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Firstly apologies for the username. It was all I could think of at the time and didnt know everyone else would see it too!!

I am 34 and work as a mental health nurse. I have two lovely daughters (Ella, 10 & Daisy, 6)and a (much)'better half', Sarah.

After leaving school I studied photography for two yrs at college. After college my interest in photography dwindled. I sold my camera (a beautiful Nikon FM2) & lenses to pay the rent when times were hard (aaahh!). I thought little about photography until about five years ago when I purchased a Nikon F55. It was nice taking photos again, especially of the girls, although it was/is difficult to find the time to do this as much as I would like. I decided to buy a digital SLR in October 05. This has started to improve my photograhy (i think!!), although I have a long way to go. I just wish I had more time!

I appreciate all comments and constructive critisism, this can only help me improve. Hopefully over time my photographs will improve. If I can reach only half the standard of some of the shots on this site I will be a happy chap!!


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