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The picture shown here is a stereoscopic pair of my film cameras.
I have used all of them from time to time to take 3D shots of various subjects, but it was never as easy as it is now, using my little Fuji Digital Compact and viewing on a computer screen.

Why not try it yourself? It requires no apparatus to view them.

Successful viewing is done by refocussing the eyes to merge the two images, and the brain interprets this to give the 3D effect we normally enjoy when we look at things.


The stereo pair shown opposite is a bit too small to view well, but there are larger ones in my portfolio and I have copied over my notes which may be more convenient to help people achieve successful viewing.

Good Luck!


1. Firstly it does not damage your eyes. It is using the eye muscles in a way you use them all the time all day.

2. You do not need to go Cross-eyed to view stereoscopic shots. (I cant cross my eyes, but it seems that some people who can go cross-eyed need to swap the pictures over to get the 3D effect)

3. When viewing you simply look through the picture as if focussing on a distant object, and use the eye muscles to bring the resulting 4 images together until the 2 central ones merge. You then hold this whilst the brain accepts this merged picture, and you prepare to be astonished!
This Holding on part is important and can take a few seconds for complete acceptance of the whole picture. The brain is doing this sort of thing all the time of course. For instance our eyes see everything upside down but the brain corrects for that .

4. Do not blink during the process of merging. Once the pics are merged blinking should then not present a problem.

5. Keep the head upright throughout. so that the eyes remain level.

6. Concentrate on just one outstanding object in the picture. Not the whole picture, until the images are merged.

7. It may help some people to get a large piece of card (2ft x 1ft) held so that one short edge touches the screen between the pictures and with the eyes close to the opposite edge, so the R eye can only see the R picture and the L eye only the L one. If the card is then very gently lowered, this procedure may help the eyes to achieve the merging process. Do it again and again until it works. It just needs more practice once you start to get success.

It is unfortunate that to make 3D pictures even more magical viewing, one needs to increase the complexity by the addition of more items in the shot.

The result of doing that however seems to be that folk trying to acquire the viewing skill are less successful and fail to achieve the effect. Possibly they then write it off as a lot of nonsence and give up trying.

It is very nice that already a few ePzedders have persevered, had success and been amazed at this 3D effect.

Sept. 2005 Update:
I am indebted to 'Debbiehardy' for this tip:
"The method I use is to put my nose almost on the screen, then slowly come away from it, focussing on the back of the screen".

Taking 3D Stereoscopic Pairs
Basically it is very simple.
1. Line up your macro shot.
2. Take your first shot with the camera 15mm to the Left of this position. This picture will then be displayed on the Left.
3. Take another shot 15mm to the right of the original position. Display on the Right.

The distance I found by trial and error. All the 3D shots I have uploaded so far were taken after displacing the camera exactly 3cms. It would need to be increased if the subject distance increased.

The skill is in getting the distance, lighting, exposure etc. etc. to remain the same throughout. That just comes with experience.

Close-ups, Portraits, General, Architectural, Landscapes can all have the magic applied to them.

See the first class examples H E R E .

So, if you are still awake after all that Smile all that remains is for me to say I hope you try it and have success. It is great fun.



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