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Thank you to all who take time to view my profile photographs, it's much appreciated. Sharing my photographs is a new thing for me. I am slowly learning about my camera and its settings, EPZ helps so much. There are loads of wonderful people and their photos on here. Pam
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A quick view of ladynewbury's recent activity.

  • Oystercatcher

    An excellent in flight image Mike. Processed beautifully. Pam
    • 23 Sep 2019 5:17PM
  • Black Tailed Skimmer

    I've just seen this magnificent image of yours Mike. It's pin sharp with superb detail. Pam
    • 15 Sep 2019 8:46PM
  • Resting Damselfly

    A beautiful set Debs, Pam
    • 9 Sep 2019 9:53PM
  • The Artist

    Stunning Ivor. Pam
    • 9 Sep 2019 9:52PM
  • Balancing Act

    How clever Debra. Very inventive and great to view. Pam
    • 9 Sep 2019 9:49PM
  • Water fun 2

    Excellent action shots Arne, the lead of me...just a tad. Pam
    • 9 Sep 2019 9:39PM
  • Georgia on my mind

    So good Steve. A great likeness. Pam
    • 9 Sep 2019 9:36PM
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  • Your images are all so beautiful Adrian. I can see your portfolio growing into something special.
    Thank you for your award on my Gannet. An honour to receive from such a great photographer as yourself. Pam
  • I've had a browse through your portfolio Graham. You have so many wonderful images, in fact there isn't a bad one amongst it. Excellent. Pam
  • Mandy you have a first class port folio, such as I have never seen before. Every image is delicately beautifully. You have found a style all of your own, and I love it. I am following you from today, so I don't miss a single shot. Pam
    • Posted on MandyD's profile
    • 30 Mar 2018 12:46AM
  • All of you pictures are so good Vincent. You are building a factastic port folio, and I look forward too seeing it grow. Pam
  • Your portfolio is amazing Carole, love every photo. Pam
    • Posted on CaroleS's profile
    • 28 Mar 2018 9:32PM
  • I have to say this is a pretty impressive portfolio Sue. Love every photo. Pam
    • Posted on SUE118's profile
    • 15 Nov 2017 10:03PM
  • Welcome to EPZ Beth. There are lovely people on this site, and great photographers, as you will soon find out. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Pam
  • A really impressive portfolio Brian. Your love of macro shows in your photographs. Pam