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Thanks for looking at my little corner of EPZ
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A quick view of LesF's recent activity.

  • Some Time by chase

    A blast from the past, hope things are good with you Janet, sorry about the loss of your friend at such a young age.
    • 27 Apr 2019 10:27AM

    Great to see your images again Simon, your engagement with people in bringing out real life’s is second to none, all are wonderful images
    • 1 Aug 2018 11:00AM
  • Tayters by chase

    If you didn't know Janet they do electric scales nowadays, just in case you didn't know.
    Sorry to hear about you health, you look after yourself Mrs, Photography etc can wait

    • 24 Jul 2017 8:51AM
  • The Persistence of Memory by Nick_w

    I think is excellent, up there the best of your images. I like the lighter side creating that minimalist look about it,
    Yes we know you for the more darker images but this lighter style gives you a whole range of work that could be produced and would make a great series

    Oh and I know where those boards are from lol

    • 10 Jul 2017 8:07AM
  • A view to a hunt... by BURNBLUE

    Story telling via an image at it's best

    • 22 Jan 2017 9:48AM
  • Hunter vs Hunter.. by BURNBLUE

    Awesome, what a story in one image

    • 20 Jan 2017 8:47AM
  • The Raptor House.. by BURNBLUE

    Now that's travel photography and what an experience staying in a home stay, brilliant Si

    • 18 Jan 2017 5:52PM
  • 17-40 vs 24mm TS-E

    Maybe this should have started out with a title about whether to buy a 24mm standard prime or a 24mm tse prime but it's too late for that. The question has been answered ...
    by arhb | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 17
  • Sensor dust vacuums

    If you can find a long enough usb cord, it can double for house cleaning; or maybe a small Ikea type apartment.:)
    by ade_mcfade | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 15
  • OS X Yosemite

    "p.s. not difficult to get it right when the correct spelling's at the top of the page though is it." That should have a " ? " at the end. ;)
    by Chant57 | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 21
  • Mount Cutter

    "I Bit more forwarded thinking Nick LOL, you have the other option, pre cut mounts, just a thought" You sounding just like Cole Les ;) it's a very good idea,...
    by Nick_w | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 15
  • I love it when people steal my images...

    I think everyone's bemused Les - not least me... had a few calls and chats on-line since... just who is this mysterious person! he's still in the group as he "liked" ...
    by ade_mcfade | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 13
  • Choosing Photo Paper

    Thanks Janet I will do, I'm determined to get the printing spot on as I'm wanting to enter more print sections in Salons.
    by Nick_w | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 12
  • Finding Mr Bargh

    All the best for a happy retirement pete thanks for all the happy years on EPZ ;)
    by Coleslaw | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 92

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  • Posted on Jasper87's profile

    An interesting PF Dave, enjoyed looking at the many genres, a pleasure to view
    • 30 May 2013 10:33AM
  • Posted on derekhansen's profile

    A cracking portfolio Derek, one to be very proud of.

    Keep up the excellent work,it's a pleasure viewing

    • 16 Mar 2011 7:07AM
  • Posted on BURNBLUE's profile

    Just viewed a section you’re PF Simon and it is extremely inspirational, certainly coming back for more.

    • 10 Feb 2010 1:35PM
  • Posted on Emeranie's profile

    A wonderful PF it has been joy to to browse, you have some super images.

    • 23 Sep 2009 1:34PM
  • Posted on rusmi's profile

    Could look at your portfolio all day as your images are quality with a capital Q.

    • 9 Aug 2009 9:55AM
  • Posted on SoulOfNature's profile

    Your photography is coming on in leaps and bounds Jean, your developing a good portfollio here you should be pleased.

    • 4 Mar 2009 8:02PM
  • Posted on ringyneck's profile

    A wonderful set of image, really enjoyed viewing.

    • 9 Jan 2009 4:53PM
  • Posted on TyChee's profile

    Stunningly beautiful images in your portfolio Ty. Always a pleasure to view.

    Les F
    • 27 Aug 2007 4:59PM
  • Posted on terry_cavner's profile

    Just looked through a small part of your portfollio Terry and you have some wonderful images. You should be very proud.

    Les F
    • 13 Jun 2007 1:28PM

Limited to latest 30 results.