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A quick view of leeroe's recent activity.

  • Christmas Fun Friday by Boyd

    he he he, great subject
    • 19 Dec 2008 11:40AM
  • Clitheroe Carnival by leeroe

    Hi Ade,
    Its the Torchlight Procession night and I have been to many, but since this one they havent held it again, it was a fab night, the weather was fantastic and we didnt get home until 4am, even the Police were making merry and dancing until the early hours !!

    The photo isnt dark on my calibrated monitor, I can see detail in the bottom foreground and up the left side which seem to be the darkest areas, then again it was a while ago when I was just getting used to the D100, Got a 1DMKIII now and prefer it to be honest.

    • 12 May 2008 10:08AM
  • dreambox by Uppercut

    In my dreams !!!!! on both counts !

    A delightful image, a truly gorgeous model and a fantastic photograph. nothing else needs be said !
    • 30 Jan 2008 9:03AM
  • A sneaky one !! by leeroe

    Cheers Terry,
    and dont mention shooting for gods sake

    • 16 Aug 2007 1:21PM
  • After by keithh

    Love it !!
    • 4 Jul 2007 11:51AM
  • Misty wood by katnikmat

    Welcome to EPZ and this is a great shot, no teccie barble ...just love the image simple as that !! keep it up
    • 29 May 2006 9:27AM
  • Last cast by leeroe

    Hi guys (my collective term for both sexes)
    Thanks for the great comments. With this shot I didnt want to silhouette Morgan against a wonderfull sunset I wanted to keep him "real" and allow his clothes and form to be visible, but not to much that he would become the only focal point and the viewer would ignore the waves and the sunset, I also really liked how my footprints remained next to him in the wet sand to give another little twist. Must admit photography is like cooking to me..... you never really like your own cooking until you serve it to someone and they comment how tasty it is, then you actually begin to taste the food properly and enjoy it. Once again thanks for the positive comments.

    Regards, Lee
    • 30 Oct 2005 1:53AM

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