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Activity : Photo Comments

  • Pedicel Puffball

    How did you conclude that it is L. caudatum? That species is exceptionally rare, and there are no confirmed records for England. It does not match the description in British Puffballs, Earthstars and Stinkhorns by Pegler et al. and I think that what you have is L. perlatum.
    • 11 Nov 2009 6:36PM
  • Emperor gets bitten!

    Very nice.
    • 4 Jul 2008 10:51PM
  • The Gathering

    It is more likely to be Psathyrella hydrophila, as it is growing in a large clump on wood. The species you mention is quite small and I think grows on soil with moss.
    • 25 Oct 2007 9:48AM
  • Yellow Fungus

    Looks like a Larch Bolete, Suillus grevillei, assuming you are in the UK, and Larch trees were nearby. I guess that is Wood Sorrel nearby too.
    • 28 Jun 2007 5:58PM
  • F86 Sabre

    A good shot of a lovely aircraft. I must visit the air show next year. Leif
    • 30 Dec 2005 2:10AM
  • A-10 Thunderbolt

    A good plane portrait. Leif
    • 14 Dec 2005 12:04PM
  • Photographers Leap

    Gives me vertigo ... Leif
    • 12 Dec 2005 9:40AM
  • Fungi

    It's definitely not H. nigrescens which has a straight stem, and a more conical cap. It is probably a Deceiver, Laccaria laccata, though it's hard to be sure from a photo. L. laccata is rather rubbery, unlike H. nigrescens which is more brittle.

    • 4 Dec 2005 11:56AM
  • Newlands Corner

    Very atmospheric. I think we had the same weather here (Beds) last week. Leif
    • 29 Nov 2005 11:02AM
  • Winter Wonderland

    Very nice. Leif
    • 28 Nov 2005 9:55AM
  • Harbour lights

    Looks like Brixham harbour ... Leif
    • 26 Nov 2005 9:57AM
  • Prawn Cracker Fungus

    There are several species that could fit the picture. The most likely is Crepidotus variabilis. The flesh is brittle, and the gills are pink. Panellus mitis is more rubbery, and the gills are whitish. It grows on dead conifer wood.

    • 16 Nov 2005 8:55AM
  • Amanita muscaria

    FWIW it'ss not a Russula as they never have a ring. It looks like an Amanita muscaria, Fly Agaric. Leif
    • 14 Nov 2005 10:38AM
  • After the Tide....

    Nice idea. Reminds me of that abstract artist. I think her name is Bridget Riley but I might be mistaken. She does very similar images with black and white lines. I saw an exhibition of her paintings, and came out with a headache! I suspect your image will have the same effect ... Leif
    • 13 Nov 2005 6:25AM
  • End of the day

    I agree with the others. Remove most of the lower half and you'll have a lovely image. I don't mind the slope though. Sorry to be a bit negative. Leif
    • 13 Nov 2005 6:27AM
  • Oi Mush!

    IMO it's a Honey Fungus. Leif
    • 17 Oct 2005 1:29PM
  • For Terry L

    That looks like a Geastrum triplex. The inner cup between the arms and the 'egg' give it away. Nice shot. Leif
    • 16 Oct 2005 10:19AM
  • Go Ask Alice

    Coprinus comatus, commonly known as Lawyer's Wig, or Shaggy Mane. They are edible when young, before they start deliquescing (that's the correct terms for turning into black liquid). Fairly common, and photogenic as you have discovered.

    • 4 Sep 2005 11:07PM
  • Almost deserted

    A nice simple view. Leif
    • 31 Aug 2005 11:01AM
  • flower 90

    A striking image with nice even lighting. Leif
    • 30 Aug 2005 1:19PM
  • The Cage up close

    That's a nice postcard style portrait of a local oddity. Leif
    • 30 Aug 2005 10:51AM
  • Dragonfly

    That's a good one. Leif
    • 30 Aug 2005 12:03PM
  • Nuthatch

    Lovely picture. Good pose, nice light, and a nice background.
    • 29 Aug 2005 10:08AM
  • Follow through

    A nice action shot. Yes it could almost be Swan Lake.
    • 27 Aug 2005 12:13PM
  • Atkinson Lighthouse

    Nice one.
    • 23 Aug 2005 11:08PM
  • High Jump

    Nice one. Leif
    • 22 Aug 2005 4:27AM
  • Hot Air in Bristol

    Good shot. It'd make a nice post card! Leif
    • 22 Aug 2005 4:30AM
  • Alstroemeria again

    Lovely. It looks like a watercolour. Leif
    • 20 Aug 2005 2:03PM
  • Madam Damselfly

    That's a good picture. The smooth background is very nice though I might not have cropped the right so tightly.
    • 19 Aug 2005 12:34PM
  • It's been a long day

    Nice shot.
    • 16 Aug 2005 4:16AM