My Name is Leon, I'm 29 Married and I have Just started taking photo's. So This is all new to me. eeekkkkk!
Hope you like the photo's and if there are any comments please don't be shy!!!!
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  • Hmmm

    stunning capture love the colours youve produced in this shot. Well Done!!!!!!
    • 28 Jun 2010 7:28PM
  • Morning Mist 2

    wow love the colours on this shot. with the slow shutter speed to give the clouds a bit of charater. nice photo!!!
    • 28 Jun 2010 7:27PM
  • Owl Be Back!!!!

    thyanks guys for the comments i lov to now what im doing wrong so i can approve on this
    • 28 Jun 2010 7:18PM
  • Sitting pretty

    another nice shot mate
    • 28 Jun 2010 7:17PM
  • Forgotten Times.

    cracking shot andrew nice one mate
    • 28 Jun 2010 7:16PM
  • Relaxing

    nice work andrew
    • 28 Jun 2010 7:15PM
  • Thoughts

    nice shot i love that pale colouring i'd love to know how its done
    • 15 Jun 2010 3:19PM
  • Hi steve, Leon here i think your portfolio is great!
  • cheers for the comment stace i will do what you said.

    thank's LeonSLR
    • Posted on Stace's profile
    • 3 Jul 2008 5:13PM
  • What a superb range of shot's well done allan!!!!!!
    This is from a Valley's boy.

  • wounderful shot's. I wish i could take a excellent shot as you can Clint.

  • you have a few nice shot's in your portfolio andrew
  • i must admit fran you have some wonderful pic's in your portfolio
  • it's saying that because i haven't been a member for a month i cann't do it yet.
    • Posted on gary_d's profile
    • 2 Jul 2008 7:38AM
  • gary changed the size on the screen have a look see what you think
    • Posted on gary_d's profile
    • 30 Jun 2008 9:52PM