch of milk to the water to make it a bit thicker. Also drop from about 30cm so the drop doesn't gather to much speed. Place a small drop of milky water directly on the surface and drop another drop onto it.....add food dye for the colours. To get the streaky effect put the drop on the solid surface and add the dye by dipping a cocktail stick in some food dye and carefully touching the drop.
    • 12 Jan 2012 7:58PM
  • Cherry on Top

    Quote:That is amazing Smile
    If someone said to you "I want this and this, and that has to do this." Could you oblige?
    It sounds like a big ask to me - but you've produced some unforgettable images so far.

    Thank you for the kind comment. I don't know what you mean by 'If someone said to you "I want this and this, and that has to do this." Could you oblige?'

    Best Regards

    • 11 Jan 2012 7:39PM
  • Common Wasp - Vespula vulgaris

    Quote:Fantasticn doF, simply amazing. And I have learned why Vespas got there name: If you get too many of them it is like wasps Smile
    no idea how that stacker works, when I downloaded it I was full of anticipation but it crashed immediately

    Thank you very much....if you want any help you need only ask. Smile
    • 11 Jan 2012 7:01PM
  • Damsel

    Quote:There's a lot to enjoy here. I'm amazed at the lack of views or votes, but it's purely because it's out of season for the UK. I'm sure that posting this in the summer would have a completely different result. The only comment I can offer is that there's a small piece of pink fibre on the grass which disrupts the natural feel of the photo.

    Thank you very much. I see the fluff......hard to see for me because i am colourblind. I have to ask my partner on occasions to check my photos to ensure the colours are correct...lol
    • 10 Jan 2012 9:54PM
  • Drenching .......

    A fantastic image. The FG rocks draw you in and through to the dark moodiness of the sky.
    • 10 Jan 2012 9:34PM
  • Hartland Quay, North Devon

    Quote:Great shot - my neck of the woods too

    Thanks Rob. I'm in Braunton .... i got a bit bored of Saunton, Croyde and the rocks don't point in the right direction this time of year. If you ever want to meet up it'd be good. Regards Keith
    • 21 Dec 2011 9:46PM

    Taken on the same day as Heart of Hartland? It would be good to see your EXIF.
    • 9 Dec 2011 9:38PM
  • Jumping Spider

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. Smile
    • 7 Dec 2011 9:07PM
  • .(.....)

    Lovely Macro. I have never seen a hover fly with spotty eyes.
    • 6 Dec 2011 7:07PM
  • In the Red

    A fantastic image. I absolutely love the processing. Its always a bummer when something gets bust......not cheap to replace.
    • 5 Dec 2011 9:02PM

    Very nice image. Is this out at Hartland / Welcome area? I live not far from there and often think about a trip up....but generally stay on the Saunton / Croyde side.
    • 2 Dec 2011 7:50PM
  • View to Hartland

    AEVANS10 - Thank you for the comment. Its not HDR
    • 2 Dec 2011 6:57AM
  • Some smoke

    Never done any smoke images. Looks great....do you colour the smoke in photoshop?
    • 1 Dec 2011 8:55PM
  • Robber Fly

    Great Macro....I love these bugs..... vicious little critters.
    • 1 Dec 2011 8:53PM
  • Crail II

    A superb image. Love the water movement over the pebbles.
    • 30 Nov 2011 7:43PM
  • One Shot

    Very nice. Ever since i started water drops i wanted to reproduce Martin Waughs shot but have never got around to it. I take it that the ring is fixed in place and not dropped? as it looks to be at a constant height on the 2 images you posted.
    • 30 Nov 2011 10:19AM
  • Water Drop Cliche

    Thanks everyone for the commenting on my piccy.

    digitall - I know it doesn't look sharp on here but its only a low res image that i have uploaded. Its always a problem with water drop shot.....where to place the focal point on the collision. I generally place it about 10% into the actual splash...that way you get a better DOF so the back of the splash looks in focus as well.
    • 29 Nov 2011 8:15PM
  • Fallen Leaves

    Fantastic....where is this?
    • 28 Nov 2011 8:07PM
  • this is yummy!

    Great shot of a Wolf Spider Smile....i have never been lucky enough to have seen one...Sad
    • 27 Nov 2011 12:56PM