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  • A good read with solid reasoning about your 16-35 lens purchase Ade,it's not alway about the nice to have, I fact it should never be focused on that.
    I think the original post was along similar lines would the 17- 40 do the job instead of a 24mm Mk1 TS
    A plus for me using the 24mm TS is I can use it as virtual 35mm when coupled with the 1.4 extender ok I loose a stop but shooting architecture, sea/landscapes it's not an issue

  • Quote:Thanks Les, that is a more interesting perspective -
    if you could mention one noticeable aspect about the Mk1 TS over the 17-40, what would it be(non tilt/shift aspect)?

    Also, how would you say the Mk2 has raised the bar over the Mk1?

    In your first post you mention using the lens for architecture / interiors, here the TS Mk1 wins, although you will get a wider view with the 17-40 by the time you've spent time srtaightening the persectives etc you'l will undoubtably loose some of that wider view point, by setting up the TS Mk1 correctly what you shoot is what you will see in you final image. If you need a wider view take a number of requires images by using the shift and these will easily stitch, therefore you have the versitlilty with a TS.

    Overall the Mk2 TS is a far sharper lens than the Mk1 specially around the edges away from the centre

    Hope this helps, the 17-40 is an L lens and is no slouch TS lens are manual and can take time in setting up and figuring out the best options
  • Having at some point owned the 17-40, 24mm TS Mk1 and Mk2 there is not a tremendous difference between the 17-40 and the Mk1 TS, the TS will just about edge it.
    Looking at the difference with a Mk2 TS against a 17-40mm it's no comparison the 24 TS is far superior plus it's also superior to the MK1 TS.
    The 24mm TS MK 2 is one of the sharpest lenses edge to edge that Canon produce but as you probably know it's not cheap

  • As"ikett" mentions I would agree this looks very much like oil splatter Ade, sorting it I'm not sure of how
  • Hi Chant I run Yoesimte, for me it was the least troubled update of any of Apple's, my only issue was as with all the updates, WiFi went to a crawl and dropped off constantly but that got sorted, since then there has been a WiFi update. I run an Epson printer and straight after downloading Yoesimte there was a download to update my printer, so pretty much a trouble free download.
    Do I like Yoesmite, it's so so I preferred Maverick

  • Quote: I currently use a great framing shop, but it's a pain getting there and invariably I need them mounted at very short notice.

    Bit more forwarded thinking Nick LOL, you have the other option, pre cut mounts, just a thought
  • I read the posts early today Ade, I am still trying to figure out why he went off on one, must have been time of the month, because he spoke like one
  • Canson Platine Fibre Rag is very good as a lustre type paper, works well with both colour and black and white, but is towards the upper price scale.
    Another good one that takes colour and black white well is Fotospeed Platinum Lustre, (EG fine art paper) it's more in the medium price range.
  • Well done on getting of the rat race early Pete, every days a weekend from now on, enjoy them.
  • Good point Cole, "the staff" have chosen this weeks POTW

  • Quote:would you agree that the reason people no longer "join in" on EPZ may be related them using social media instead?

    A strong point that Ade, people once on here and still active show there images on social network sites, it appears to be a wider audience, specially when you take into account the various group sites that are international, hence your own images are projected to that wider audience

  • Quote:And what does it say to you?

    Says Nick has a valid point about quality, me systems all wrong, voting etc but hey we've been down that road far to many times.

  • Quote:f you take a look at what the members on here regard as the Cream it makes interesting viewing. If you go to Photos>Galleries and do the following search:

    Votes descending, all tags, Normal, 56, 1 month, any options

    It makes interesting viewing - a few sublime images, then hover over those that surprise you...

    What does this say about EPZ? and what the members see as the best images?

    Tried it, says all really
  • I purchased an X1 Pro a few months ago, with a 35mm lens from a Fuji dealer and claimed a free 18mm lens from Fuji UK, the free lens transaction went very smooth, no problems at all.
  • A fantastic achievement Tom, congrats to the whole team
  • Congrats Charlotte, not only on the runner up award but for your other image also.

  • Putting Cole's point on one side the trick is to travel light, looking at your PF the 24-70 will cover most of your needs and if you want something a little wider, your 18mm too

  • Yes Canon do repairs direct

    There is a section on pricing too Ade, I've used them before, very helpful and reasonably quick service
  • The bars tend to stay full for a long while, but soon as they start to drop is isn't long before the battery goes flat, which appears to be pretty normal. I had a X100 which was the same and it's the same on my X1pro and the X1 pro forums say pretty much the same.
  • Will do Moria
  • I have spoken to Sarah and to clarify, she asked EPZ to suspend her account not to close it. She is taking time away from the site and possibly will return in the future.

    Hope that clears up the mystery for you.
  • An interesting read about the subject.

    Cole, the mag is giving a free 16GB card away with a subscription, could be worth an ask if your still interested
  • Top man and photographer Andy, very sad news, my condolences to friends and family.
  • The central part of the bay is lower than where the wreck is situated, making the tide go out at the wreck before the central part, so you may have an issue of getting across, but people have done it by climbing scrabbling over the rocks below the cliffs.

    Good luck.
  • Neil, look on the Nik website there is a fix for this. It is something to do with duplicated fonts in the photoshop library.
    Nik adds a few duplicates into Photoshop and its these that need removing.
  • Stayed February 2011 here Cole, cheap and the underground is just outside

    Some of the history is close together around the Brandenburg Gate area like parts of the old wall the jewish memorial, Bundestag, Helmut Newton Gallery etc etc etc

    There is a good app for your iPad called "Cool Berlin" thats pretty good about various things to see and do, hope that helps a little Cole, looks like I'm your travel consultant yet again LOL

  • If your running them on a Mac there is an issue with duplicated fonts that causes Nik Filters to crash.
    Not sure if it's the same for a PC if you search the Internet, I think it is in Nik Filters sections somewhere telling you how find and remove the duplicates.
  • Viewing via iPad pressing your connections (your favourites) it needs to be pressed several times because all that happens you keep getting your own PF, very frustrating.

    Why can't the HC gallery and GEA gallery be under the Editors Choice, is it because it makes sense.
  • Fantastic news Angi, so pleased for you
  • Had one done myself recently with the matt premium, very pleased with the quality