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  • Just bought a really expensive

    Camcorder! The most I've ever spent on one in fact. I've just bought the Sony PD170p from ebay (second hand but in MINT condition) 1300. Pretty much half price! So keep watching ephotozine TV because I intend to post a few photography related vid...0

    14 May 2009 11:25AM  |  Read


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  • My Films

    You may or may not be aware that I make films as well as photography and have been ever since I'd first received my first camcorder when I was about 12. I started with this bulky brick, then moving my way on to this more handsome cam and finally I...0

    20 Dec 2008 7:55PM  |  Read


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  • You know what really gets my goat??!!

    ICE! Why on earth does it have to plague us with it's miserable existence? An ordinary walk to the shop becomes an instant challenge, that is to not slip up on the ice disguised within the tarmac. To defeat this natural obstacle you need to trea...0

    10 Dec 2008 11:33PM  |  Read


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  • You know what really gets my goat??

    Traffic light sensors. They're the most technologically inefficient items you can possibly come across. It's ironic that their purpose is to manage a pedestrians crossing in a simple, easy and constructive way when in fact they're far from that. ...0

    28 Oct 2008 11:57PM  |  Read


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  • New camera needed?

    The old Canon 350D is still going strong in my hands, but I can't help thinking that it's time for a change. For someone that is earning a miserable 200+ a month it's imperative that my decision must be considered wisely.0

    17 Oct 2008 1:25PM  |  Read


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