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LensYews : Groups


'When Adam and Eve were dispossessed
Of the garden hard by Heaven
They planted another one down in the West
'Twas Devon, glorious Devon!'
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  • Senate Camera Club

    This group is a place where TR employees at the Senate in Exeter, and their friends and family, can share their photos, discuss or ask questions about photography, share knowledge, tips and tricks, and make the group aware of events that might have photog...more

    • Leader : LensYews
    • Established : 26 Nov 2011
    • Members : 4
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Photography Day2 at the Barn Owl Centre

    2nd of the October dates provided Now Autumn is upon us, here is the opportunity for EPZ folk to koin us on another one of our 5 hour photo days! This Bird of Prey Photography Day is for the purpose of EPZ Folk only, This is to be held in natural su...more

    • Leader : VinceJones
    • Established : 20 Sep 2011
    • Members : 8
    • Activity : Quiet
  • The Grumpy Group

    Here's a group for all those heated discussions about things we don't like, bad news, things that get on our nerves, discussion about paedophiles and terrorists and generally anything thats based around bad news. Also, please use the group to start an...more

    • Leader : ade_mcfade
    • Established : 12 Aug 2010
    • Members : 416
    • Activity : High
  • Equine Photography

    A group dedicated to photographing horse of all breeds and disciplines

    • Leader : wsteffey
    • Established : 18 Jul 2010
    • Members : 12
    • Activity : Quiet
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions group for experienced ePhotozine members to share their experience and knowledge with newer members to the forums, and to help them with those queries that arise from time to time. Site FAQs are also available [link=http://ww...more

    • Leader : LensYews
    • Established : 6 Sep 2010
    • Members : 6
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Dog Photography

    This group is for anyone with a passion for dog photography. Whether it be portrait, documentary, scientific or action, please share your canine photography here.

    • Leader : Sus
    • Established : 6 Jul 2010
    • Members : 66
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Devon Location Group

    A group for the EPZ members in or around Devon. Use the group to: - Discuss and arrange member meetings - Discuss potential photographic venues - Arrange social sessions - Arrange a visit to the aladdin's cave at Mifsuds - Set up local workshops an...more

    • Leader : LensYews
    • Established : 20 Aug 2010
    • Members : 10
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Professional Advice & Critique

    An area for aspiring professionals to seek advice from the site's professional & semi-professional photographers. Any genre, whether wedding, social, interior, event, press etc. Not somewhere to upload random images for discussion, but for members acti...more

    • Leader : SteveCharles
    • Established : 14 Aug 2010
    • Members : 125
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Black and white photography

    Welcome to the black and white group. This is a group for people to show their black and white images, discuss what makes a great black and white image, share knowledge and to help others improve their black and white images. The weekly black and whit...more

    • Leader : User_Removed
    • Established : 29 Jul 2010
    • Members : 549
    • Activity : Moderate
  • Favourite Fives

    Ever read Hi Fidelity by Nick Hornby? They're always listing off their top 10 of everything. As an off topic amusement, this group will be just a trivial place where you can start "topic" as a forum thread (e.g. top 5 monarchs), then go on to list...more

    • Leader : ade_mcfade
    • Established : 4 Aug 2010
    • Members : 99
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Sports Photography

    This group is for the discussion of sports photography, and covers all sports. Use the forum to share your greatest sports images, share advice on techniques for different sports, advice on how to shoot particular venues or just what makes a great sports...more

    • Leader : LensYews
    • Established : 5 Jul 2010
    • Members : 50
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Focus On Imaging

    Not a photographic meeting, but a chance for the members going to [link=http://www.focus-on-imaging.co.uk/]Focus on Imaging[/link] to meet up at the event. There is a floor plan of the two halls on the focus for imaging site [link=http://www.focus-on-i...more

    • Leader : LensYews
    • Established : 20 Feb 2010
    • Members : 10
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Beach Polo in Cornwall

    Every Autumn, Watergate Bay plays host to a beach polo match, offering a stunning setting for photography. Sport played in the golden light as sunset approaches, in between chukkas there are opportunities to photograph the North Cornish coast, surfers enj...more

    • Leader : LensYews
    • Established : 3 Feb 2010
    • Members : 1
    • Activity : Quiet
  • 2nd Bird of Prey Photo Day Meet

    [b]2ND MEET NOW FULL[/b] [i]This is for those who didn't put their name down for the 2nd January![/i] This Bird of Prey Photography Day is for the purpose of EPZ Folk only, This is to be held in natural surroundings within Netheridge Farm, home of t...more

    • Leader : VinceJones
    • Established : 1 Dec 2009
    • Members : 13
    • Activity : Quiet

    A place to link your pictures for open discussion and more in depth critique if requested. please provide taking information / settings if applicable and outline areas you would like to discuss.

    • Leader : NEWMANP
    • Established : 10 Nov 2009
    • Members : 24
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Dartmoor View

    A Day on Dartmoor, what could be better - We meet at Dartmeet car park at 10.30, see what shots of the river we can capture - then on to the Plume of Feathers in Princetown for some lunch (and ale) - after which we move on to Merrival and the Standing sto...more

    • Leader : JohnDyer
    • Established : 9 Sep 2009
    • Members : 4
    • Activity : Quiet