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A quick view of LenShepherd's recent activity.

  • Imagination

    It is not the Shambles Grin
    • 15 Jan 2015 5:23PM
  • White fronted bee eater

    Thanks for compliments - the colours are a bit flat because I forgot to convert from Adobe RGB to sRGB before posting - my fault.
    I have other shots from the same session - but none with an orange butterfly side on.
    • 30 Mar 2008 12:25PM
  • Should you use VR for fast moving hockey?
    While it is up to you to decide, VR does not reduce camera shake effects at faster shutter speeds than 1/600 and has very little gain at 1/500.
    • Posted on johnmac's profile
    • 9 Jan 2019 8:26AM