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Hey All!
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A quick view of Leland_Wolfe's recent activity.

  • Bridge

    Lol, she kinda said the same thing about the reflection. I personally thought it was rubbish because of the branches. They completely ruin the image for me. But, all in all, my girlfriend pointed out the same things, and she said she likes you, lol.

    I can expect we'll be seeing her joining in a few. I think she's going to get into photography with me.

    Thanks for the feedback!
    • 10 Nov 2009 5:54AM
  • Mid Peck

    Yeah, I really gotta work on my timing. Thanks for the comment! Maybe one day I can actually catch a bird being a bird...clearly. Lol.
    • 8 Nov 2009 5:43AM
  • Landing on the River Orwell

    I envy this capture. It's so similiar to what I've been trying for. Still, enough about my shortcomings. This is an amazing capture. Great shot, wonderful colors, and good timing.

    I've been appearing down at my local park to try to get a duck, goose, or coot landing. I just have horrible timing. Doing a review on my camera, the Fujifilm Finepix S1500, lots of reviews said the lag time on the shutter is to blame, but honestly, I think I'm the one to blame because I have the reflexes of a dead cat, even with continuous 3 shot mode. I mean, why blame the camera right? It only does what you tell it to.
    • 7 Nov 2009 10:03PM
  • Feeding Geese

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the criticism, and now, when I go to catch another such shot, I know what to do.

    I certainly don't mind the honesty, in fact, I appreciate it. It's better than lying to me, so I don't learn anything and continue to make mistakes.

    You will definitely see more of my work, and along with it, hopefully some improvement.
    • 6 Nov 2009 10:08AM
  • Looking back

    The detail in the distance is amazing, as is the lighting, and well, just everything! I love the sky! Great work!
    • 6 Nov 2009 8:37AM
  • Marina

    Quote:Love the natural framing. The distant scene seemed over exposed to me so my mod worked on shadows and highlights to bring more detail into the foreground branches and reduce the glare in the scene beyond.

    Wow, and what you did makes it much better. I'm not confident enough to start playing around with the manual controls on my Fuji Finepix S1500 just yet, so the auto scene recignition is responsible for the exposure, lol. (If we could blame it all on the camera, and not the photographer, right? Lol)

    I notice the focus has some troubles too, but maybe soon I can override it when I know what I am doing.

    Thanks for the critique and the modification. I appreciate all your help!
    • 6 Nov 2009 7:37AM

    Love the lights and the reflection, it's amazing! I'd love to capture a night shot like this sometime in my life.

    Absolutely amazing!
    • 5 Nov 2009 10:36PM

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